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    Hertz car rental is dropping 20,000 EV cars for gas powered.

    Think we may see more of this. Said repairs & resale is a killer.
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    Kawasaki oil filter, instructions on box, WTH ?

    Got some OE Kaw oil filters today, & reading the print on box says, self-lubricated gasket No oiling necessary. Then on the filter is says to wipe a light film on the gasket as usual with fresh oil.
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 Service Question .. Getting mixed info

    Is it better to have the hydros hot or cold to drain the fluid & change filters.
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    Advance Auto Parts (warning)

    Bought a new Battery from Advance 5 years ago for my truck, And every couple years, I check / test the batteries around here. Anyhow voltage was fine, but amps were low. So working on getting the semi-sealed lid off to see if it needed water, the top decal lifts exposing another decal from...
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    Delete Please

    Delete Please
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    New: Speed Feed 500 string trimmer head

    Just in case you want to load 40 FEET of string at a time.. Speed-Feed® 500 |
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    Kawasaki FR651V puff of smoke on start up

    I started my 2021 Liberty Z 48 Kawasaki, Wednesday only 41 hours on it.,. Upon starting I got a tiny puff of smoke.. Instantly cleared up, & ran flawlessly as usual.. But the puff of smoke was something I never noticed before. Although I haven't been watching it closely. It does not use any...
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    Pros & Cons 15w-50 vs 20w-50 Mobil One for 2800 Hydros

    See many use the 15w-50, & many use the 20w-50 for my 2800 Hydros, my book calls for 20w-50, & I still have almost 4 years left under warranty.. Appreciate any input..
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    Hydro-Gear 2800 thru 3100 oil

    So speaking directly to a tech @ Hydro-Gear, he said the oil they use is 20w-50 Mobil 1 with their H-G label. Shocked he would tell me this. So It "seems" that their service kits have Full synthetic Mobil 1 in them. I'm getting my supplies ready for when I hit min of 50 hours on my Liberty...
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    Where's Bert ?

    Haven't heard or read anything from Bert. Hope he is ok..
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    Something digging holes around my foundation. HELP !

    Have had moles & voles in past. But this seems different.. Must be like 30 holes around my foundation, noticed today. They are approx 1 inch & seem to go deep in ground. Always some dirt piled up next to holes. I'm in SE TN. If that helps & near a farmers cornfield across the way. Any...
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    My Scag Liberty getting prepped to sleep till spring.

    After last mow I did the oil & filter change. Then days later put my Z up on the wheel dollys I park on, so I can slide it out when I want to tinker on it. Today removed the blades & soaked them in a drain pan with water. 1/2 hour later I wiped the blades clean. No fuss no muss, the water...
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    When ya wanna get done mowing Fast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Toro 144" cutter.

    7500-D Series 144" (366 cm) 44 HP 1568cc Diesel Rear Discharge (72144) Looking for a workhorse mower that's easy to operate and gets the job done faster? Check out the Toro® Z Master® 7500-D. The highly productive 144-inch deck design folds up neatly for easy transport, then folds down to...
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    Scag Tiger Cat II had my hands on, & helped the owner.

    I live next to a large farm, they got a New 61" Scag TC II, but were complaining that it just was covering them with cuttings & crud (Blow-back). But was a super mower. I have a friend that has one in NJ, & he said there is a Baffle in front of the blades & factory sets it @ 1/4" higher than...
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    Kawasaki oil passage plug had slight weep

    In cleaning my Kaw 651V engine off, I noticed the lowest oil passage "allen wrench end plug" under the oil filter, had slight weep of oil under it (see arrow in pic) . Nothing earth shattering. But w/only 12.8 hours on it. I had to check into it. (I would have anyhow). I cleaned the area...
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    Scag showing a 42" Liberty for release in mid 2022

    It looks like a smaller Scag. Only engine mentioned was a 20 hp Kohler. Got the pic. No pricing was mentioned as yet, but do know current models have had a price increase, if you can find any... No word if the 5 year warranty is still included, like my 48" Liberty has.
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    Battery Powered Scag ?

