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  1. Mower King

    Just a friendly reminder........

  2. Mower King

    NASCAR inside info for 2022

    My cousin (a female) is down at the Daytona 500 in FL. She is in the pits and has a Hot Pass for the Grid also....anyway, I had her ask, someone that would know, if the cup cars are still running "pushrod" engines. She just told me she asked one of Keselowski crew members that question this...
  3. Mower King

    Kawasaki Engine Update Class

    Anyone else taking the Kawasaki Engine Update Class this Thurs 1-20-22 ?
  4. Mower King

    Another GOOD TECH, left and is off the Forum!

    I see another GOOD TECH has left the forum, StarTech is gone..... looks like only 1 other Tech on the forum has the info he did and will post that info!
  5. Mower King

    2022 Bad Boy Mowers have arrived!

    Our 2022 Bad Boy Mowers are arriving as I type this! They are in Mid-Mo......come get one!
  6. Mower King

    John Deere on strike?

    I saw on TV news yesterday that JD might go on strike.......?
  7. Mower King

    Maybe B&S is still alive........

    Crazy, after waiting 3 1/2 months for a 28hp Twin directly from B&S.....finally got it yesterday. I wasn't sure if B&S was still breathing air but.....I guess they are! Oh wait....still waiting on some B&S E.F.I. cylinder heads.....2 1/2 months so far on those!
  8. Mower King

    Briggs & Stratton 49T877 engine parts

    I have an infamous B&S 49T877 engine with 80 hrs that I'm parting out....heads, crankshaft, piston, rod, coil, carb, flywheel etc!
  9. Mower King

    2022 Bad Boy Mowers

    The Dealership I work for informed me today that they just ordered 98 New 2022 Bad Boy Mowers today.....good thing I like working on them Bad Boys!!....those along with the other 2 Brands of mowers we sell and handheld equip....looks like I will be busy this coming year!! The way I see it...
  10. Mower King

    Just heard today that Black and Decker / Stanley bought MTD

    I don't know if it's 100% truth but....I heard today that Black and Decker / Stanley just bought MTD.
  11. Mower King

    2021 Bad Boy Rogue's

    Just a heads up!.....if you own a 2021 BB Rogue, check with your Dealer about having the pump pulley keys and keyways checked for correct size key and tightness of set're welcome!
  12. Mower King

    New 20" gas engine push mowers are still $99.99

    I just saw an ad flyer in the local newspaper - New, Gas engine 20" push mower with large rear wheels for $99.99 I thought the days of $100 mowers were gone, I guess not!
  13. Mower King

    KT715 - KT745 Kohler engine parts

    I have several Kohler engines for parts..... KT715 - KT745 These are new take-offs
  14. Mower King

    Top 10 contributors - Dealership or Independent Shop?

    Do you work at a Mower Dealership or Independent shop?......or neither and just like to contribute? What brands of equipment do you sell and where? I'll start off.....I work at a Mower Dealership in MO. We sell Ferris, Bad Boy, Cub Cadet, Shindaiwa products.
  15. Mower King

    NEW Predator 212 6.5hp fuel tanks and mufflers

    I have several NEW take offs - Fuel Tanks and Mufflers - they are for a single cyl Predator 212 6.5hp engine $10 each + shipping
  16. Mower King

    Mower Racing

    I'm wondering if anyone on this site races mowers........yes, that's a real thing!
  17. Mower King

    Generac engines on a Dixie Chopper

    I got to work on Generac engine today on a DC.....IMO, it's hard to believe anybody would use those!
  18. Mower King

    Ogura PTO clutch - 1 1/8" shaft

    This Ogura PTO Clutch came off a Husqvarna Zero Turn with 15 hrs. The O.E.M. crankshaft bolt came loose and the clutch dropped down and scraped the pulley a little. Was replaced with a new one so, I have this one for sale. Will fit more then Husqvarna as it is set-up for 1 1/8" Dia. crankshaft...
  19. Mower King

    Got DIRT ?

    This carb was on a Hustler w/ Kaw that was brought into our shop because it would not run right......really? It is on a Raptor that has no hr meter so can't say on the hours but probably had the original air filter. This is an example as to why you install a NEW air filter every 50 hrs or once a...