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    JD 430 again

    so new to me 430 purchased with broken upper pipe needs 101471 motor mount removed muffler mount metal broke off muffler moves enough that it broke upper pipe off at flange/manifold.I assume block of wood on a floor jack maybe a little pressure on it to remove mount . What say the forum cant...
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    Jd 430

    Looking for top exhaust pipe from manifold down to muffler . Me Md or shipped Thanks Lance
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    JD 430

    just arrived this morn new to me John Deer 430 2 questions please 1) rear PTO clutch load noisy rattle until rpm are raised up to about half throttle normal is their a fix ?. 2) deck only lifts up about 2 maybe 3 inches adjustment, lift cylinder ? Thank You
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    JD LX 172

    Looking to buy the 2 front light sockets with their wire harness must be willing to ship please. John Deere LX 172 Thank s
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    JD 172 and fireworks

    So I was attempting to use some leads from battery to the PTO to bypass pto switch I wanted to test PTO clutch and one of the leads grounded out with a fair amount of sparks not paying attention .Now mower will not start via the key but if I put 12 v directly to the solenoid mower will start...