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    Snapper RER Blade Issue

    Snapper rear engine rider model 2812523BVE Serial 2013121925. 28 inch blade. Long story short. Daughter in law hit a rather large root. Now the blade hits the deck housing. I thought maybe it was just a bent blade. I guess things are just never that easy. I put a new blade on, same thing. Let...
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    Kohler CV 675 Carburator

    Here are the specifics. Sears Craftsman GT3000 917.275042 serial 012402A00129 Kohler Pro23HP CV675S Spec 75544 This Tractor I believe is about 20 years old. The carb has never been touched, but I think it is in my future. It was running rough so I gave it a can of Sea Foam. It ran great for a...
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    Massive, massive, paint analysis, no expense spared.

    I have my fathers 1977 Ariens snowblower. The paint has held out rather well for its age. Minimal rust. I went to Tractor and got a can of Kubota orange. I lathered up the scoop, impeller and chute with the paint and a brush. Took a little while to dry, But it dried hard. No snow will stick to...
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    5 HP Tecumseh governor issue

    Well, I had some time to look at the situation so I put on my x-ray specs and what I found was the connecting link between the governor arm and the carburetor had a bend in it. This caused the link to be at an angle as it went thru the hole on the carb and bind. Once I straightened it out, I ran...
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    5 HP Tecumseh governor issue

    Hi all. Let me get the particulars out of the way. 5 HP Tecumseh on a Snapper Snow Blower Model HS50 67266H Serial 818 CB Starts up and runs. It wont run fast. If I bump the governor, it will speed up. If I raise the throttle to full It will sit there and idle, then after about 20-30 seconds it...
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    Gas Cans

    You know what they say, If you want to really mess something up, Get the Government involved. I had the newest 5 gallon EPA approved gas can with a gallon of gas in it. I put the spout in my Cub Cadet tank, pushed the lever down with my palm. Grabbed the flange with my fingers and pushed the...
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    Snapper RER

    Thank You !
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    Snapper RER

    Snapper rear engine rider 28 inch mower Model 7800104 or 2013121925 Anyhow , looks solid so I went for it. Engine is a Briggs 12.5 Starts right up. Now my questions and concerns. Some rocket scientist that knows better than us cut all the wires for the safety switches. I found the seat and...
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    Fimco Sprayer

    I guess this is a throw away society. I bought a 15 gallon tow behind fimco sprayer. Why? I don't know. I needed something to spray my apple trees. I saw them at tractor supply . The one on display outside was a wreck. The hoses were all cracked from the sun. I'm sure that was a cost cutting...
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    Echo string trimmer Cutting Head

    Hi all , I have an Echo I think GT1100 string trimmer. Runs well and always has. My question is about the cutting head. Or cutting heads in general. Mine is the type where you insert a 6-8 inch piece of string and it is held in like a Chinese finger type situation. I like it .Very simple. And...
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    Troy Bilt Horse 1979

    Update. I took the engine off. Supported the engine with a floor jack. Took the locking bolts out of the "King Pins"And griped them with Vise Grips. They came right out.. The pulley on the tiller end came right off too. Cleaned the front end so I could find my oil leak. I propped up the rear...
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    Troy Bilt Horse 1979

    I hope Someone out there has been around long enough that has worked on these. Anyhow , I have a 1979 Troy Bilt Horse. 7 HP Kohler. 4 speed. Tiller serial number 388425 Kohler 7HP K161T Ser 9588893. The engine is rock solid. Leave on idle , choke it . 2nd or 3rd pull it is running. My problem...
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    Hit a stump and it quit

    Took my chain saw apart before I realized the chain brake was on. Thought my clutch was bad. When I was 9 (63 now) I was trying to get an old lawnmower to start. Poured gas in the carb, pulled the rope and that thing took off like a rocket. I got scared and pulled the plug wire. I felt every...
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    No oil change?

    Remember, they didn't want the home owner to adjust carbs(Those of us that knew they needed adjustment). Had to take it to a shop.
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    No oil change?

    NO MORE OIL CHANGES Our XTX Series™ engine never needs an oil change. Just top it off every now and then and you’re good to go. Kohler engine...???? found this on the Kohler web site. I'm kind of like don't know what to say. Can the Pro's enlighten me? New trend? Not everyone has caught up to...
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    Cub Cadet STLX1054 PTO

    I took it off again and gave it a good look . I saw the magnets that lock the pulley in place when the PTO is not energized. They are working properly. I see the middle magnet pivots Thus locking the pulley in one direction.When I spin the middle piece that the bolt goes thru, That spins freely...
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    Cub Cadet STLX1054 PTO

    Hi All , First the important stuff. Model:13WK92AAK009 Serial:1C021H30256 DOM:March 2011 Well , my original drive belt to the rear wheels finally went so I had a job in front of me. The machine being 11 years old, I replaced the 3 pulleys located around the center of the machine along with...
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    Help Snapper Honda GCV160 replacement engine Identification

    My 2 cents. I had a Briggs with a bent crank shaft. Put the mower on its side, found the high side and hit it with a small sledge. Brought it back in close enough. I'm sure the Pros don't want to hear this but it worked for me. What did I have to lose. I continued to mow with the machine.
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    Craftsman/Kohler ignition modules

    Craftsman GT3000 lawn tractor 917.275043 serial 012402A00129 Kohler pro 23HP CV675S Spec 75544 I was attacked by mice. They ate the some of the wiring harness attached to the intake manifold and also some of the spark plug wire. I have to piece out the wiring harness but I would like to replace...
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    50 "mower deck

    Sears Craftsman 917.275042 Serial 012402A00129 50" mower deck. Here is my situation. I rebuilt the deck -spindles, pulleys and belts. I noticed that the flat idler pulley mounting bar has a little twist- bend to it causing the pulley to be cocked a little bit. Should the flat idler pulley...