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    EZ 225 no fuel ?

    gat a head scratcher here that is driving me mad and even worse it is a good customers EZ 225 with a B & S 31P707 engine SO last year they suffered a leaking float needle which allowed the sump to fill with fuel So it was a double oil change & Nikki rebuild For once I did not field test it as I...
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    Locked out of site

    So for the past 3 days when I try to log in via Brave I get this error This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_FAILED Then 10 minutes ago got the...
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    Images not displaying

    Tried to add a 350 kb jpeg to a post is the Scotts No Power thread An it did not attach. Some one else today tried a 1/2 dozen jokes & that also did not attach & Star just posted a couple of images & his did not attach either .
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    345 will not pump oil to the bar

    OK fellas, I am stuck with this one Got a 345 in the shop originally it had a broken piston which killed the bore as well Replaced the barrel , piston bearings & seals Saw runs perfectly But not a drop of oil to the bar 1) pressurised the oil tank & oil ouzed out around the rubber seal, so...
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    Cross for a Country Clipper PTO clutch

    Would any one have a cross refference for Country Clipper e-6613 PTO clutch It is a 1" shaft 125 Ft lbs torque Thanks
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    Z 225 muffler

    Got a JD Z 225 that is about to go back but they want the muffler replaced at the end of the season cause the grass is growing 18" a week right now . According to JD it is # AM137317 which looks to be identical to B & S 807752 except it has 3 holes Are these interchangable if I drill a 4th hole...
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    Ferris or Hustler Ant thoughts?

    Got a customer who is torn between the Ferris IS 600Z and the Hustler FasTrack 48 He is a commercial customer who dose commercial properties ( churches , schools, cemetaries etc ) not residentals and the mowers probably spend more time on his trailers than on grass as he does full yard...
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    Eatons 778

    Got a Swisher in the shop with the Eatons 778-046 hydros. Two problems 1) fan is demolished so I need a 106014-000 or 109197-000 clockwise fan that does not appear to be available in OZ 2) the oil is cooked ( no surprise there ) so I need to drain, flush & replace it Neither the service...
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    Hydro filter change on Z-Master

    Having all sorts of fun & games trying to do an oil & filter change on the hydros . The filters have a 9/16 hex on them for a socket , well & good but one just twisted off and the other looks like it is going to do the same thing Did the first one cold so tried the second ona hot hydro bit still...
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    Swisher Eaton Service Info

    One of my least favourite customers is having problems with his T 2560 Swisher ( rebadged as Parklander locally ). According to the IPL it has an Eatons transmission swisher nos 10260 & 10269 Any one know where I can get service information on them ? Been through all of the Eatons manuals I have...
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    Outsmarted by Smart Switch

    Got a TS242 Husky with one of those dreaded Smart switches # 586 59 07 08 . The PTO stopped working & they drove it back into the shed turned it off and that was it, nothing after that. I have been through all of the wiring, checked all of the safety switches, jumped the ones that could be...
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    RMW 22g24 Pressure washer problems

    Don't do may pressure washers so I am at a bit of a loss here. Got an RMW 22G24 pressure pump mounted under a 4Hp B & S that came in for an engine problem which turned ut to be a dud auto choke However the pump leaks everywhere from the overflow holes around the sides . So it was no surprise...
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    How to get the least biased news.

    Firstly thanks to all who contributed to the Sad Day post which has now been closed. It is always good to have a civalized conversation with people who have a diverse set of beliefs & opinions Because I take care with the news feeds I am exposed to I would have never seen any of the shows linked...
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    Drive belt fouling on HXL1744

    A bit baffled on this one . It is a 1744 HXL Mod 71282 Ser 210000181 with a B & S 312777-0128-E1 engine This is a 3 owner mower so I can not guarantee what is there now should be , but it looks to be IPL correct . When on full lock the steering link fouls quite strongly on the drive belt as...
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    A slightly different Briggs & Stratton

    Came across this when checking an on line catalogue for an Auction this weekend 1920 Briggs Flyer Probably the most expensive Briggs & Stratton I will ever see. Did not know they actually made waggons . Wonder if you could hitch a deck up to it ? Wonder if I can get the IPL :devilish: :devilish:
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    Looking for a M19542 IPL

    Got a McCulloch ride on that I am trying to find an IPL for Being sold in OZ it could very well be a mx of left over AYP parts 19.5 Intek engine 42" manual PTO deck 6 Speed manual transmission ( no id tags ) DOM is 2011 Model number is M19542 Product number is 960 41011800 Try as I may, can not...
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    Transmission belt size.

    Got a 42" Murray in the shop Mod 425620X92A which would appear to be a Walmart special It needs a new transmission belt 37x144MA ( printed on decal & same as the parts book I downloaded & jacks & partstree . Two problem with that Firstly the quoted for genuine Murray belt runs from $ 120 to $...
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    So what is happening with Simplicity

    I keep seeing people posting that Simplicity was "formally" owned by Briggs & Stratton However to date I have seen no mention that it has been spun off or sold & according to both the B & S and Simplicity web pages, Simplicity is still part of the new B & S company Is there something going on...
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    Fan for Z-Max 2560

    Had a stick flip up & take out the fan on the Eaton tranny Swisher do not list the pulley or fan in their parts list, just the entire transmission Any idea where to got one & what part number to order ? I would like to order in the part before I spend 2 hours of the customers time pulling the...
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    Blower housing for a 31Q

    Got a 31Q677 in the shop at the moment Been out in the weather so the nuts on the air filter cover had rusted solid to the bolts. The bolts are turning in the housing so I cut the thumb caps & nuts off but the threads on the bolts are heavily rusted and turn freely in the housing. To prevent the...