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    Sharpening blades

    I take blades off, clean them, put them in the vise, sharpen with a file, check balance and paint. Then I hang that blade and put on one I did previously. I even do the same on my 30" rider. Typically my blades last until the airfoil on the back gets too thin for safety. Then I trash it and...
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    Stabil for Gasoline Storage?

    I used to use Sta-Bil and it was fine. A buddy of mine had been using Startron for a long time in all his engines so I started using it too. Its been great. Altogether, since I started using a stabilizer/cleaner in my fuel for all my engines (vehicle and OPE) I have not had to have any kind of...
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    Rear wheel locks when turning

    And if you don't fix it, it will irritate your foot and give you a 'pawl bunion'. :cool:
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    Honda HRR mower will not roll backwards

    The only mower I have found this on is an old HRR that has been in use for 20 years in several different places and not particularly well-treated. I have gone over it several times but since it was used to mulch and the deck never cleaned, the whole discharge box on the rear is rotten now and...
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    GCV160 or 190 governor oil leak

    They all do it as far as I know, and with the oil splashing around when the engine is running, oil level really doesn't matter as far as this problem is concerned. I just wash the mower once a year. I use Castrol Edge synthetic, 10W-30 - best mower oil I've come across - except I use 5W-30 in a...
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    After some careful measuring, the blade is about 1/4" lower than the marking on the wheel adjusters, so a setting of 3" is really 2 3/4". Consequently I set it at the next setting which is 'High', which will give about a 3 1/4" cut.
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    MTD (Murray) 30" Rear Engine - Stubborn Blade Nut

    It won't be a big deal next time now that I know what to do. Part of my success was due to the breaker bar with long socket being just the right height so the weight of the deck held the socket vertical as I pushed the bar with my foot. This worked because I was doing it in the garage on the...
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    MTD/Murray Front Wheel Lubing

    Earlier this year I decided to do the front wheels, and its a good thing I did, because they had very little grease in them. Apparently they did not grease the axle before installing the wheel, just hitting the grease fitting with the grease gun later. The problem is, the grease fittings were...
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    MTD (Murray) 30" Rear Engine - Stubborn Blade Nut

    Got it this morning. Grass is growing like crazy with downpours lately so I had to do something. Had applied Kroil several days ago, wiped off the residue today and put the air-service 15/16 socket on the breaker bar. I had to raise the deck all the way (I run it only one notch down from the...
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    Missing high low adjustment screws - replace carb?

    I concluded it costs me $12-$15 a year to keep buying new ones when the old one craps out. I did discard the above Ryobi and picked up the new model which has a lot of improvements - like, it starts and idles! I gave the other one to my son who had no trimmer on a large, mostly-wooded lot. I...
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    2 Stroke Oil recommendation for 10525 6.5 hp Gold Series

    When I had a 10550, I ran Opti-2 at 50:1 with premium gas. Any 2-cycle oil for trimmers/saws, etc., you find at the home center will be great at 50:1 but the Opti-2 is really special. I bought it in a 32 oz dispenser bottle. I just could not make myself use it at 100:1 like their recommendation...
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    Bermuda Grass

    SK, how low are you cutting it? There are several ways to approach Bermuda - many people cut it very low. I'm in central VA and I cut mine at 3". This way it looks great all summer no matter how hot. Possibly at the higher cut, you won't tend to pull up the runners. Another Bermuda tip: for a...
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    Lawn Boy 10525 990series (1999-2000 manufactured) won't start

    BTW, its not a Tecumseh engine if its a 2-cycle. Lawn-Boy was using Tecumseh 4-cycle engines on models like the 10684. Your Dura-Force 'E' engine was the last 2-cycle made by Toro/Lawn-Boy.
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    Lawn boy smokes a lot

    I didn't look at the diagnosis but I can tell you that excessive smoking is too much oil in the combustion chamber. Now this can be from either an overly oil-rich mix or simply too much fuel getting in with a correct mix. The choke might be on. The air filter might be restricted.
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    Lawn Boy 10301 Throttling/Carb Issues

    Regardless, its been a long time since I heard that sound, and it reminded me of how utterly boring my 4-cycle LBs are. I've been itching for another real LB for some time now, but I want one with the under-deck muffler so I can get 'that smell' along with the sound. Yours might just have a...
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    Changing the drive belt LB 10324 ?

    Don't know what the problem is but it is a constantly-slipping design. If it won't go, you need to adjust the free-play on the bail with the cable adjuster. About an inch is plenty. You tighten it until the wheels start turning when you raise the rear end. Then back it off until they stop. This...
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    dura-force trash find project

    Is it a steel-deck 10323 or an aluminum deck 10550? Most likely its a 10323 with drive bail (Variable Speed, same as Toro). What you're looking for is for it to go into 'power-hum' when warmed up and cutting. Also make sure you pull the throttle off of 'Choke' after starting, to the 'Run' or...
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    Well, it worked! The adapter is taller than the old one but the new blade is straight instead of the previous generic blade that had 'drooping' ends. The result is the new blade scribes the deck about 1/4" above the lower edge which is good enough. It also clears that ring plenum under the deck...
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    Very Hard to Pull Cord on Homelite UT20042a Trimmer

    Possibly too much fuel in the cylinder?
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    BTW, just looking at my picture above showing the last authentic blade I could get for it, you can see that the blade would scribe the deck probably about 5/8" up from the edge, so I'll use that as my desired value. Man, you never know how an old picture will come in handy some day. :)