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    MTD/Murray Front Wheel Lubing

    Earlier this year I decided to do the front wheels, and its a good thing I did, because they had very little grease in them. Apparently they did not grease the axle before installing the wheel, just hitting the grease fitting with the grease gun later. The problem is, the grease fittings were...
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    Battery Removal MTD 30" Riding Mower

    The rear-engine MTD 30" riding mower like this Cub Cadet and many others; Murray, Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, etc. with the plastic coated steel wire battery restraint/support. First disconnect the battery, then remove the top restraint which has a 1/2" bolt to the body. Now, grasp the lower support...
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    Murray 30" Rear Engine

    Just want to see what your ideas are on this; after three years of very occasional/light use, the last two times I went to use it, the battery was apparently dead - no crank. So I hooked up my auto battery charger but it doesn't appear to be taking a charge, either at 2 Amps or 10. However, all...
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    The Smell

    Just casually looked around and didn't see anything about the legendary LB smell when cutting grass. It has to be an older one with the under-deck muffler and it has to use Lawn-Boy oil, but its the combination of the oil and the smell of toasted grass on the muffler. Once you smell this, you...
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    Bought this new early in 1990 and it has been in use ever since, but generally light use and with relatives. I will get it at least yearly and 'fix it up' again, but it is still original - the engine has never had any internal repair, not even a new carb or gas tank. The major problem at this...
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    LB 22271 - Anybody Else Have One?

    The 22271 was the LB 'ultimate mower' with aluminum 'Insight' deck, steel ball-bearing wheels with replaceable tires, Honda GSV 190 Commercial OHC engine w/iron sleeve, ball bearings and HD crank and Variable Speed drive. They only made a few in 2007 but Toro then took over and made the same...
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    MTD (Murray) 30" Rear Engine - Stubborn Blade Nut

    Hey y'all, a newbie to this forum but not mowers. I was cleaning up/lubing my mower after its second season (light use) and planned on taking off the blade and sharpening/balancing like I do with my smaller mowers. I got out my breaker bar and a heavy-duty 15/16" socket, braced the blade and...