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    no click

    Probably the safety control module part # 500160. $46.15
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    Shaft seal

    It will not do any good to just put the axle seal in, it will just blow it out again. The problem is in the inner seals. Do the whole kit.
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    Allthread between the two hydro gears is loose?

    Check the front and rear hydro mounting brackets and make sure they are not broken.
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    Dixie Chopper 2460 magnum

    I assume you are talking about the bolt that holds the idler arm bracket to the deck for the engine to deck belt. It has two arms, top one has an idler on it and the bottom one has a link that goes through a bracket on the deck with a spring with washers on both ends and an adjusting nut to...
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    Toro Timecutter Z5000 issue with the starter solenoid

    Could be the PTO switch. Start circuit goes through the PTO Switch.
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    Rattling Noise

    The bolt that holds the ider arm on could be loose as well.The idler arm is a flat piece of stock and has not bushing in it. If it is loose tighten the bolt tight and back it off just so the arm moves freely.
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    B & S 450E weedeater push mower. Changed plug, still no spark

    Spark plugs don't make spark they just put it in the cylinder and ignites the fuel air mixture in the cylinder.
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    change hydro oil

    That would be inch pounds not foot pounds.
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    Really fixing it up to sell. Turning out to be a reall nice mower. All new spindles idlers and belts tune up and service. I don't sell junk and have never gotten but two to give a problem. Ign module went out on one and PTO switch on the other. Thanks again.
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    Thanks Bert you were spot on the wire was broken. Just fixed and works like new. You are the best.
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    CV23s: Worth it or not?

    I have seen Kohler CV engines with thousands of hours on them. Have a friend with one on a Dixie Chopper and he swares it has at least 8,000 hours on it. Ony thing it has had done is intake manifold gaskets. Still does not use oil. Know a guy with an old Dixie Chopper with a Generac on it and...
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    wiring diagram

    Sit on the seat is the safest way. Would not tell my own brother how.
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    Thanks I'll check it out
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    Hydrostatic Fan for Husqvarna Riding Mower

    TUF-1A646083070 Fan Black in stock $9.97
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    Hydrostatic Fan for Husqvarna Riding Mower
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    Runs strong before turning rich!

    Main jets fell out. refrence no. 117 and 117a.
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    Cub Cadet SLTX1054VT Model no. 13WR92AK010 BRIGGS 44P777-0721B1-090205YG Runs great engage the pto and runs about 10 feet and pto kicks off. Push pto off and pull switch again and does the same thing. Engage the mow on reverse button and it will mow all day. Anyone ever seen this.
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    Can't get the governor to set ? Simplicity Cobalt Zero Turn

    All governors set the same way. Wide open throttle and turn the the shaft in the same direction.
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    Can't get the governor to set ? Simplicity Cobalt Zero Turn

    Were you having an issuse with it to try and set the gov to start with? Setting the gov is very percise and not much room to play with if it is set wrong it will blow the gov inside the engine and you will have to replace it.
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    LT2500 60" Starts and then dies in 30 seconds

    Does not have but one tip over switch. The other three are weather proof relays. There is weather proof time delay under the bracket where the switch mounts. It is designed to give you a three second delay so it won't kill the engine if you bounce off the seat. The tip over switch is the round...