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    HELP: The muffler bolts backed out of my Briggs and Stratton 49T877

    Have a 49T877 engine and the muffler bolts backed out. Does anyone know the correct bolt torque? According to an engineering website it can be 80 in lb into aluminum and 192 in lb into steel. The only thing I have found so far is this but it is saying 150 in lb the bolts are 5/16-18.
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    Just bought a 2016 Chopper Classic, need some advice

    I just bought a 2016 Dixie Chopper Classic with 440 hours and need some advice. I tried to mow with the deck at 3" and mowed for about 20 minutes and broke the engine to mower deck belt. Grass was 4" long and fairly dry. Just checked the belt and it was a B87, manual says use B88. Checked...
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    Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Purchased a 27 HP B&S Commercial Series 49T877-0025-G1 to replace a Vanguard 21 hp and need to find the procedure to adjust the throttle cable. Anybody have a service manual on this engine?
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    Donaldson (Cyclonic) Air Filter retrofit for Vanguard 385777

    Anybody retrofit their 21hp or 23hp Vanguard Small Block with the Donaldson air cleaner? If so, what kind of problems did you run into?
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    Repairs Simplicity Citation 21/48 PTO stopped working

    Out mowing Sunday, got the job halfway complete when the PTO clutch disengaged on its own. Pulled into the garage, put the mower up on jack stands and took a look at the clutch wires. Wires looked good, connector looks solid. Checked PTO fuse, fuse looks good. Pull out the DVM, check for...