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    Stihl FS46C Trimmer Easy2Start Parts Help Please

    So I just need the housing and starter assembly for a FS46 and nothing else you think?
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    Stihl FS46C Trimmer Easy2Start Parts Help Please

    Hi. I recently acquired a non-running Stihl FS46C trimmer from one of my lawn care customers. I have no use for it but my son recently moved into a hillside cottage that has steep slopes and he said he could use it as all they have there now is a corded electric trimmer. So I dropped it and the...
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    Honda HRR2168VKA blade disengage screeching sound

    Likely the blade brake clutch pad is worn.
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    Budget zero turn help

    The transmission on the Quest is much better. The issue with the budget zero turn mowers is that the 2100/2200 transmissions fail and are too costly to repair/replace given the residual value of the machine. Thus they are essentially throw-away mowers.
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    Welcome to the Exmark Forum -- Check in Here First!

    No direct knowledge of your specific issue but sometimes it's necessary to use a combination of swivels and extensions for plug removal. Can you post a picture?
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    Welcome to the Exmark Forum -- Check in Here First!

    I usually get my parts from my dealer to support them, but I'm a professional and feel that I get better treatment that way - relationship building deal. You may find that availability of some parts is a bit of an issue, such as having to buy a whole assembly rather than individual parts for a...
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    Welcome to the Exmark Forum -- Check in Here First!

    I only have experience with my Exmark Turf Tracer that I still have and my Lazer Z HP that I sold last year with Tri-Vantage decks. Both air-cooled Kawasaki V Twin engines with no issues. I've never had a Kohler or liquid-cooled Kawasaki so I'm not really qualified to comment.
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    Echo's New PB 8010 Backpack Blower

    Big thumbs up to Echo. They had a recall on the straps due to stitching coming undone. Mine were fine with 300 hours on the machine but they replaced them anyway. A week after getting those replaced I began having trouble with a kink staying in the flex portion of the pipe and they replaced the...
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    Welcome to the Exmark Forum -- Check in Here First!

    Congratulations. Exactly what did you get?
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    Hitch for Scag

    Just order a bolt-on hitch or fabricate one. You shouldn't need front weights for those implements. I had an Exmark and now a Bob-Cat zero turn, not Scag, but same deal with them. Just stay within the weight recommendations so you don't overheat the transmission. Mostly a concern with the...
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    Better Outdoor Products Quick 36

    I don't usually like to refer people to other lawn forums but this is the best info that I'm aware of. Sadly your mower is obsolete and of little value.
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    Budget zero turn help

    Indeed but the two companies are separate entities and Exmark doesn't produce any low quality throw-away machines. The Quest is the bottom of their product line.
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    Budget zero turn help

    The Quest was upgraded and is a nice mower. They now have the serviceable ZT2800 transmission. I love Exmarks!
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    Anyone own or have used husqvarna 525ls or 535ls

    Yeah the handle is nice but still feels firm during use. I probably didn't adjust the carb bit not sure. Never put a tach on it. Overall I think I actually like my old Husqvarna 323 better because it's so light and easier to use one handed. Those are out of production. The 525 is still pretty...
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    Anyone own or have used husqvarna 525ls or 535ls

    I have been running a 525 LS for 2 or 3 years professionally and really like it. The weight and balance are good, it starts and runs as it should and the anti-vibration on the right handle is a nice plus. Power is good for routine weekly or every-other-week trimming. I haven't really used it for...
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    Husqvarna Rider 322T awd Hill Climbing Problem

    Don't use belt conditioner (dressing) on modern EPDM belts. It will actually degrade the belt. It's designed for use on neoprene rubber belts which are no longer commonly used.
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    hi every one , I have a cub tank 4 wheel zero turn 2016 .

    Curious if you store the unit outdoors. That's a lot of cable failures!
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    Budget zero turn help

    That Toro has the Hydro-Gear ZT-2100 transmission. I'd recommend going with a unit with the heavier duty ZT-2200 (EZT) instead. The Cub does have the ZT-2200 (EZT) transmission.
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    BR600 back to top performance!

    My landscaper buddies who run Stihl 4 stroke blowers pay close attention to the plastic timing gear while they're adjusting the valves and replace it if there is any sign of wear/age potentially causing it to fail. They have a habit of getting brittle and failing.
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    Kobalt Battery Mower Safety Key

    I think you'll find that there is a general reluctance by forum member to advise people how to defeat safety features on equipment. Honestly I expected to be able to do an internet search and quickly find the safety key available. I was wrong. I found them for other mowers but not yours. Seems...