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  1. upupandaway

    Bolts snapping

    Where they are mounted in the engine. I'll heat it up next time I need to remove them. I have 1 older one where none broke but I just got one with good compression but the owners likely snapped all 3 to replace the rope and a 3rd one that the screw is not turning so I am leaving it so as not to...
  2. upupandaway

    Bolts snapping

    I have a Briggs and Stratton 11P902-0693-B1 where the 3 screws that hold the cover and pull cord assembly keep snapping. I tried wiggling it back and forth with no luck. Anybody have any trick with these screws? Briggs Engine
  3. upupandaway

    POS Tesla Semi-Trucks Breaking Down

    What I don't get is that if this truck costs as much as a Diesel truck, how is it financially feasible? I mean, like a plane, you use the crap out of it to pay for itself. A battery truck will be down for hours a day just to charge. The GM Hummer took almost 24 hrs to charge. This will have a...
  4. upupandaway

    Looking for engine dimensions

    I looked there already. Mine is not there but there is a 14hp so I guess it should be the same. Thx.
  5. upupandaway

    Looking for engine dimensions

    Being the bottom of the engine is not flat, I know I would have a template that is off thus drill in the wrong places.
  6. upupandaway

    Looking for engine dimensions

    Anyone have a link to a diagram of the dimensions of where the bolt holes are for a Briggs 281707? I'm playing and would like to know where to drill holes vs eyeballing it. TIA.
  7. upupandaway

    Snapper Big Six

    I have one of those covers laying around. It is used so it is not perfect and it is black, not red.
  8. upupandaway

    Honda Gas Lawn Mower engines being discontinued

    Oh... interesting. I wondered why HD only had Toro gas mowers...
  9. upupandaway

    Aftermarket parts

    Understandable. When running a company when you reach for that part, it better fit and work or you are out another hour+ to get a part that works. Buying from the the maker or an OEM supplier can 99% guarantee to fit and work. Personally, myself putzing around fixing my own odds and ends, I...
  10. upupandaway

    Cannot find oil drain plug

    I beg to disagree. I mean sure, sell a model with no tap\bolt for use where you can't get to it such as on a power washer but I have seen quite a few Quantums on mowers with the flat spot where the bolt went. In other words- they still used the same mold to cast the part but want to save the 39...
  11. upupandaway

    FS 66 Trimmer Crankshaft Seals

    Look up "bearing" on google maps. You will find some industrial supplier nearby. Ask for a good industrial name brand seal like Timken so you don't get a crappy seal from china that is hard as a rock and will leak in no time. This seal is about $5 each so you don't save much if any buying it...
  12. upupandaway

    Devilbis / Excell Pressure Washer w/ 6HP Briggs Quantum Engine

    There are many different setups. post a pic\model numbers so we can tell u. There are a few different quantums that are used on power washers. Some are the plain briggs. It is like a mower with 1 catch- it has a heavier flywheel than the mower setup. Some use a Quantum with a stubby shaft...
  13. upupandaway

    Original factory oil filter vs a replacement

    maybe knocking it loose will give u an idea. A Kawasaki i got recently had an oil filter that needed the Jaws of Life to knock loose- just like personal car oil filter experience. If it easily turns I would guess it is recent but yes as posted above - look at the oil to see if it looks fairly...
  14. upupandaway

    Holy Smokes Stihl's prices.

    "The guy threw in a file." And you're not happy??? jk. Ouch!!!
  15. upupandaway

    so much confusion on Kawasaki oil filters.

    I went with the shorter filter on my Gravely 0-T. Short or long filter- I figure this small engine does not pump as much oil as a 4IL so it shouldn't make any difference. I would be nervous of 2 parts rubbing up agains each other. my ₵₵.
  16. upupandaway

    JS63 need engine control cable

    I can say the cub CC989 used that deck. I had a Sears copy of this mower also. I'll do some digging through my pics. Hope this gets u closer to a fix.
  17. upupandaway

    Sears Part Direct

    Face it- that's the internet. it processed your order and has it on file, maybe it submitted an order to the maker of the part and the maker has no plan in making\shipping it in the next 6 months. The whole time, no person personally looked at your order. That's the computer age for u. I...
  18. upupandaway

    Okay where did the Weirdos comes from...

    "Green Bean Casserole Seltzer" Look at it this way - it is not as crazy as eating bugs....
  19. upupandaway

    High-low Adjustment screws aren't screws...

    I buy parts when I am fixing for others, but if I didn't hack\cnc alternate\new parts, my old machines wouldn't be running as parts being NLA. I actually get alot of oldies\goodies because the shops are firm with your attitude. A Western Auto tiller only needed a new 10" wheel which to the shop...
  20. upupandaway

    Scott's 2554 issue

    Actually, it doesn't have Fwd and Rev ports. The first piston pump only tilts to change the order the pistons-the direction it pumps fluid- thus the direction the mower moves.