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    HR 215 BL - Is it "commercial" or not?

    I recently bought a (1992 or so) HR 215 BL (HMA). Hydrostatic transmission, blade clutch, electric start. The handlebars are a little higher up (an inch or two) than my other 2 HR 215s which I bought new in 1998. I'm trying to figure out why. Any ideas? It has chrome handlebars -- my 1998s...
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    GXV140 Crankshaft timing mark - not!

    After removing the oil sump (to replace a leaking gasket), I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and the camshaft fell out. My shop manual says to match the timing mark on the cam to the one on the crank. The problem is, there is no mark on the crank gear. What is the proper...