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  1. tew45

    2003 721D

    I worry about the transmissions on the 721D since they are no longer made. One side of mine is getting weak and if a replacement is nonexistent what must I do to save the machine?
  2. tew45

    9561 deck

    I broke my lift arm on my 9561 front deck part number 603559. I welded it but it broke again. I would like to buy a used part if possible. A new one is expensive. I would buy an old deck for the parts if I could find one.
  3. tew45

    721D will not run

    I have a 2003 721D with 1400 hours and it just died (will not start, no response from start switch at all. There is no response from the timer but the heater works. the engine will start when the solenoid is shorted to the + battery but the fuel solenoid will not hold on but the engine stops in...
  4. tew45

    Access to underside

    I have a 2003 721D and have started to develop some leaks. I am not as agile as I once was so I need suggestions as to how to get underneath. I started to use my front loader but decided that was not a wise thing to do. I even thought of building a service ramp like old auto grease ramp. I have...
  5. tew45

    Hydro faults

    I have a RZT 50 Troy bilt and after about 30 minutes of use the right hydro just quits and growls at me. I have to let it rest 30 minutes then take it to the house after it starts working again. I have heard from many people that is a common fault with the MTD made mowers. I have checked for...
  6. tew45

    Grasshopper radiator screen

    Sorry I put this post on the wrong area so again, I need a radiator screen for a 2003 721D grasshopper. What I am using is not working well. Thank you!
  7. tew45

    Grasshopper radiator screen

    I could use a radiator screen for a 2003 grasshopper 721d. I am using one off of my Kubota B7200 and it is not entirely satisfactory.
  8. tew45

    Wanted, Grasshopper 721D left Fender 2003

    I need a good left fender and work light or just a work light for a 2003 Grasshopper 721D. I can salvage the fender but I need the work light. I am in the North Texas area.
  9. tew45

    radiator fit

    Will a Kubota B7200 Radiator fit a grasshopper 2003 721d with a 722 kubota engine?
  10. tew45


    When did grasshopper change from Gemini to Hydro-gear? Which Hydro-gear does the 2004 721D Grasshopper use? Long live the Grasshopper!
  11. tew45

    721D RPM change

    I have a 2004 721D that the RPM drops after a quick turn. It doesn't stop but just drops down then recovers quickly. The tank can be low or full and the add on clear line filter is nearly full. What will cause the RPM change?
  12. tew45

    belt size

    I own a 2003 721D and the hydro belts shucked on me out in the vineyard. I need the size of the 38193 belt so I might get a local auto supply store replacement so I can get the mower out of the field quickly. I can get back ups from Grasshopper later. I just need some replacements now. I...