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    Duraforce carbs

    I have worked on several duraforce mowers and I have a problem with the air vanes sticking and the mower revving too fast. The air vane works free until I tighten the two bolts that hold the carb on and that seems to put the air vane shaft in a bind and it won't spring back. This has happened on...
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    How to check the kill or shorting switch on a D600

    I am trying to get a IH model 3311 from about 1973 to run. It has Lawn Boy D600 engine. Everything looks good. Coil checks out, spark plug is sparking, it is getting gas. Cleaned carb, kill switch is connected, took flywheel off and governor system looks in order. I am going to take the blade...
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    Lawn Boy F100 and F model

    Does anyone know the difference between the 78 to 82 F100 engines and the later 80's F engines besides the type of carbs they use? The F100's do take a different coil than the newer F models. A friend brought me a model 7229 to work on and said it wouldn't start. It was getting spark and gas. It...
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    Spark plug for duraforce

    Does anyone know the correct spark plug for a duraforce engine? It has an autolite 458 in it but it is not sparking. I normally use champion. Thank you. Jerry
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    Snowblower surging up and down

    Hi guys. I went to start my churches' snowblower and it wouldn't start by hand. I forgot that it had a fuel shutoff. It did start with an extension cord, but the rpm's surged up and down. I took it home and cleaned the carburetor and I thought that might help but it that didn't help at all. It...
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    leaky two stroke carburetor

    Hi guys. I have an old MTD 21 inch snowblower with a 2 stroke Tecumseh engine model HSK 600. I was putting some fresh gas in it and gas started dripping from the carburetor. I thought maybe the float was stuck down and was running out of the air intake at first. But when I tipped it up to get a...
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    FS 76 trimmers

    Does anyone know when FS 76 trimmers were made.
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    No throttle response

    I have a Lawn Boy duraforce gold model 10525 that I put a new carb on. I hadn't used it in a long time and I noticed the tank was empty. There was black oil all over the deck that was coming out of the muffler. Very little oil was under the carburetor. I checked the carb and the float, needle...
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    Lawn Boy won't shut off

    I have a duraforce easy stride mower model10550 that keeps running when I let go of the bail brake handle. I can't figure it out. I looked at a duraforce repair manual and it shows an open circuit to run. Closed circuit to shut off. When I let go of the handle the spring pulls back and make...
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    Throttle springs

    Does anyone know if the throttle spring for an F engine will work on a Duraforce engine carb? I am talking about the little spring that provides tension on the white air vane governor. They have different part numbers but look the same in the diagrams. The F engine is # 613142 and the Duraforce...
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    Home owner vs. Commercial

    Does anyone know what the differences are between a home owner engine and a commercial engine ? The only thing I see is a better air filtration system on the commercials. Do they have better bearings or larger engines or what ? I have always wondered about this. Jerry
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    Honda engines not wanting to restart after shutdown

    Does anyone else have trouble with their Honda small engines not wanting to restart after they have run for awhile? You have to let them set for awhile to cool down before they will restart. This is on a new walk behind mower and a power washer. I'm a lawn boy 2-stroke guy and they say it is a...
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    Lawn boy smokes a lot

    I picked up an early 90's lawn boy awhile back. It is an F series engine that didn't run at the time. I put a new coil on it and cleaned the carburetor and took the muffler off to check exhaust ports. It started up but doesn't run real smooth like all my other F engines and it smokes a lot. I...
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    cub cadet branded lawn boy info

    A friend of mine is bringing me a mower to look at and says it will run for about 5 to 10 seconds and then shuts off. He told me it is a cub cadet but is a 2 stroke lawn boy. He looked it up and said it was a 1971 mower. I'm guessing it could be the carburetor or spark. I have never worked on a...
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    lawn boy date information

    Has anyone else noticed that on the shoplawnboy,com site and on the Lawn Boy Master Parts lookup page that they don't give the date of manufacturing anymore ? That is where I always found the dates of all my mowers. By clicking on the product details tab or the specifications tab, it told the...
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    Magnesium decks

    Does anyone know when Lawn boy stopped making magnesium decks? I'm always looking for old lawn boys to fix up and I see a lot that are advertised as magnesium decks. Some of these are with F engines from the 80's that are probably aluminum. I was just wondering when they switched. I remember...
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    Homelite EZ automatic chainsaw carburetor

