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  1. demhustler

    52'' walkbehind 8x20 to 10x22, 12x25 wheels build

    12 inch rim, 25'' tire 18 mph. gps higher resolution images here/link
  2. demhustler

    52'' walkbehind 8x20 to 10x22, 12x25 wheels build

    8x20 and 10x22 next... why not this one. 12x25 not bad. wheel doesn't seems a bit too big. may be mower looks a bit too small : ) ... higher resolution images here
  3. demhustler

    52'' walkbehind 8x20 to 10x22, 12x25 wheels build

    technically, the fast & easy way to stick 20-21'' wheels - is to flip motor mounts upside-down, add 4 of 2.25'' spacers to keep wheelmotor away from frame and mount it on 4 corner bolts (2 middle holes not centered and will not align). not the best or reliable solution, but instant...
  4. demhustler

    52'' walkbehind 8x20 to 10x22, 12x25 wheels build

    happy thanksgiving and a very marry christmas everybody! w/b hub 4 bolt pattern matches 12x22 trailer wheels (12''rims), so why's a fun fall project: trailer wheel next to 20 ad 22'' tires...
  5. demhustler

    how to repair bent and broken yoke shaft - exmark & toro 60''

    just kidding : ))) that's trash : ))) Q is - how the hell 1 inch thick shaft on 60'' mower can be bent? : ))) demit ...
  6. demhustler

    52'' hydro wb, ztr mower mod

    spacers added and wheel/wheelmotors shifted on the frame - first and second upgrade
  7. demhustler

    wheel quick fix

    holes on the wheel rim (for suds & lognuts) got egged-out, wheel nearly felt-off. so, washers been welded to the rim. so far-so good : ))))
  8. demhustler

    gravely pro-turn 260 frame crack fix +

    frame on Gravely Pro-turn 260 cracked and bent, causing wheels track to expend to the sides, forming kind of "negative camber". bolts on skid plate wasn't broken, just unscrewed and lost. so, mower been lifted, wheels tightened together by straps until skid plate bolted in place, crack welded...
  9. demhustler

    Mower lifts itself

    most frontmount have deck lift and deck flip-up features
  10. demhustler

    Mower lifts itself

    country clipper deck lift - pretty clever and cool design; light and easy (on one product video - woman lifts deck with one hand) Country Clipper zero-turn mowers have zero-turn radius capability Country Clipper Product Video 2011 - YouTube
  11. demhustler

    Cub Cadet Debuts RZT S Zero Electric ZTR Mower

    and also; old GE elec-trak, 70-s Elec-Trak Owners Club and cub-cadet's bs "new, revolutionary" "4-wheel steering": on old Ox The Ultimate Non Polluting Series of Electric Tractors for Towing, Mowing and Moving from the Electric Tractor Corporation "The power is applied to each wheel...
  12. demhustler

    Cub Cadet Debuts RZT S Zero Electric ZTR Mower

    " In 2012, the Cub Cadet RZT S line revolutionized ... superior ... unmatched maneuverability as the first zero-turn riding mower to offer four-wheel steering controlled by an operator-friendly steering wheel..." bs. please... if they already started with plain self- flatery, mesliading...
  13. demhustler

    Cub Cadet Debuts RZT S Zero Electric ZTR Mower

    they sure will : )))
  14. demhustler

    diy ocdc (discharge chute)

    rubber, plastic - anything will do : )))) or just as simple as a piece of rope ...
  15. demhustler

    diy ocdc (discharge chute)

    lets share self-build (or improvised) ocdc (operator controlled discharge chutes) here's some fancy and expensive, and some improvised (but made job done) - priceles : )))) we had one like on exmark below (~$300) - it felt apart in no time... what we using now - literaly - priceles...
  16. demhustler

    Anyone ever heard of the Impact Control Wheel?

    i like the idea, versatility - but not price: $370 per wheel ... : (((((( compare: hustler sz - Flex Forks (2 forks); part # 603167; MSRP-$249 13''zeroflat wheel alone~$150? how much regular fork alone? p.s. just 4 fun:
  17. demhustler

    DIY 26'' wb push-mower

    needed small, light w/b, larger then regular 20-22'',<30''; power - doesn't matter 26'' exmark, toro, etc - $1500++. so: 26 from 20'', fiberglass. very light - you can hold it in your hands in front of you, throw esily in the back of the track, etc. a lot of fun making it - priceless ...
  18. my lawnmower

    my lawnmower WebWacker

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  20. demhustler

    Raven 46-in Hybrid Riding Lawn Mower

    thank you, T. can transmission arm be switched while deck still on to not bother with taking it on and off? is there some sort of safety switches, which can be bypassed, or is it hardwired? ------ btw. on raven.mpv. channel, gears. seems no switches...