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    Transmission filter search tca18710

    Is there a suitable tranny filter for my grandson's Z520A other than the $45/ea. from JD? Sure kicks a $100 bill in the behind just for a lousy filter change. Plus, I use 15W50 in my Gravely. What should I use in his 520? And 2 quarts each? Thanks all!
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    All American blade sharpener

    Being just a little 'ole homeowner, with a whoppin' 1 acre to mow, I hate to drop $200 on a new AA sharpener. Sooooo, if someone's got one they'd like to sell. Kinda looking at the 5005 model. Thanks.
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    mower deck up......or down?

    I bought a used gravely hd zt 60 last fall with 100 hrs. I've put Oregon mulching blades on as I've always liked mulching blades. I mow a whopping 1 acre but my old Cub GT had a stripping kit on it and always liked that nice wide-cut look. My question is, I've got the deck sitting ~ 1/4" higher...
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    HD ZT transaxle

    I bought a HD ZT 60 with 105 hrs. First ZT. Read the owners manual. Found the levers which engages the transaxles. Didn't matter if it was pushed in or pulled out, always engaged. And he hadn't replaced the oil and filters either so I drained and refilled/replaced engine oil & trans. oil, hoping...
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    HD ZT engaging blades

    I just recently bought a 2017 HD ZT 60 and the owner's manual says to run the engine at low speed when engaging the blades. That flying in the face of everything I've always done. Plus it sounds like I threw a monkey wrench into the engine/blades. Wouldn't it be less wear & tear, and sound...