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    John Deere Technical Service Repair Manuals
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    How To Break-In (Burnish) a New PTO Clutch
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    Full Throttle & PTO

    Operate engine speed at WOT ( wide open throttle ) or Full Throttle before engaging PTO Switch ( mower blades ). Failure to follow instructions in Operators/Engine Manuals will lead to premature component wear & failure over time. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your equipment...
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    John Deere Manuals Scroll down page for manuals.
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    B&S Alternator Chart
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    Tuff Torque/ Loss of Power,case%20need%20to%20be%20replaced. Last summer my oldest son's 2010 Simplicity Conquest Tuff Torque Transaxle K664C was very slow in reverse. I ordered complete kit with Tuff Torque 5w-50 Full...
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    Kohler Engine Manuals
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    Does coating the underside of deck really work? Which underside deck coating works best?
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    Purchasing New Outdoor Power Equipment

    Research, read reviews, take your time looking it over & ask sales person questions you may already know the answer to. Make sure equipment has been serviced, greased for instance on a lawn tractor. Try piece of equipment out operating all controls, are you comfortable using equipment, if not...
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    Rear Axles & Anti-seize Compound

    Brushing anti-seize compound on rear axles is most often overlooked. Use jack stands for Safety. Remove hubcap & hardware, wheel, spacers, key, etc. until you're down to axle shaft. Apply anti-seize compound with small brush covering axle completely. If you see any rust you may want to remove it...
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    B&S Oil Viscosity Chart
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    Hydro Gear Transmission & Transaxle Information
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    B&S Vanguard 20 H.P. Shut Down

    My youngest son has a 2009 Simplicity Conquest that he purchased used last Sept. with 175 hrs. on 20 h.p. Vanguard engine. Owner purchased new in 2009 & kept tractor in garage. My son called me Sat. evening after mowing & fertilizing yard saying tractor shut down while fertilizing yard, got it...
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    Do I take mower to Dealer or maintain mower myself ?

    A person or business purchases a new ZTR mower for $30,000.00 warranty included commercial & residential. Why would an individual or business want to maintain this expensive piece of equipment? An individual with a mechanical background believes they can purchase parts cheaper & do the work...
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    Buying Advice Cleaning Electrical Components I decided to clean electrical components on my tractor...
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    True Story About Steering

    I was an 18 wheeler heavy duty diesel mechanic for Ryder Truck Rental from 1979-1990. My supervisor would hand out work orders at 7am every day. He told me the tractor I would be working on had a bad steering problem. I drove the tractor down our straight away two lane blacktop & the tractor...
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    Sheltering Tractors, Mowers, Etc.

    I know we are all thankful for what we do have when it comes to mowers etc. Some of us are not fortunate enough to have a climate controlled shop to park our mowers in so we do the best we can. I have my lawn tractor parked in a rubbermaid shed out back for the past 10 plus years, no electricity...
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    Today Only: John Deere Technical Manuals On Sale