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    Steiner ZTR seat 325-A61

    Anyone know where I can find a seat for a Steiner ZTR 325-A61?
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    Snapper Lunges,stutters,lurches

    when releasing the brake/clutch machine lunges/lurches/stutters.Not really sure what the proper term is.Could it be the “drive” disc or rubber drive wheel?Both seem to be in good/acceptable condition.
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    New carb leaking gas

    I replaced the carb on a Kohler CV14ST and it leaks through the throat and spills out of the carb. This is the second carb that has done this. They were both China carbs, but I find it hard to believe that both out of the box would leak. I would buy a Kohler carb but cant locate one. Anyone help?
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    New carb leaks fuel

    I replaced the carb on my Snapper with a CV14ST Koehler.Leaks gas through the throat and pours out the carb.Put on another and same thing.Could it be cheap after market carbs.Seems I’ve heard that Snappers are notoriously bad about this issue.
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    MS193t not starting

    Recently picked up an MS193t. When I tried to start it it would pop in the choke position, but after taking it off choke would not start. Wanted to try and start but didn't. I have a good running 193t so i swapes out the coil and carb and still no go. ***NOTE: The good running 193t runs fine...