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    Yardman 13b-325-401

    I'm having trouble finding a part to fix my neighbors Yard Bug. The blade brake decided to wear itself out and I cannot find a replacement. Original part 683-0159 replaced by 983-0159 but nobody has it that I can find. I found one similar on Ebay (part #683-0440 - but the picture gives you a...
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    Cub Cadet LT42 XT1 13A0A1CS056 carburetor adjustment

    So last week I fired up my mower (2018 model which I bought in 2020) and it ran very poorly - very diminished power and throttle adjust did nothing. Found a couple of screws on the unit that I tried to adjust to increase the rpm's but had no effect. Had a small amount of Seafoam which I added a...
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    10685 Starting issue

    Had a problem with the starter coil so I replaced with new and started ok but ran really poorly. I neglected maintenance on fuel last fall so I figured ok so I drained the old gas from tank and carburetor. New gas - same problem. Took carb off for thorough cleaning and when I was going to put it...