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    Long Lasting Blades

    They are .250 thick. These are direct replacement for the factory blades. There must be some other reason that you are burning through spindles.
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    Long Lasting Blades

    I like them. I have a couple of sets of Rotary blades for my Gravely. They are darn good blades. They will give you a much cleaner cut than your G6 blades. They are a direct replacement for the SCAG OEM blades. I can guarantee you that they will outlast Sunbelt XHT blades. You have to remember...
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    Long Lasting Blades

    Rotary brand part #15003
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    Setting up the anti scalping wheels on an ZT HD44

    Being it’s a Gravely, there should be two sets of holes. Set the bolts in the top holes for cutting 3” and lower. Set the bolts in the bottom holes for cutting above 3”.
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    New Toro Timecutter 75755 with Toro engine.

    I ran SAE30 HD in mine. Oil filter is FRAM TG4967 or STP S4967. Don’t try to fit a WIX or NAPA Gold oil filter. They will not work.
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    Check Your New Mowers

    Really? It only takes a minute to verify. It will piss him off real bad when you ask him to give the check back.
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    battery tenda

    I’ve never noticed it with mine. I unplug from the outlet and then disconnect the alligator clips. When I reattach, I hook up the alligator clips and then plug into the outlet.
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    ZT HD44 mower

    If you want good service out of a battery, keep it on a Battery Tender or similar charger. Keep the terminals free of corrosion and topped up with distilled water.
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    ZT HD44 mower

    Clearance is something that has to be considered. The length of your battery wires is another thing to consider. Cold cranking amps should be the same or higher than the OE battery. Fit is critical in your situation. You don’t need the seat shorting out the battery.
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    42" Raptor x blades

    Rotary brand part #6180
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    ZT HD44 mower

    Some Gravely mowers use a different battery design than the U1. If your mower is one of those, a U1 might not work. The terminal wires could be too short and there could be clearance problems, using a U1. Measure the dimensions of your old battery and compare to a U1.
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    Hour meter not working on Tiger Cub

    Get a new hour meter. Most hour meters have an internal battery and they go bad.
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    15mins on new ariens IKON 52 from lowes and the deck belt broke.

    I definitely don’t recommend buying a ride on mower from Lowe’s, Home Depot, and etc.
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    Fastrak Cuts Like Garbage

    How do you have the deck set? Level all around? Rear slightly higher than the front? Something isn’t right with your setup. I will tell you that Rotary brand 6083 will perform better on your mower. However your deck needs to be setup properly. Your engine RPMs need to be set exactly as the...
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    I hope that you are checking when the engine has sat overnight and as outlined in the engine manual. I linked to the manual above.
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    Kawaaski FR651V - FX air box conversion

    For those not willing to fork out the money for the conversion, add a foam pre-filter to the standard paper element and clean the pre-filter regularly. Get a new paper element and pre-filter every 100 hours. Using a bagging system is going to generate more dust.
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    Which type of TORO Titan blade for long grass?

    Low lift or standard lift blades and discharge chute in the up position or removed. DO NOT use mulching or Gator style blades.
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    You want a slight trickle from the inside inspection/fill port. In other words, level with the bottom of the hole.
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    Briggs 15 hp vanguard performance parts
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    Okay. Check the level when cold. If there is a slight trickle of oil from the check plug hole, you are good. I do know that the ZT3100s with expansion tanks take about 73oz. per side. That is a little shy of 5 quarts total.
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    The ZT 2800s have spin on filters. The fluid drains through the filter mounts.
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    Look at the serial numbers on your particular units. Now, go the the Hydro-Gear service manual and look at the chart on page 9.
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    Fuel shut off location?

    I would put it as close to the fuel tank as possible.
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    The service manual doesn’t specify either way. I don’t think it matters. Once you remove the filters, the oil spills out easily.
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    Pulley Problem

    It sure looks like it.
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    Mulching blades?

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    Mulching blades?

    It doesn’t matter what they are listed as. They are designed for bagging and side discharge.
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    New HRX Frustration

    Ask for a full refund.
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    Mulching blades?

    There’s the problem. Gator and Gator style blades are designed to be used for side discharge or bagging. Oregon clearly states this on their website.
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    Mulching blades?

    What are you calling mulching blades? Are they wavy or are they Gator style blades?
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    Is an EGO better?

    Especially since, electric lawn mowers don’t hurt the environment. Because, they are really powered by coal, natural gas, diesel, or nuclear. 🤣
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    Loncin G300FA

    Is this the same engine as the 301cc Predator?
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    To heel or not to heel..

    One more thing. Maintain the tires’ air pressure to the original deck setup pressure.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    I get you. My point is everyone is different in size and weight. The same goes with mowers. Also, mowers of different brands are going to have decks with slightly different designs. There’s also a reason mower manufacturers say that deck should be set anywhere from 1/8” to 1/2” pitch downward in...
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    To heel or not to heel..

    And, that is what works best for you and your mower. It took quite a bit of adjusting to get mine to cut like I wanted. The deck adjustment is not a one fits all sort of deal.
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    Are mulching blades about the same?

    No. High lift blades are what’s needed for bagging.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    Most riding mower manufacturers say to have a slightly downward pitch in the front. That is usually 1/8” to 1/2” lower than the rear. See the owners manual. Most small walk behind residential units are usually set at level all around.
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    Are mulching blades about the same?

    “Set up for mulching” That’s they key. True mulching blades are matched to the mulching baffles. That’s why they are sold in kits. Many people overthink things. They hear this and that about Gator style blades, buy them and expect them to perform better than the OEM mulchers. G5 and G6 Gator are...
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    Are mulching blades about the same?

    Read Oregon’s product information on the Gator blades. Oregon clearly states that they are for bagging or side discharge.
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    Are mulching blades about the same?

    Use the OEM Gravely mulching blades. Gator or Gator style blades are designed for side discharge. Now, Stens, Rotary, or Oregon might have direct aftermarket replacements.
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    Hustler clutch pulley

    Trust these guys. They know what they are talking about.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    Try setting yours up like mine. Put your selector pin in the 4” hole. Outside blades facing front to back. Set your front facing blade tips at 4” and rear facing blade tips at 4 1/8”.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    To discount something just because it’s on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s not factual. There are lots of landscapers on that page who have plenty of experience setting up their decks. There are also several Gravely dealers on there too. Sure, there is some hogwash on there but, there is some on here...
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    Run at Full Throttle?

    Why would you want to cool them down? The most important things are to keep the fans and hydros free of debris, maintain the proper fluid level, change the fluid and filters at recommended times. Blow your mower off with compressed air or a leaf blower, after each mowing. Pay extra attention to...
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    To heel or not to heel..

    You might get the answer from the Facebook Gravely Owners page.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    You can try it. I tried mine at 1/4” higher in the rear. That was better than 3/8” and 1/2” higher. For me, 1/8” higher gave me a better overall cut. The deck processes the grass better, discharges farther, and the deck stays cleaner.
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    To heel or not to heel..

    I’ve monkeyed around with the deck setting on my Gravely Pro Turn 260. I’ve tried everything from 1/8” higher in the rear to 1/2” higher in the rear. So far, my best results are 1/8” higher in the rear. I’m cutting southern grasses. The results may be different on different varieties of grass.
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    Why no forum for Ryobi ??

    Throw away electric ____.
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    Ikon xd 52 wheels / tire upgrade

    What air pressure are you running in your tires?