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    Tecumseh model HM100 10hp 5000W generator Electric start conversion

    I have a Coleman Powermate 5000W Year 2006 with Tecumseh model HM100 10hp generator with pull start I would like to install an electric start to this using a 12V battery Can you just get a conversion kit ? Or can you give me the parts numbers of the following. I need the ring gear for the...
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    Craftman Generator 6300 watt 11 HP

    Craftman Generator 6300 Watt with a Briggs Straton engine 11 HP , The model is 10T802 and the Type is 1130 B1 and the Code is 08031354 I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago and it run fine and it was use for 5 days in a row last year with no problem. But there is a small thing that it always did...
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    Coleman Generator

    I have a Coleman 5000 generator with a Tecumseh 10 HP engine model 159493X with carburation version 1003C serie: 06187CB1137 The carburator number: 5199 B6E 516 sub by 640260B. The problem is that the engine run but the RPM is very jumpy and it makes a back fire and it also revolution up...
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    Generac 5500LX generator

    I only need the tork spec for the generator Generac model 5500LX, Rotor bolt and Stator bolts.
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    B&S engine Balancer position

    I am rebuilding a B&S engine model 256417-1134-E2 code 9711193A on a John deer Generator model 550GE 5500 Watts . I need to know is, how do I make the timing with the 2 counter balances gears located in the Crankcase cover ? There is no timing mark on the balance gears but there is...
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    Crank case crack

    I just found that my Briggs Stratton 11 hp engine has a broken connecting rod and made a Crack in the casing. I found that there is a low temperature aluminum welding rod that is available for repairing that crack. Did anybody try to fix this before and if so, did it last ? See picture...
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    B&S parts N/A

    I am honing de cylinder and replacing the piston and rings on the engine model: 10T802-0878-EA serial: 0863135483058 03-08 and I need a new piston a rings oversize .020 All I can find for the model on part list is for model 10T802-0878-B1 !! The part list refer say that the part number is...