    Been hearing that Scag is gonna be previewing a battery powered Z for the new Year.. Arrgh..
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    Looking for best spare blades (3) for 48" Scag Liberty

    Figure I should start looking for a set (3) mower blades for my new Scag 48" LIberty. Any recommendations ? I side-discharge when mowing & the OEM blades are std lift, so that is fine.
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    Well just did the early oil change on my 651V

    Got to 7.6 hours today after mowing on my Liberty, so did the early 8 hr oil & filter change. So whenever I get to 50 hours, I plan to service the HG 2800's early as well. Oil is the cheapest thing on the machines. Now the hydro filters are a bit more expensive,.
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    Is there a Kawasaki Engine Shortage in the states ?

    Seems a friend in GA was trying to get a Scag with Kawasaki power, he waited a month & the dealer finally told ,they are having trouble getting Kawi engines at this time. Anyhow, wondering if anyone else has heard of this ? TIA..
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    HG 2800 pumps question. Please.

    OK took delivery today of my 2021 Brand new Scag Liberty 48" Z The hydros are the HG 2800 model. I have no experience with them. My machine has 0.2 hours on it. The Hydros seem to be awfully loud, & at WFO & any RPM for that matter, is this normal or what ? Do they quiet down after a...
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    New Oil Filter for FR/FS & FX Kawasaki's 49065-0724

    This was from the Dealer, said it is correct for the F Kaw engines. it is smaller than the 49065-0721 But 1/2" longer approx. But I can't find it to cross over ?
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    Looking at a new Scag 48" Liberty Z

    Thinking of upgrading to a Scag 48" Liberty Z. Has the Kawasaki engine & HG 2800 pumps. And the 5 year warranty. Love my Toro. But maybe time for a slightly bigger machine. Not a need, more of a want. Appreciate any input.
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    Toro 7500-D Series 96" only $47,221.00

    Friend sent me this link: Just when ya thought your mower was expensive, check this rig... 96" wide cut. Wings fold up for transport /cleaning & or servicing. 7500-D Series 96" (244 cm) 37 HP 1642cc Diesel Rear Discharge (72096)...
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    New NGK Spark Plugs assembled in Thailand ?

    This is a 1st for me. Just got my order in, & the Spark Plugs are made in Japan, but assembled in Thailand.. Boxes look slightly different, but same everything else. I tested the Ohm resistance on these & they are between 4K - 6k Ohm. Which is fine. They are resistor spark plugs.
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    Got 7 email notices today from here, all were captured as containing virus's

    All 7 were put in quarrantine, & flagged as infected. That's a new one to me here.
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    Got 18 notices today from here about various topics.

    Been a long time since I got in box notice from here. So I was floored by the large amount of notices I got. Then get here & only about 8 in my Alerts section. Strange.
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    Looking for new Push mower (Not self propel), with Honda engine, but must cut to 4" max

    Can't believe all the New no-frills "human powered" push mowers only cut to 3." or max @ 3.75" When I find one that cuts @ 4 inch, it is self propelled.. Arrrgh.. And Side Discharge would be another "want". Thanks in advance.
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    Residential use, Which is better ? new 163cc Briggs vs 160cc Honda

    Looking for input on which engine seems to better for home use only.. Thanks in Advance,.
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    (UPDATE) My Vintage Briggs Flathead is getting low on Compression.

    My vintage B&S Flathead push mower is getting low on compression. Since it does not burn oil & plug is clean, I suspect the valves, in particular the Exhaust. There is no valve lash adjustment in the conventional sense on this Flathead. Mow season is possibly close to over, So when done, I'll...
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    Anyone running Microsoft's newest version: 2004 ?

    I'm still using the last: 1909, but am happy with it.. Plus I don't wanna lose Firefox as one of my browsers. . Appreciate any input.... Pros.......... Cons etc ..
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    Found the neighbor kids baseball while mowing.

