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  1. peapicker

    Seat adjustment issue.

    Adjusting the sticks has no effect on the amount of travel. It simply changes the position of the handles. I personally find them more comfortable in a slightly forward position.
  2. peapicker

    Hustler Muffler Shield Kit

    I have a 2016 Raptor SD 48”. Probably the same shield as a 60”. I don’t have the part#, but I got it from The Mower Shop in Fishers, IN. They conduct a lot of business online and brick-and-mortar. You can call their store and talk to a live, friendly person. They are Hustler experts and I know...
  3. peapicker

    Blades very slow to engage

    I have a Raptor SD with 29 hours on the clock. Today used the mower and when I pulled the knob to engage the blades, nothing happened for 3-4 seconds. Then the blades slowly engaged. I finished in about 40 minutes and parked the mower. I tried again with the same result. Is there something...
  4. peapicker

    New Member / Long time lurker

    I’ve been cultivating this forum for many moons as a non-member and have benefited greatly from the vast knowledge and generous assistance from others here. So let me first say Thank You to all of you who participate in making this a valuable resource for those of us seeking advice or opinion. I...