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    Do not top off......

    I was checking the hydro oil containers in my Gravely HD ZT 60 yesterday. One side was empty. According to the cap, it said something to the effect of "Don't top off." I looked over my shoulder, saw no-one, and quickly added a couple of ounces of 15W50. Is my mower soon to be headed to the junk...
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    which combination????

    Got a 2017 gravely hd zt 60. Switched out the OEM blades for some Oregon gator blades, believe G5? Wasn't impressed with the look & switched back. Year or 2 later, I bought a complete mulching kit because I was throwing leaves 20' but not cutting them up with the OEM set-up. Worked great, highly...
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    rear discharge mowers

    Figured I'd better include the word 'mower' in the heading, otherwise I'd be in for all kinds of comments. Guys, my next-door widowed neighbor lady's Gravely motor froze up. She's asking me for some help in finding another ZT. I've always thought that I'd like to try a rear-discharge ZT. Well...
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    Thinking of going to a Lithium Iron Prosphate (LiFePO4) Battery

    As the title says, looking at making the jump. Been running a 'conventional' battery for several years now, on a battery maintainer 100% of the time, but when she dies I'm kinda thinking maybe giving one of these a whirl. 2017 Gravely HD ZT 60" 991156. Other than the higher cost, any reason not...
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    What's a fair price?

    My neighbor has a Ferris IS2100 that I'd like to buy, at a fair price to both of us. It is a 2016, 61" ICD (?) deck, believe a 31 hp engine, not EFI, with approx. 600 hours. I was figuring between $4-5K. What say you?
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    Whole new suspension seat or just the kit?

    I'm trying to get the biggest bang for my buck here. I'm trying to improve my riding comfort with my HD ZT 60. Appears I've got 2 ways to go. Slip a new 'kit' under the seat for ~ $300 or go with a totally new suspension seat for ~ $500. Something just tells me that the new seat deal is nothing...
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    Gravely HD ZT 60 Parking brake question

    When I engage the parking brake on the mower, it only locks down the right side. Many time I've gotten up, with the engine running, only to look back and find the mower slowly turning in a circle to the right. Have to be real careful finding 'neutral' with that left control bar. Is this normal...
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    Mulching deck vs side discharge deck

    For years I've run mulching blades (gators) thinking I was mulching the lawn. Now it appears I was just running the blades w/o mulching the grass unless I convert the deck over to a mulching deck. I should point out this is on a Gravely HD ZT 60. So, I gets me a mulching kit and wow, what a...
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    IS2100 ZT4400 oil filters

    I'm trying to find just the OEM hydro filters & 'O' rings for my neighbor's 2016 Ferris is2100 with the 28hp efi engine. I se where they sell a kit but thought I could save him a dime and piece it together.......Also, I run Mobile 1 15W50 in my gravely. Suggestions for this Ferris? Thanks!
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    Mulching kits, myth or fact?

    Last fall I added a OEM chute blocker to my Gravely Hd Zt 60, along with Oregon mulching blades. The idea was to go after the leaves in the yard. But with the blocker, seems like all I did was blow the leaves away from the mower before I could mulch 'em up. I suppose because the discharge chute...
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    Sharpening blades

    I listed in the WTB section that I was interested in buying an All-American blade sharpener. That was some time ago, and no responses. That got me to thinking, if maybe the 'pros' aren't using some type of 'jig', maybe I don't need one also. Sooooo are you fellas mostly just free-handing these...
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    Transmission filter search tca18710

    Is there a suitable tranny filter for my grandson's Z520A other than the $45/ea. from JD? Sure kicks a $100 bill in the behind just for a lousy filter change. Plus, I use 15W50 in my Gravely. What should I use in his 520? And 2 quarts each? Thanks all!
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    All American blade sharpener

    Being just a little 'ole homeowner, with a whoppin' 1 acre to mow, I hate to drop $200 on a new AA sharpener. Sooooo, if someone's got one they'd like to sell. Kinda looking at the 5005 model. Thanks.
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    mower deck up......or down?

    I bought a used gravely hd zt 60 last fall with 100 hrs. I've put Oregon mulching blades on as I've always liked mulching blades. I mow a whopping 1 acre but my old Cub GT had a stripping kit on it and always liked that nice wide-cut look. My question is, I've got the deck sitting ~ 1/4" higher...
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    HD ZT transaxle

    I bought a HD ZT 60 with 105 hrs. First ZT. Read the owners manual. Found the levers which engages the transaxles. Didn't matter if it was pushed in or pulled out, always engaged. And he hadn't replaced the oil and filters either so I drained and refilled/replaced engine oil & trans. oil, hoping...
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    HD ZT engaging blades

    I just recently bought a 2017 HD ZT 60 and the owner's manual says to run the engine at low speed when engaging the blades. That flying in the face of everything I've always done. Plus it sounds like I threw a monkey wrench into the engine/blades. Wouldn't it be less wear & tear, and sound...