    Yesterday while mowing down in back, I accidentally found the kids lost baseball. What a loud sound my mower made, it cut it in two. I checked everything on my Z & blades & belt etc are still running true. & I finished mowing the rest of my grass. Not happy about finding that in my fenced...
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    Maybe upgrade time for my push mower

    My 14 year old MTD /Briggs Flathead is still doing good. Friend hit a rock w/it 2 yrs ago, I got the crank as straight as I could. It runs good, but can tell it is getting tired. So thinking about an upgrade to a NEW Hi-wheel Troy-Bilt deck with Honda 160cc engine. This would be from Big box...
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    Tornado Outbreak, hope all are well in SE USA Tornado Outbreak Tears Across the South, Killing 32 | The ...
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    Real I.D. driver license in the USA

    Getting time for me to renew my DL, was wondering if anyone has already gotten the (Gold Star) Real ID license yet ? Appreciate any input. I have read some good & some bad (naturally)..
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    49065-0721 Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter replaces 49065-7007

    Is this legit ? I can't get any info off the Kawasaki engine site. Been using OE 49065-7007 since day 1, now filters I have coming are said to be 49065-0721.
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    Mowed my hopefully last mow of the season today.

    Already have my Z put up in hibernation. So got my old faithful vintage B&S / MTD 22" Push mower out to give just the front a nice neat look for Thanksgiving. :thumbsup:
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    For Sale: New Gas tank for Craftsman & other riding mowers

    Brand New in box (oem) 1 -1/2 gallon gas tank & cap, for the 917 Craftsman Riding Mowers & also Husqvarna/ AYP/EHP/SEARS/ROPER & Possibly others. OEM-ORIGINAL Equipment Manufactured. Part # 581289901 (old part # was 407545) I no longer have this mower, so tank must go. Gas Tank with...
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    Local Ace Hardware is selling Exmark mowers now..

    Ace used to carry the Dixie Chopper line, but since DC was bought up & liquidated, Ace has brought in Exmark. I was getting my Kawasaki oil filters from Ace when they had big sales.. So maybe I still can..
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    Think Thin: GF-6 Latest Spec in Engine Oil....0w-16

    Click on the link below for the latest info.. ( 0w-16 Oil .......... Say What ?) Think Thin: GF-6 Is The Latest Spec In The World of Engine Oil
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    5 Years ago today I got my Toro

    To the day it has been 5 years since I bought my Toro Z. I don't wanna jinx it, but I don't have a single regret getting this machine.. This is time of year my Dealer has big sales to make room for next year models.. I saved about $400. on mine, back in 2014... The Kawasaki FR(X)651V has...
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    Fuel System Maintence Kit for Echo Trimmer

    Just got a kit for my String trimmer. (kit made in Taiwan) Upon inspection I find that: The gas tank Vent Valve in the kit allows only very little draw, & if you add a lil pressure the rubber inside pops away from seated position, while the cap remains on. Is my original one serviceable ...
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    Sending out a Big Thank You to Our forum Admin.

    Yesterday, had a computer issue that caused a loss of a lot of my passwords etc. Since we (or at least I & some others I know) don't get emails to post replies, I could NOT re-set my Password. I had to re-register under a different ID to send a PM to Muhammad. He understood everything &...
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    John Deere Easy Change 30 second oil filter
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    Kawaaski FR651V - FX air box conversion

    Kawaski FR651V - FX air box conversion Finally some pics.
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    Sears sells Craftsman for $900 million. Old news, but for those who haven't heard

    Stanley Black & Decker bought Craftsman & are supposed to be building a new US facility to bring production back to "Forged in USA" :thumbsup:
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    Safe to store new engine with "Break-in" oil over the winter ?

    As posted above, would it be safe to leave the Break In oil in a new mower engine thru winter till it gets it's 8 hours on for early oil & filter change.
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    Cpurvis, rat-rod diesel power !!!

    Please excuse the poor quality of pics, too sunny.. 1st one has old International p/up cab, but V-8 Detriot /big honking turbo, & air bagged, laying frame, from yesterdays car show. And they both had working A/C (of course).. The "B" Model had a big Cummings in it (tweaked up too) & was...
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    Any recommendations for a new self-propelled walk behind ? Any Brand better ?

    Have 12 year old MTD 22" w/Briggs flathead, still runs like a champ. But was thinking of getting something that is self propelled for the Mrs. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Longest WIX oil filter I can use on my Kawasaki FR651V ?

    My Kawasaki engine takes a 49065-7007 K-Brand oil filter, I would like to add a longer filter for some extra oil & easier to get off. WIX would be the brand I'd like to use.