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I have a Homelite EZ auto chainsaw. (Made from 1969 to 1971). I rebuilt the carburetor but it will not idle. Adjusting the idle screw does nothing. It will run while giving it gas but dies when you let off the gas. I don't know what I did wrong. I was looking on...
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    Plastic vs. Walbro carburetors

    Hi fellows, I haven't been on here for a long time and it looks pretty dead on the forum. I just had an idea and I thought it might get something going on here. Have any of you guys ever tried to swap out a metal carburetor for a plastic one? I don't know if they will even fit or not. I just...
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    Briggs & Stratton compression

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Someone gave me a White push mower with a B&S engine that looks to be at least 20 years old, 5hp, to see if I could get it to run. It has good spark but won't start. I checked the compression and it only has between 55 and 60 # of pressure. I didn't know if this was enough...
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    Capstan drive info

    Hi guys. I recently got a garage find capstan drive Lawn Boy Model L21ZSNA that hadn't run in a few years. The engine was really dirty and had no air filter or cover. It would not start but it had 90# of compression and had good spark. I cleaned the carb and got a filter on it and it started...
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    Lawn boy catalytic converter

    Hi Lawn Boy guys. Does anybody know if Lawn Boy ever put catalytic converters on any of their mowers to help meet emission standards ? Years ago I remember the nearest Toro dealer told me that Lawn Boy used them on their 2 strokes because of the EPA, and that added several pounds to the mower...
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    Carburetor trouble

    Hi guys, my church has a lawn boy with a Tecumseh engine (silver series 10202). It will start but will not stay running. It will keep running as long as i keep pushing the primer bulb. It sounds like a fuel flow problem. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on or what I should look for...
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    Carburetor trouble

    Hi guys. I recently picked up a 1980 R7070 model pre compliant mower with a F 100 series engine. It was hard to start, taking at least 20 pulls to get it going. So yesterday I took the carb off and cleaned it. I checked the exhaust ports. They were clear. I took the engine off and changed both...
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    Briggs and stratton back firing

    Hi fellows, I'm new to B&S forum. I'm a Lawn Boy guy. But my neighbor has a yardman with a Briggs engine and it recently started to back fire a lot. Do you guys know what would make a small engine start backfiring a lot? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Jerry
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    RPM adjustment

    Back in 1997 my next door neighbor said he liked my D series Lawn Boy so he picked one up at Lowes. I remember him saying that the new one didn't rev up as fast as my 1976 mower did. His was a V series with a steel deck. Twenty years later he gave his Lawn Boy to me because it caused him too...
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    Aluminum deck clean up

    Hi fellows, I bought a 1993 model 10415 Gold Lawn Boy. The deck looks terrible. Half the paint is off of it. The bare metal is covered in a white/ gray powder, some type of oxidation I guess. The paint peels off in sheets. It looks like the paint and primer is coming off together. Its green on...
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    Stihl BG55 trouble

    Hi guys, Iv'e never been on this forum before but have used the Lawn Boy one a few times. I have a 2 year old blower that is hard to start. It is really cold blooded. Some times it takes thirty pulls to get it going. I never had any problems with my old Stihl. I haven't figured out the right way...
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    Another Lawn Boy repair question

    Hi guys. I bought 3 non running mowers recently and have been robbing parts already. I'm trying to get the newest of the 3 running. It had no spark but had good compression. Put in new coil and now getting spark. Took carburetor off and cleaned it. I noticed the bottom reed valve isn't sealing...
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    Kohler oil filters

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if the yellow filter's thread and gasket is the same as the shorter black ones. I was going to use yellow ones if they will fit. I noticed that the yellow ones say premium filter. At TSC they are the same price, 9.99 each. Thanks, Jerry
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    Walbro carburetor with cold start enhance

    A friend asked me to look at his mower for him. It's a 1986 model 5254 19 inch aluminum deck with F series engine. He said it would never restart after it was warmed up. I thought it might be the coil going bad. I went to pick it up and he started it up for a minute and then shut if off. It...
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    Another Lawn Boy question

