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    Open Unused Oil

    Oil does go off over time Having said that, it is a mower not a F1 race engine doing 16,000 rpm running at the limits of the materials strengths So use your ould oil. Change it after the final mow of th season before you go in for the beer and the woer will be very happy .
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    Sten's Belts

    I fit mostly Stens belts and rarely have a problem with their OEM spec belts The standard belts I rarely ever use because very few are the right sizes for mowers.
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    YTH24v48 mower shuts off shortly after blades start spinning

    Here is your wiring diagram It is at the front of the parts manual which is a free download from Husqvarna which you should download & keep a copy of . Well actually it is not because the recient forum changes have been playing havock with my computers & 5 attempts to attach the wiring diagram...
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    Spark Plug Installation - Torque Specs

    The calculator generation who only understand numbers in place of what the numbers actually mean can not fart without a number for it. Finger tight + 1/4 turn if fine .We know that all that is required is some crush on the sealing washer
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    YTH24V54 vs TS354XD for my wife

    I for one have gone off Husqvarna 100% to the point I recommend that my customers avoid them . The only residential brand mowrs that are available in the USA I ever recommend is Toro & JD I am not a franchiseddealer, just a tech wo sees these things getting worse & worse every year .
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    ZG 23 Starting issue

    Thanks for coming back Nice when it is a cheap & easy fix That plug should have a locking tab but on some it just does not work so lon term you might need a cable tie to keep it together
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    Won’t stray without starting fluid or gas directly into carb

    It is amazing the work arounds we see for simple thigs like backing off the cable clamp and moving the cable 1/8" so the choke closes fully. Bush mechanics ( redneck to some ) is fine to get you through the day but rarely a long term fix.
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    I have a jd 240 mower [vintage 1989]. The mower started this season just fine! But started back firing and now it just won't start.

    The 5 is a hotter plug than the 5 If it needs a 6 to run that says the rings are on their way out and oil is depositing on the plug electrode.
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    Looking for ignition switch.

    Yes But you know what you are doing Dugy dose not
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    Briggs 18.5 hp Wont Run

    Mower engines are made to a price not to a quality level And as Kohlers are more expensive it should be no surprise they give fewer problems apparently . However you have to view this in contex that B & S probably outnumber Kohlers 300 :1 I hate B & S engines because they are designed by...
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    Briggs 18.5 hp Wont Run

    Depending upon which Nikki carb you have you need to clean the carb and if needed replace the float needle If it has the white plastic jet holder with the complex O ring style gasket they are prone to leaking around the inlet O ring Note there are 2 styles of this carb & thus 2 gaskets Full...
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    Kohler Command Pro 25

    They should run a lot more than 1000 hours The landlord has a fleet of 2000 series Cubs with Kohlers in them way over 2000 hours on all of them and one pushing 3000 And that is the ones that work. They all had over 1000 when he got them They get use to mow the paddocks after the livestock have...
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    Vision Issues

    Don't know of a breathing + vision but there are a lot of face shields for chain sawing & line trimming Some have full plastic shields while outers have a fine mesh Going to be a case of finding what suits you
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    John Deere D140 engine shuts off when pto button is engaged

    The absolute best thing you can do is to buy the JD technical manual . It is written inplain language, exlains exactly how to do the test, where to do the tests and what the results mean . It costs 1 to 2 hours of shop labour so pays for itself the firt time you use it You have a problem with...
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    Looking for ignition switch.

    And of course I forgot to mention if the switch connected the battery to the magneto then it is bye bye magneto .
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    How do I make my simplicity tractor motor quieter?

    What part number ? the simplicity one or the B & S one An engine that old should that a NPT threaded exhaust port From memory a 190000 series is aroud 10 Hp and has a 0.75" or 1.0" NP thread Basically it is a galvanised iron water pipe thread as previously mentioned So you have a choice of a...
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    champion spark plug RJ19LM

    That is whay you shoyld always buy from a certified supplyer who covers the parts with a warranty However I have never seen a plug fall apart inside an engine .
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    Looking for ignition switch.

    Only if you know the number of pins and the way they are connected I keep 17 switches in stock and even then I need to change the pinouts on some
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    22hp Briggs repair question

    LEave the flywheel alone and the same with the coils If they needed rust protection then that would be done at the factory Rust is not a problem for magnetic fields unless the build up is so thick it bridges the gap. What is important is the coils are grounded so if you want to exercise the wire...
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    No dramas My mowers are all working it is yours that are not so whenevver it is convienent to you