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    I don't find a date on OP or follow ups . Would it be asking too much to include that with the time ? If that's too much to ask , could the date replace the time .
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    As i understand plastics there are 2 basic types , thermo - plastic and thermo - set . How would a common person determine which a piece is ? Can thermoset be welded ?
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    Serriated Hex Nut

    Is this nut a serrated lock nut ? All serriated lock nuts i've found have angled serrations with a flange washer .
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    do 4 cycle mower engines and 2 cycle string trimmer engines ping . if they are pinging how do i tell they are pinging .
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    Need Air filter from amazon for a X 350 J D Kaw number 13*97/ 68SN4G2*2012 / 46*0629 * 08 Engine Family : KAXS. 603N4CB Thanks
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    Smoked Burgers

    I got me some of that Texas Mesquite wood for smoke flavor and smoked some burgers but i've not been able to find them .
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    FYI Any Brand

    Brand doesn't really matter , but if your lawn tractor has a idler sheave with a bad bearing in many instances the bearing only can be replaced . The ones i've done had a 202 ball bearing or very similar .
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    Clamping Blade Blocker

    Many mowers have a 3 blade deck . Maybe i'm missing how a clamp blade blocker works on the center blade of a 3 blade deck .
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    Older Craftsman Belt / Disk sander - year of manufacture ?

    Several years back i found a site that dated the year of any Craftsman power tool and the name of the manufacturer but i'm un-able to locate that information now . Thought you knowledgeable guys would possibly be able to help . My eye sight isn't nearly as good as you younger whipper snappers ...
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    Does this site have an ignore to click on ? If so could someone direct me to the spot to click on ?
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    Old Gasoline

    If old gas isn't desirable for a $50.00 mower why would I want to dispose of it by pouring it in a $50,000 dollar pickup truck.
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    Where does a person find EDIT?
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    Mowing in Reverse

    Due to mowing conditions, I do a lot of reverse travel and the mow in reverse safety becomes a nuisance. When safety is NOT a concern at SandburRanch I've found a simple temporary over ride on the X350 for the mow in reverse button. Not disconnecting any wires it can be accomplished from the...
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    Steering Pinion Bearing Lube

    Has anyone developed a convenient way to lube the sleeve bearing that supports the steering shaft near the pinion gear on a X350?
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    John Deere Seat Split

    I thought possibly the more expensive X350 may be a little better than the box store tractors, but I guess not in the seat department. As a test, the tractor has always been mounted and dis-mounted from the right side in its 52 hour life span. Left edge never touched with my butt cheeek A**...
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    Due to the Lack of the Admins Concerns

    I'll be absent until e-mail notifications is corrected. You folks have a nice time looking for your subject matter. I don't have enough time remaining in life to put up with the hassle.
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    Gas Can Labels - information

    It's certain many have different types of equipment ( 4 cycle - 2 cycle ) so gas of the correct nature is important to specific equipment. How do you label your gas cans as 2 or 4 cycle, maybe Stabil if it was added and when was fresh gas put in the container? Do you have a convenient way of...
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    And We Thoiught We had a Big Mower

    Don't know bout you but mine doesn't even come close.
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    e-mail notifications

    mine doesn't work. how can i fix it?