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    Stihl FS46C Trimmer Easy2Start Parts Help Please

    Hi. I recently acquired a non-running Stihl FS46C trimmer from one of my lawn care customers. I have no use for it but my son recently moved into a hillside cottage that has steep slopes and he said he could use it as all they have there now is a corded electric trimmer. So I dropped it and the...
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    Corrosion from Calcium Loaded Tires

    My JD 855 compact utility tractor came with calcium chloride loaded in the rear tires for ballast. This is the 2nd time I've had to address leaks due to the valve cores rotting out. The rims are pretty rusty now too. I considered getting new tires and rims and adding a non-corrosive liquid...
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    Toro Wheelhouse 522xi

    I landed a 522xi with the 22 Kohler Command Pro I believe and 60 inch deck. It's a pretty nice machine. Power steering, hydraulic deck lift. 710 hours. It's been sitting for a couple years and was fully operational when it was parked. The owner moved and hired a pro (me) to mow his new...
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    My Idea of a Picnic

    My Memorial Day weekend picnic. Wisteria vine destruction and widow-maker reduction. Damn vines are killing all the trees and creating a hazardous condition over the driveway.
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    Honda HS520 Stens Replacement Paddles = NO

    Just a quick head's up. I ordered the Stens replacement paddle set for my Honda HS520 snow blower over the winter based on positive experiences with other Stens parts. Don't do it. They're thin to the point of the hardware being too long and aren't left/right specific. Just not worth the...
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    Bradley Stand-On Mower Purchase?

    I've been considering replacing my 2002 Exmark Turf-Tracer HP hydro walk-behind mower with a stand-on unit. I run it with a stand-on swivel-wheel sulky 99% of the time, so essentially I've turned it into a stand-on machine. It's really my primary mowing machine. It's the first off the trailer...
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    New Urethane Plow Edges

    My new plow edges finally came in. They recently became available for V plows with the built-in curb guard and integrated center snow catcher. Starting this season my plowing accounts are strictly residential, so I have several gravel driveways, do a lot of pushing up onto lawns and am...
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    Powder Coat Love/Hate Relationship

    I have a love/hate relationship with the powder coat on my outdoor equipment. I love how it holds its shine/appearance over time and its wear resistance. But it drives me nuts how it fails in large pieces and how it can hide serious rust issues. It doesn't blister the same way ordinary paint...
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    My Snow Rig

    All dressed up and nowhere to go, as usual. All of the snow from the weekend storm washed away with the rain except for the northern extreme of my route. Being on the shore that happens all too often. Sooner or later we'll end up getting dumped on. 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4x4 with 8'2"...
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    Cool Field Chain Saw Vice Hack

    Love these guys. Cool chain saw vice. I wouldn't call it amazing but still a cool idea. I have a stump vice but never use it. I just place my saw on my truck tailgate and hold it with one hand while I file with the other.
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    What is with equipment operators "winging" the throttle?

    I was hoping somebody could shed some light on why so many operators of handheld and backpack power equipment constantly "wing" the throttle. I see (hear) this all the time with trimmers and blowers. I understand that it's necessary to vary the throttle, but I see no point in winging the...
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    Does anyone rotate their mower blades?

    I was just wondering if anyone rotates their mower blades from one side of the deck to the other when sharpening them on multi-blade mowers? I've noticed that the right side and center blade always have more wear than the left one when I pull them off for sharpening, presumably because they...
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    Kawasaki FH 500V choke was stuck closed

    I apparently ran my engine while the choke wasn't opening properly and fouled my plugs. I replaced those and corrected the choke issue. My question is whether there is anything I could/should do to blow all the carbon out that may have accumulated in the engine?
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    Echo's New PB 8010 Backpack Blower

    Echo finally has their newest and most powerful backpack blower ready for the market. Their top blower currently available is the PB 770 which falls short of the competition. Specs for the 8010 are impressive. 1000+ cfm at 200+ mph. Unfortunately it looks like won't be available until...
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    Clumping solution

    I see a lot of discussion here about how to deal with windrows and clumps. The photos are from a low priority bi-weekly mowing account of mine. Due to lots of rain recently I got behind on mowing and let this one slip to 18 days. The lawn area shown is low lying and was really long. The...
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    Looked at the Husqvarna W548 Commercial Hydro Walk-Behind

    I was at my Husqvarna dealer today for parts and they have their spring shipment in. The had the new W548 48 inch hyro. There's also a 52 incher. I'm a big fan of hydro walk-behind mowers and it looks like a really nice machine. Sturdy, big fuel tank, floating deck (not one lever adjust...
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    Zero Turn Mower Operation and Safety

    I see a lot of members here purchasing zero turn mowers for the first time and a lot of discussion about maintaining and repairing them. What I don't see a lot of is discussion of how to operate them safely and what their limitations are. You can get yourself into trouble pretty quickly on a...
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    Low Tech Leaf Loader

    Just thought I'd share my method of loading leaves when I need to load them in bulk. Most of my accounts I can just blow them to the woods and a couple of others I just grind them up and bag them with my mower to haul them away. I used to have a 16HP Billy Goat leaf loader but it was often...
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    OTR Zero-T Tires

    I have searched the internet and can't find any information or impressions about these tires other than from the manufacturer. Just a single review on their website. These tires came equipped on my Bob-Cat mower. I have traction issues with the machine and I'm not sure if it's the machine...
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    Exactly what happens if you tow a hydro mower without releasing the hydros?

    I know to release the hydros before towing a mower, but a friend of mine didn't. His mower died on his lawn and he couldn't get it running again so he towed it to his garage with his truck without releasing the hydros. He said it pulled fine without skidding. It's a pretty big yard so it...