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    Breather Tube

    When trying to insert a hose into a slightly smaller hole, I sometimes trim the outside diameter of the hose to put a slight bevel on it to help start it into the hole. Some lube on the outside of the hose (KY-jelly... oh never mind, I may be thinking of something else; just use motor oil) can...
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    Unintelligent people.

    Sounds like he was one of the "educated beyond his level of intelligence" students.
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    Craftsman Rider dies

    The float sticking shouldn't cause the fuel line to empty after 15 minutes of running. If anything, it should allow the fuel line to be full if there is no flow into the carb. With all that has been tried, the problem sounds a bit tricky and less common. If the lack of fuel flow is causing the...
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    Mower won't pull start

    Efficient engineering will design a product that spends no more than necessary for it to last through the warranty period. The exception is for a product that pays for the higher price through reduced failures and production downtime (i.e., Caterpillar, for example). Many years ago, Black &...
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    Starter issue or what?

    A K&N should last if given some care. I think I saw on the K&N website that they have a lifetime warranty. You might want to check, if you buy another, be aware that they are proud of them and don't give them away. An opening in the intake manifold would allow dust into the engine and cause...
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    Starter issue or what?

    In the lower picture, I see a parting line on the intake manifold, where the molds join together during the plastic injection process. Is the flashing at the parting line that misaligned, causing a shadow in the picture, or has the manifold split open at the parting line? Does the air filter...
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    Briggs plastic gas tank question

    Duckbill valves should vent in only one direction, if they seal well.
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    L130 - Sudden no crank, no headlights

    Try removing the battery cable connections on both battery terminals and clean them well. I've experienced similar symptoms due to corrosion between the cable connector and the battery post (or solenoid, or ground). If this happens, its possible nothing electrical works: starter, lights, etc. It...
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    Vapor lock

    You didn't describe the issue you are experiencing. Vapor lock is caused by a liquid being heated enough to cause it to vaporize. When it cools enough, it will go back into liquid form. Like water, if it is under pressure, it takes a higher temperature to vaporize. Rerouting the fuel line away...
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    Victa Professional 550 self propelled parts question

    Going from a 105 mm drive pulley to a 120 mm drive pulley would speed up the travel speed by ~14.3% to ~5.9 km/hr, not reduce it. If you meant the driven pulley instead, the speed would be reduced by 12.5% to ~4.6 km/hr, which is in the ballpark. If the other recommendations fail, an industrial...
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    Husqvarna LGT 2554 front wheels bowing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try jacking the front end off the ground, grab the tire and wiggle it to check for loose bushings, etc. I would expect them to be quite worn if it is apparent just looking at the wheels. There should be bushings on the steering and the wheel hubs. It would take a lot of force to bend the axles...
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    Husqvarna 150 BT - Gas in air filter and muffler after shutdown

    You might try loosening the fuel cap just slightly after you stop the engine to see if that fixes the problem. I have a Hitachi hand held blower that had a similar problem, unless I loosened the cap after use. Pressure build up in the tank would force so much fuel through the carb, sometimes it...
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    Blowing fuses with key off

    No one wants to spend much for anything! Everyone has a different opinion as to what is too much, so it is best to determine the customer's perception of too much before starting. It could be obvious that repairs will be more expensive than they are willing to spend. I want to spend only enough...
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    Tecumseh OHH50-68023J w/ 640340 carb problem.

    If the fuel tank is located close to the engine, or above it, heat can radiate from the engine to the fuel in the tank when the air flow from movement is stopped. Still, I would think a 1/16" hole should sufficiently vent enough vapor to prevent pressure buildup. Have you tried removing the cap...
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    wont run, smokes like crazy

    This might not be your problem but several symptoms are common with this problem. I've had neighbors leave the key on with mowers that have fuel shut-off solenoids on the carb bowl. It kills the battery and, if there is enough fuel in the tank, fuel overflows into the engine. After charging the...
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    No Ethanol vs Ethanol Gas

    I have read that 2 cycle oil tends to stabilize gasohol and have had no problems w/ 2-stroke engines. I had filled a couple of outboard tanks and added oil in anticipation of using my boat, which didn't happen, so after about 6 or 7 years I used the fuel in trimmers, chain saw, etc. w/o any...
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    Echo Weed Eaters Not Starting

    Something to check for is flooding of the bottom end of the engine w/ fuel, which would make it too rich to fire. Enough fuel in the bottom end can make it hard to crank over, or even cause a hydraulic lock w/ the plug in. Fuel can saturate the air filter and be discharged from the muffler when...
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    Burning oil.

    If the engine ran w/o oil for any length of time, it might be damaged, which could cause oil consumption. Since this happened so soon after being new, it might be hard to determine if there was a defect or if it happened after the oil was lost during operation. If you have the ruptured filter...
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    Burning oil.

    Good call to cut twice; once at highest setting and again at normal setting. This should allow occasional use of mulching deck w/o over taxing the engine. Also, run the engine at higher RPM, especially when cutting high grass or uphill, etc., which causes a high load on the engine. Make sure the...
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    Burning oil.

    How much is the oil level dropping between changes? You'll need to know how much the oil level it dropping, in however many hours, if you get the dealer involved for a potential warranty issue. Are you checking the oil w/ the engine level after the oil has time to drain back into the crankcase...