    Hi Guys. I have seen on Ebay where someone has some Lawn boy F complete engines with shrouds and tanks that have a toggle switch on the shroud cover. Would that be like the on and off switch on the older D models before the compliant safety bale handles? If so, does anyone know how to wire one...
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    A couple Lawn Boy questions

    Hi guys. I just bought three non running lawn boys for $30. My wife thought I was crazy. I mainly bought them because I needed a deck for a L21ZPN. All three are F engines and there should be plenty of spare parts there for my other mowers. The guy told me that one engine didn't have any...
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    Duraforce 3 speed transmission change

    Hi guys, I was wandering if anyone out there could tell me how to get the 3 speed transmission out of a model 10547 gold pro mower? I ordered a new one on ebay. It doesn't look like it will just snap out of the bottom of the deck. I'm thinking the wheel assemblies would have to be taken off and...
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    How to get zero turn to track straight

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. A lady from my church asked me if I could adjust the steering on her Husqvarna zero turn before mowing season this Spring. She says to keep it going straight one lever is out in front of the other. I have a Gravely home owner zero turn and there is 4 stop...
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    Briggs and Stratton model 12S902 won't start

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum. I tinker with Lawn Boys but my neighbor brought me a Troybilt power sprayer with a B&S model 12S902-0143 B1 engine. He said the engine was surging up and down quite a bit. He said he was moving the linkage on top of the carburetor and it backfired and quit, never...
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    A couple Lawn Boy questions ?

    Hi guys, I had a couple questions. I broke one of the thin fins off of my L21ZPN fly wheel. I was wondering if that was enough to throw the engine off balance enough to be noticeable or harmful. Also the gas tank has some dirt and grass in it and was wondering if it was ok to spray it out with...
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    Duraforce oil seals

    Hi there Lawn Boy guys. I have a question about the crank seals on a Duraforce engine. Is the bottom oil seal different than the top seal? I was looking on the Lawn Boy Master parts viewer and it shows no. 4, part no 611396 for the top seal with a (2) behind it like it would take 2 of these. I...
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    Tecumseh surge problem

    I have a snow blower about 10 years old with a Tecumseh 8.5 hp engine. Last fall when I tried to start it, it surged too bad to work right. I took it to my local repair shop and they cleaned the carb. When I got it back it still surged some but I was able to still use it. I recently started it...
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    Drilling out jets

    Hi guys. I'm fairly new to this forum. I have read some about surging and running lean engines. I guess when you say drill a nozzle or a jet you drill down into the jet, opening the hole a little bigger. Do you ever drill out the little holes that run cross ways in the jet? Also do you just take...
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    Kawasaki carb bowl

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I am winterizing my Hustler Fastrak. I ran it out of gas and took the battery out and brought it inside. I know there is still some gas in the bowl but I wasn't sure how to get it off. It has a Kawasaki FR651V engine. Under the bowl is a metal cap with 2 wires...
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    Change tiller belts

    I just got an old troy bilt tiller model TH 1002. I think it is mid to late 70's with a cast iron Tecumseh 6 hp. engine. When I was trying to do some tilling, I had to hold down on the long lever that engages the tines or it would keep popping up and the tines would stop turning. I adjusted the...
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    Deck swap?

    I have two mowers that look identical. One is a L21ZPN and the other is a 7073. They both have steel decks and I believe they were both built in 1987. One deck is rusted so bad over the front staggered wheel that it won't hardly support the wheel any more. I have been looking for a used deck but...
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    model 10304 self propel problem

    I got a free lawn boy 10304 silver series. It was leaking gas and I got that fixed. I sharpened the blade and took the muffler off to check the exhaust ports. They were clean but i couldn't get the tapered blade plate off. I used a lot used PB blaster and a hammer and a puller but it just bent...
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    float adjustment

    Can anyone tell me if you have to adjust the float or just just put a new one in and be ok. I replaced the float and needle and seat on a lawn boy v series carb, but it still leaks gas out the filter breather box. Its a model 10304. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Walk behind lawn boy carb leaking

    I just got a free lawn boy model 10304. It leaks gas from the air filter box. The float was cracked into, so I thought that was the problem. I cleaned the screen filter and sprayed everything with carb cleaner. I replaced the float and put in a new needle and new seat. Put it back together and...