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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    This edger is smooth and very powerful. Makes for , maybe, 50% faster job than the Ryobi. Much less hacking/back-and-forth movement. Just push it along.
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    Well, GW owner's manuals are no better than in the past. Term 'counterclockwise' used incorrecly once and a replacement part that might be a wear item has its swap procedure described, yet, it isn't listed on the parts list. They also include a 3-way tool that only seems to be useful 1-way. It...
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    Haven't spun it up yet. Arrived today, man it is LONG ! I always thought the ryobi was a little awkward . Hope I can get used to this one.
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    It was at a 10% discount so, that helped a little too. Yeah, I also have 7 year-old batteries - some of the plastic membrane/buttons over the voltage check button have cracked. but they all still work. I wanted to get my broken Ryobi repaired under warranty, but they wanted me to drive to some...
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    nah, I should have but, all my other GW tools have been from OK to stellar so, I just 'went for it'. The Kobalt 80v wasn't on sale so, I ordered (not stocked at my Lowe's) the GW 60v. 10% off and I used a $50 gc my middle daughter gave me last Xmas. JUst couldn't talk myself into the xtra...
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    Does Lowe's handle a Greenworks warranty claim the same way as a Kobalt warranty claim? I'd 'like' to get a Kobalt 80V edger but the GW 60v is on sale (last day today) at a decent price.
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    Robotic Mower for a Cemetery

    slopoke, any news on this project?
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    The Ryobi is already dead. When does Lowes put yard equipment on sale?
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    Greenworks Commercial 60" Ride On Zero Turn Mower

    this 48" stand-on has an msrp north of 20K !!!! I saw another site listing 25K for the 60" but, there's this Oh, I get it - $6K is probably 'tool only' - LOL!:rolleyes: so, I dunno - they seem to be coming from a new plant in...
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    Need experienced suggestions for herbicide

    The 'lawn' at my new-to-me house (DFW area) is close to just being a willd meadow due to neglect from at least the 2 prior owners - according to neighbors. I have used several products since last spring to get 'some' headstart and I plan to continue with spot treatment and use of pre-em but, I...
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    Know anyone needing a fun gig?

    posting this for my daughter, it's legit - she has been a quizmaster for years at 2-3 venues in CoSpgs area. She's helping with recruiting; fyi
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    iRobot to debut Terra

    mows in a more efficient pattern;
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    iRobot to debut Terra

    Germany gets first delivery, seems like some kind of limited release in the US next year?
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    Army Worms

    Spodoptera species - fall armyworms, w'ever how many 'life cycles' might these go thru? I treated some of my yard a few weeks ago with a spinosad product, but I'm concerned because my neighborhood is FILLED with the moths - looks like a snow flurry driving out of my area in the dark mornings...
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    Any 40V max GW mowers cut above 3.75" ?

    or, accept larger wheels to raise height?
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    I WANT !!!

    48" stand-on 82v mower (except, $22K msrp)
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    Powerworks ?

    just wondering what the story is here. Is Greenworks trying to differentiate from consumer to commercial lines or market differently in Europe or ???? european version of this;
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    What to plant on the other side of the sidewalk?

    I recently moved to a corner home. I have sidewalk on 2 sides and therefore streetside strips about 5 feet wide. I was wondering if Liriope Spicata might do well there or what other folks have planted as a low-maintenance alternative to turf in the south or southwest. I have no irrigation system...
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    Best battery operated mower for thicker lawn

    do a google image search, that spec is listed on equipment labels.
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    Lithium battery dedicated edger?

    Anyone make such an animal? or I did see an Oregon powerhead attachment system, anything else like that available in other manufacturer lines? I bought a new home on a corner lot - with sidewalks. Can't stand the thought of using my old GW string trimmer on its side for all that.