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    Are there any high quality 30" walk behind mowers?

    Think guys have better luck buying mowers from a reputable mower shop rather than big box stores. Mowers from Lowes and Home Depot should be avoided. That and a lot of people do not know how to do simple adjustments to a mower. Then complain how bad the machine is. Videos from lawn crews should...
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    MS170 starting problems

    Your manual states to use 89 octane fuel and 50:1 oil mix on page 32 below. Do you have fresh fuel and oil mix? Are the fuel lines and fuel filter in the tank 10 years old...
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    MTD Yardwork mower kick back , is flywheel key damaged ?

    On a broken blade issue like this, probably have something internal went foul on you. Old timers would actually WALK the yard prior to cutting. That way the old wise smart people would never have an issue like this. slomo
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    Mower running very rich

    Sounds like one of the ignition coils is not firing. That could make a plug black. A stuck/sticking needle and seat in the carb. Get an inline spark tester and check for proper running spark. slomo
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    Motor help

    You can get a rebuilt Chevy 350 for less than that. Throw an LS1 on and have the baddest mower on the block. slomo
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    Murray 30" Won't Turn Over After Hitting a Stump

    HOW, did you check them? I'm reading it was a visual check. Grounds need to be tested at minimum for continuity and better yet under load.
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    B&S 17.5 hp opppsed twin valve seat???

    Clean the pocket where the valve seat rests. Gently hammer valve seat back into the head with a proper fitting socket. Then you have to use a punch to push metal towards the valve seat ,all the way around the seat. Called restaking the seat I think. Should be several videos on youtube about it...
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    Lawn boy smokes a lot

    100:1?? o_O slomo
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    Craftsman 6.5 HP B&S Motor Surges, Have I Tried Everything?

    This ebay page has a couple cheaper OEM Briggs carbs. Are these labeled OEM Briggs Ebay carbs legit or what? Those Sten carbs should be okay, I've never used one myself. The other real experts here might have...
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    I do notice a lot of air in these paper filters. Would think they would stay full of fuel all the time. I've ran this style on other car/Jeep engines. They to had a lot of air with car fuel pumps. Once the engine gets warmed up, fuel level seems higher in the filter. I use fuel shut off valves...
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    Craftsman 6.5 HP B&S Motor Surges, Have I Tried Everything?

    I'd bet that Chrinese carb is not a 1:1 parts wise carb to a real Briggs. It might work just fine. Is there a pilot screw to adjust on the Chrinese carb? slomo
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    Craftsman 6.5 HP B&S Motor Surges, Have I Tried Everything?

    I trust you on pricing but Briggs normally has competitive parts pricing? Shouldn't be too far off other reputable places. slomo
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    None of my "mature" Snappers have any EPA nonsense on them. Never had an issue with the paper filters. Ran them on Toro Super Recyclers and Snappers. I see what you mean with the emissions junk causing fuel flow. slomo
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    Who runs E10 fuel?

    To sum up E10 fuel, bad idea. Simple as that. Okay lets look into it. Are you saving money using E10? Take our work truck, a 2018 Chevy Suburban. This pig gets roughly 12mpg average per the computer. That is your test mule. The same driver drives this thing. He reports 3-4 mpg better on 100%...
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    Fuel filter paper vs screen

    I've ran the paper type probably same as your picture with no issues on gravity tanks. That red 150 micron Briggs style, yup logs and bricks might be stopped. Test the paper type on a gravity carb. Simply remove the fuel line AT the carb. See how much go-go juice comes out. These engines don't...
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    Craftsman 6.5 HP B&S Motor Surges, Have I Tried Everything?

    Needle and seat test Take the "car-bu-trator" off. Remove the fuel bowl. Turn carb upside down. Blow into the main fuel inlet hose barb. Needle and seat should hold back your lung power. Then raise and lower the plastic float. Should hear your air go in and out of the "carb-bu-trator". This is...
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    Gas & Oil from filter

    Might want to get that fuel leak repaired asap. Don't risk burning down your mower, shed and house. slomo
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    Ads are killing this site. Lots of good people here.

    I have ran ABP and now on ad block ultimate. They seem to be the same animal. slomo
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    Craftsman mower won't start. Cleaned carb. What else to check?

    Now THOSE are pictures. Thanks for the clarity. (y) As Bertsmobile1 said, there's clean then there's clean. Remove the car-bu-trator. Remove the bowl gasket, plastic float and needle (needle and seat). Remove the main jet and emulsion tube above it. Pilot screw gets removed also. Place the...
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    Kohler 26hp surges and pops - why?

    Thanks for getting back here and letting us know. Someone in the future will appreciate it sir. (y) slomo