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  1. lawn mower fanatic

    Echo backpack blower won't turn OFF

    As some of you know, I got an Echo PB-770T last summer. It performed flawlessly last fall, but as winter approached it started to not want to turn OFF. At the beginning it was just that it sputtered for a few seconds when you pressed the kill switch and then turned off, but as the weeks...
  2. lawn mower fanatic

    Won't be long

    It's been in the 70+ all week....80 degrees the past 2 days. It won't be long until I'm back out mowing. The past 3 years I've started between March 25th and April 15th depending on how the weather has been. Looks like this year will be one of the earlier ones. Spent the day today...
  3. lawn mower fanatic

    Finally some snow?

    Let me start this off my saying I am fine if it doesn't snow this whole winter. But hearing talk about this first snow still gets me excited to do some snowblowing. This winter has been extremely weird. It was the warmest December on RECORD, and our first snow didn't come until mid-January! They...
  4. lawn mower fanatic

    One last way of making money this mowing season

    Well now that the mowing season is over, I am enjoying the relaxation. Snow is not in the forecast yet, but it was in the 60's the past 2 days. Weird!! Colder weather is coming the end of this week. But before then, I am going to be getting a bit more money. The municipal leaf trucks have made...
  5. lawn mower fanatic

    Put everything away for the season (with pictures)

    I am officially done for the season. I spent the morning yesterday prepping my mowers for winter, cleaning them, running them out of gas, taking things off my trailer, putting new oil in my snowblower, etc. Now the snowblower is ready for action, although I will be perfectly fine if it doesn't...
  6. lawn mower fanatic

    Season is Winding Down

    Looks like the season is coming to an end. Most of my lawns I have on the schedule for this week, and then I am doing them again mid-month, and then one final time after Thanksgiving Day and the end of the month. Of course some lawns I will be done before that, but the majority I continue until...
  7. lawn mower fanatic

    Hustler Introduces New Stand-on Mower to their Lineup

    It will be at the GIE+EXPO! Available in 4 deck sizes.
  8. lawn mower fanatic

    New for 2015: New Toro Snowblowers

    I though this was pretty cool. A new line of snowblowers by Toro....called the SnowMaster. Priced in between their single stage machines and traditional 2 stage machines. A neat thing is that it uses the Personal Pace self propel system. The augers are similar to that of a single stage...
  9. lawn mower fanatic

    Leaf Cleanup Countdown

    I will start leaf cleanup in the next few weeks. Can't wait. Don't like the cold weather or shorter days, but I do like leaf cleanup. Here are some photos of mine from past years to get us in the leaf cleanup mood. :tongue:
  10. lawn mower fanatic

    How has everyone's season been?

    Now that a lot of us will be transitioning into leaf cleanups within a month or so, I was wondering how everyone's season has been. Mine has been great. Non stop busy, and the lack of rain we had at the end of summer has finally ended and we got over 6 inches in the past 2 days. During the dry...
  11. lawn mower fanatic

    Replaced my Speed Feed Head

    Today I decided to replace the Speed Feed head on my SRM-225 trimmer. It was the original Speed Feed head that came on the trimmer when I bought it in spring of 2012, so it has seen a lot of use. And it shows! The photo is showing the same side of the two trimmer you can see the old...
  12. lawn mower fanatic

    Already thinking about leaf cleanup

    I know the summer is only halfway over, but I am already thinking about fall and leaf cleanups. This year I am really going to market this service. In years past, I have made mistakes where I don't charge more for the yards I mow, but I have to spend longer there cleaning up the leaves as well...
  13. lawn mower fanatic

    Upgrading my mower

    Well I have decided that this year I want to TRY to upgrade my mower. I tried this 2 years ago without any luck, so not sure how it will go. I'm gonna be looking for a commercial grade walk behind around the 28"-36" size. I am going to be looking used, because I don't want to spend too much...
  14. lawn mower fanatic

    LawnMowerFanatic's 2015 Equipment/Work Thread

    I am starting this thread to have a place to post pictures of equipment, jobs, etc I have in 2015. I will be posting something this evening on how I am prepping for the 2015 mowing season. Hopefully this thread will primarily be photos.
  15. lawn mower fanatic

    Here we go again

    Starting tonight and going through a lot of the day tomorrow we are supposed to get a decent sized snowstorm. Somewhere around 5-7 inches. Who knows if they are going to be right. It is raining now, but supposed to change over to snow sometime around 11pm or midnight. I better wake up in the...
  16. lawn mower fanatic

    Biggest Snow of the Season (still not a lot)

    Yesterday afternoon we had the biggest storm of this winter. It wasn't that big, but it was still the most. We got 5-6". I did some driveways last evening, and finished the rest this morning. I made it my goal this morning to get lots of pictures, since the night shots weren't coming out too...
  17. lawn mower fanatic


    Yesterday I mowed the final lawns of the season. It was mostly just to clean up a few of the stray leaves in the yard. I was going to do it the day after Thanksgiving, but it snowed the day before Thanksgiving so the grass was covered for a few days. I decided I was going to mow Monday, whether...
  18. lawn mower fanatic

    Debris-Hauling Job

    I have been getting a lot of random jobs lately utilizing my trailer. This weekend a customer cut down this HUGE bush, and asked me to take it to the local farm. It took 4 trips! Of course looking back I could have cut up the branches more and saved a trip, but I didn't. I am getting to really...
  19. lawn mower fanatic

    Wrapping up the season

    This weekend I did my last cut of the season on some of the lawns. The others I am doing one more time at the end of the month. Leaves are mostly down, and with this cold weather the grass isn't growing. Below are pics of the final cut on one lawn and a before/after leaf cleanup & mowing job...
  20. lawn mower fanatic

    Brush Removal & Mulching Job

    I just finished a pretty large landscaping job. The homeowner wanted this ivy/brush removed from the side of their house, and to put mulch down. Well let me tell you, there were so many roots! I took 2 overflowing trailer loads to the dump. I came back today to spread the mulch, and as you can...