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    Carburetor Part Number - Briggs & Stratton

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a B&S model 12J802-2369-B1 engine. Need a carb and the B&S site part look up has the part number as 194146. I can't find this anywhere to purchase. Is there an alternative I can use because it's not available on eBay or Amazon. Or...
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    Calling all leak down detector experts

    I’m new to using this - so did my first test. Found an old B&S lawn mower, hooked up leak detector, set to TDC, put in 70lbs of air. Here is what I got. 25lbs out Feel air coming out of muffler - not a lot Feel air coming out of carb - a little more. Any diagnosis?
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    Oil coming out of muffler

    I found a Briggs and Stratton 10T802-3776B1 on the side of the road. When I went to drain the oil, I tipped carb/air filter up to drain through the dipstick and oil was pouring out of the exhaust. I thought I had the cylinder at TDC. Any ideas of why this could occur - something internal? If...
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    Valve Cover

    Too off the valve cover to replace the gasket on an L Head Briggs and Stratton 126T02-0301-B1. Only symptom I had was oil leaking from the cover (bad gasket) - engine ran fine. I noticed a lot of carbon build up in the valve case on the exhaust side. Was just going to clean up and move on...
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    Troy Bilt Edger TB575SS Bog

    Engine bogs when I throttle. Replaced fuel lines, filter. Exhaust screen is very clean. Using ethanol free gas. Only thing I see short of replacing the carb is the gas tank doesn’t hold pressure well and looks like air is leaking between the gas tank and fuel lines. Looks like someone used...
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    ES-210 Blower Bog

    Have an Echo 210 blower that runs fine at idle (and for a long time), but as soon as throttle is applied, bogs and quits. I’m just getting into small engine repair, have done a lot of reading - no experience, but this one has me stumped so far. Not good for my first project. Here is what I’ve...