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    AT WHAT RPM............

    Unless the operator's manual mentions it , i'm not going to be concerned with my X350 about either engage or dis-engage .
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    Oily Rag Disposal

    Although drying oils rather than lubricating oils seem to be most vulnerable to spontaneous combustion i don't take a chance with any oils . For a inexpensive container , find a stainless stock pot with a lid at the recycle center . Shop towels to be saved can be washed with paint thinner and...
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    Diesel Starting

    Does adjusting the throttle while cranking make a engine start better ?
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    Diesel Starting

    With a diesel engine and constant speed governor , does a diesel with a constant speed governor start the engine at wot
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    John to Jim

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    Lawn mower battery charger question

    My 50 year old Schumacer charger regulates the amps as the battery charges . If you were to leave the battery out in the elements over the winter to discharge until it wouldn't crank the engine there is a good chance a frozen battery will have 0.0 cranking amps for spring mowing ...
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    First time Buyer

    If you ever need to transport it in a pick up truck , a 42 inch will fit but a 48 inch wont and maybe a 46 inch won;t go in . For deck cleaning and blade maintenance i prefer a 42" cut . I'd be looking at the J Deer mods ...
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    Murray / Briggs 5.5HP MT155380H discontinued spindles?

    Build the wear areas back with a welder and grind those areas back to original diameter with a Rt. angle grinder followed with a file and emery tape ..
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    ruined a blade

    I pull trees and no stump problem .
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    Oil Change surprise... Question

    Roll : I knew to check the oil without screwing the stick on, I knew that. But, when actually checking the oil I forget that kind of nonsensical mechanical maintenance minutia. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alter the dip stick so it's screw in...
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    Blade removal

    How will you prevent that too tight problem in the future?
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    HRR216 auto choke linkage?

    If no wires for electric it operates by heat . I was hoping they would never make those after the 1960's
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    Mower shutting off

    It could be something as simple as the gas tank not venting
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    Anyone in the Eclipse viewing area?

    Don't sell now . They will more valuable in 2044 -2045.
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    Rust prevention and metal coating

    This is my take on the subject of no lube because it collects dust / dirt . There is dust / dirt there without lube but we can't see it , so then the question is , do we want dry dirt or lubricated dirt . I choose lubricated and even modified my X350 to oil the steering gear bearing and the...
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    Rider Mower battery question

    That's what happened to a fellow at work when he as removing one from a metal box that cranked a Wisconsin engine . He didn't cover either post . They have to be taken to water .
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    Rider Mower battery question

    I see some have never heard of a battery exploding in someone's face . Please disconnect the negative first and reconnect it last .
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    Rider Mower battery question

    My 2 year old truck battery read 12.4 V but didn't have enough power to unlock the door with the key fob .
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    Rider Mower battery question

    i like to disconnect the negative lead first so there isn't as much chance of me screwing up .
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    Water in Gas, Help Needed!!!

    Another way to determine if there is water , remove the gas hose at the carb , gravity or let it pump some in a veggie can and see if it will burn .
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    Rider Mower battery question

    Back in the good ole days battery testing was done without equipment . Test -- If the head lights were bright the battery will crank it .
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    Too much compression?

    Check the timing . Firing too early can cause that problem .
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    Rider Mower battery question

    Old men drive um to the mail box every other day and it stays ready to go .
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    What's wrong with my Honda Lawnmower? Almost pulled my arm off! Repair? New mower?

    Remove the spark plug and check the spark timing with compression simultaneously . A helper to pull the rope .
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    2007 Toro Recycler Easy Start 190cc B&S hard starting

    Also a table saw etc. table or any other similar machine table will work to sand flat . A pencil marks may indicate how good you doing .
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    Pre mixed fuel vs mix it up yourself

    Was it WOG ? ask or look for WOG stamped on the hose . water / oil / gas
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    2 stroke fuel lines

    Some automotive supplies keep a supply of hose that may be sold by the ft .
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    2007 Toro Recycler Easy Start 190cc B&S hard starting

    I could be wrong but i doubt RTV would tolerate the heat . That info. may be in the literature on the tube .
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    2007 Toro Recycler Easy Start 190cc B&S hard starting

    After cleaning the area thoroughly I'd reach for the J B Weld or equivalent then when cured file it off even with the surrounding surface .
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    Pre mixed fuel vs mix it up yourself

    I;ll ask my personal chemist , but i doubt there's more than a molecule or 2 difference between methanol and ethanol and i've pumped thousands of gallons of meth. from a 500 gal. tank through a rubber hose that's been on the pump for 30 years or more . The hose should be labeled WOG for either...
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    Pre mixed fuel vs mix it up yourself

    The pre-mixed is for girls .
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    Water in Gas, Help Needed!!! There's a water locating paste that will tell us how much standing water is in the gas .
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    When customers work on their own stuff.

    I ask if the case of post holes i ordered 12 years ago are in .
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    Reversed battery YTA18K42

    Replace the Bendix Drive
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    Ethanol only?

    Drink it /sell it and try methanol .
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    PulsaJet carb question

    Air leaks at the carb gasket are often worse at idle than at high speed because of more vacuum at idle . When it's surging push the top of the carb side ways and if there is a gasket leak the engine may die . A least it would on my 1959 ford PU and also on a new 1964 that another guy was the...
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    Mower flooded, now needs starter fluid every time?

    if its the spring i;m thinking of that spring works in conjunction with the governor to control engine spreed . with the engine dead the spring should have the throttle plate fully open .
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    K321 14 HP engine kick back when starting

    Not familiar with that engine , but sometimes points will fail by leaving a pit in 1 side with a matching mound on the opposite side .
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    When customers work on their own stuff.

    Not only small engines /tillers etc. , my hvac man says a large percent of his business is homeowners attempting to FIX it .
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    Battery problem

    This seems like the perfect place to re leave the 1st thread or two from the screw .
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    Need 3011X5S year and battery info

    When searching the first thing mentioned is what ILENGINE said . CCA can range between 145 -300 and we may as well chose something close to 300
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    Help with my 2013 Snapper 33" riding mower please.

    The information in reply #4 was to test the starter and prevent buying a new starter if that made the engine crank .
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    Help with my 2013 Snapper 33" riding mower please.

    On your starter remove the + red cable we see and screw the nut back on . Connect a jumper cable from the battery + to that terminal on the starter . Now connect the - jumper cable to the battery and the other end touch a starter mounting bolt .
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    Craftsman Lawnmower. (Battery)

    Be careful to get a battery with the same + and - orientation or the cables may not reach .
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    321D Weird deck noise

    If there;s a bad bearing that bearing assembly be a warmer temperature than one with good bearings . Kill it and feel them after it runs awhile and the noise starts .
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    321D Weird deck noise

    I don' have a specific answer but if you still have the old blades reinstall those . If the noise stops we can be reasonable sure the noise has something to do with the new blades
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    Won’t start unless primed

    Is it getting supplied with gas to the carburetor ?
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    Fan rubbing

    And you're not very good with criticism . Improve your vocabulary .
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    Kawasaki twin cylinder engines maintenance

    I washed a ford P U engine with a very scant amount of water . It's no fun walking home .