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  1. upupandaway

    Bolts snapping

    I have a Briggs and Stratton 11P902-0693-B1 where the 3 screws that hold the cover and pull cord assembly keep snapping. I tried wiggling it back and forth with no luck. Anybody have any trick with these screws? Briggs Engine
  2. upupandaway

    Looking for engine dimensions

    Anyone have a link to a diagram of the dimensions of where the bolt holes are for a Briggs 281707? I'm playing and would like to know where to drill holes vs eyeballing it. TIA.
  3. upupandaway

    Stihl Hedge trimmer ignition

    I came accross a HS56 but it is missing the pull cord assembly. Before I buy the missing parts, I want to test if it runs so I am using a drill to crank to see if the ignition works. Compression feels good but that is for later. I do not get any spark(or is it I just can't see it???) with the...
  4. upupandaway

    Remember guys - Safety first!!

    Crew pouring gas to start another job:
  5. upupandaway

    Does 'Project Farm' live by me???

    If you have seen some of his experiments you know what I am talking about. I just found a mower with a Briggs Quantum engine. It ran bad. Taking a wiff of the tank, I noticed the owner used paint thinner as gas. Dumped it and added gas and it runs fine.
  6. upupandaway

    Trivial Brand question

    Does anyone have some history of Parmi Tool Co? Who bought them? I have come across some machines from that company lately. Thx.
  7. upupandaway

    Weed problem

    Every spring, I spray weedkiller. Every spring, many of the weeds curl up but stay green. Some of them, 1 branch is curled up, the other branch looks untouched. They look like they are laughing at me with a black eye instead of being dead like they are supposed to. I read the instructions temp...
  8. upupandaway

    Husq chop saw part

    Husq K760 Can anyone tell me where to get the circled part? I guess it is right hand thread and trying all screw sizes, nothing fits. As shown, they don't have a part number for it. Anyone have this saw laying around for parts? Thx.
  9. upupandaway

    California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws

    Cali finally dropped the hammer. So does this stop people from ordering gas powered equip from outside cali???
  10. upupandaway

    bolt broke off

    I have a quantum mower motor where 2 bolts that held it to the mower deck broke off in the engine sump. I never had to extract this so for anyone who did - is it a pain to remove(I assume heat it up wiht a torch and whack the bolt) so is it worth the trouble?? TIA.
  11. upupandaway

    Old BR430 problem

    I have a problem\question on the trigger. It starts but when i squeeze the trigger nothing happens. I opened it and see a slot but nothing to catch the "ball" at the end of the cable. Can someone post a diagram so I can see what is supposed to be pulling the cable when i squeeze the trigger?? TIA.
  12. upupandaway

    Gas tank threads shot

    I just got a 70's briggs engine(8hp updraft fyi) where the threads on the steel gas tank are messed up. Any ideas on how to fix the threads? I was thinking if there is a pair of pliers with jaws to reform the threads...Does one exist??
  13. upupandaway

    Looking for Hus K760 parts

    Does anyone have a Husqvarna k760 saw or similar that is hosed that I could buy some parts off of?? specifically parts 8-10+ the bolt. Please PM me. Thx.
  14. upupandaway

    Chainsaw points ignition problem.

    Just stopped running with no spark. Tried swap sparkplug. Troubleshooting, I checked the points gap, and resistance open infinite and 0 when closed- being i disconnected the ground and from the ignition coil. I tried swapping the condenser(with a new one) - i want to test that R goes up but i...
  15. upupandaway

    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    Not sure why it was at the curb being i just opened the gas valve, choked it, and it started. Not a spec of rust on the chrome. Obviously very well kept. Honda mower
  16. upupandaway

    small engines in Asia

    Here are some pics of machines in Japan\Taiwan in addition to the "Battlestar Galactica" blower i posted before. A "see how the other side lives" if u will. Asia equipment
  17. upupandaway

    Need new cylinder??

    I have a "chopsaw" "cut-off saw" K770 where the compression is too low - 60psi. Spark OK, spray starter straight into dry cyl no go. Looking from carb side, the piston looks perfectly fine if not better than some pistons that work. My first assumption is it needs a new cylinder\piston but as...
  18. upupandaway

    Want to ID my blower

    I just got a few blowers (for $10 each :LOL:). Just changing the primers did the trick and they all run. Looking around, I see all stickers that would tell me what model i got are gone. I think it looks like models BR500 to 700. Can anyone tell me what else would tell me what i got?? Thx.
  19. upupandaway

    Hydraulic Trans problem

    I have a Sabre(JD) but the problem is more a Tuff Torq problem. The mower has the k51a trans. It moves kinda slow so i figured to change the fluid. The fill plug is just under the battery so to avoid removing the trans each time to change the fluid, I cut a hole to reach the fill. From watching...
  20. upupandaway

    Briggs 92908 no spark

    Im stumped. I first tried a new spark plug.Then i tried a SS to replace the points. I then tried a new ignition coil. Then i tried a different flywheel(magnet seems fine- both original and replacement wheel). All of this still no spark(plug or spark tool). I sanded surfaces so the coil and SS...