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    Fuel line

    What is the best gasoline fuel line you guys are running, and why? I get real gasoline rated, fuel injection hose at Autozone. Last about a year in a push mower till it gets hard and compromised. Stuff isn't cheap either thanks to Joe and the Biden Cartel. Another version I've ran is plain...
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    Calling Bertsmobile1 - carb cleaning info

    Wanted to openly ask Bert if this is his carb cleaning method? Guy says 200F and no hotter water temp. Can I follow this and be safe? Seems to work for this guy. What to put in the water far as soap or other cleaning agent? Guy says dish soap.
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    Kroller CV15S won't start without staring fluid

    model CV15S 2005 or 2006 era spec 41590 serial 3005604141 38" Simplicity tractor style rider. Sitting for 10 years. Tank are carb are clean. Fires/runs only with starting fluid. This has a block mounted fuel pump I suspect is bad. Fuel is pumped into a hard line over top of the engine into...
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    Remington Arms = bankrupt

    Thanks to the school shootings of humans by humans, Remington Arms is now gone. Next lawsuit up is the kids wore Nike sneakers to the murder scene. Nike is fully responsible now..... Kid had Hanes underwear on. Lawsuit on the way. Hanes is responsible. Killer had an Apple cell phone on him...
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    carbon removal

    Lots of carbon removal products out there. What do you guys use to de-carbonize cylinders, heads and valves? Bet a lot use wire brushes on a drill. Not a fan of those from all the metal removed and scratching that soft aluminum. Numerous sprays and dips out there. What is the best procedure...
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    Snapper drive question

    Hope you guys don't need mower numbers. This is the same Snapper drive system they've used for decades. Anyway, got a hi-vac with the plastic cup holder control panel on the handlebar. The left walking speed lever wants to move itself to the center position. It's a very fast walk. The silver...
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    Where would the world be without the USA?

    No internet No porn industry No Snapper mowers No crappy cars and trucks No TV's No good music No computers - which later lead to cell phones No microwave ovens many many more
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    What is this part?

    This is on a Briggs engine 128T02-0112-B1 10110956 Nov 2010 Briggs part 796704. What is that piece in the middle? The item in blue, not the 4 washers. I found it below the intake manifold tube IN the block behind the valve face. It was next to the valve oil seal. slomo
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    0-turn accident

    Our lawn crew at work had a mower accident. Guy was going full speed on our unlevel ground. SCAG mower bucked operator off thankfully to the rear of the deck. Mower kept going. It slammed into a new Jeep causing $$$$. Those 0-turns weigh 1500lbs and do nearly 20mph. Safety switches were...
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    How would you fix this?

    Briggs 3.5hp horizontal shaft 091202-1231 E1-0105293A Need a good way to remount the carb to engine block. Heavy object knocked off the air filter housing, carb and fuel tank from engine block. 2 pics show the engine block and broken area. Has 1 good bolt hole at the top of carb mount area...
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    remove main jet from pulsa-jet carb

    Briggs 3.5hp horizontal 091202-1231 E1- 0105293A Need help removing the main jet. How the heck does it come out? Seems to be pins holding them in??. Need to remove the emulsion tube as well.
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    2001 Mclane edger fix

    Have this second edger with the 3.5hp Briggs horizontal on her. Something fell and knocked the carb/fuel tank off the engine. One carb mounting threaded ear broke off the block. Going to try that harbor freight low temp alumi-weld stuff on her. That square air filter housing is trashed. Might be...
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    Air filters NLA

    Now that Briggs is no longer making a lot of parts for these old engines, wondering what would be wrong with the below filter? Briggs made millions of these engines with foam filters that worked fine. Slather some SAE30 oil on her and squeeze a little. Think this guy is on to something. Or...
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    resistor plugs or not

    What are your thoughts on resistor vs non resistor plugs for mower engines? None of mine have computers nor EFI. Not interested in "but non resistor plugs generate RFI". Not interested in locomotive engines or Ninja mixer engines either. Can one plug or the other cause poor idling like issues...
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    Where to buy replacement engines

    Curious about the Honda clones and where to buy one? Supposed to be tons of them out there. Where do you guys shop? slomo
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    1993 McLane edger

    Briggs 3.5hp engine - 91202-0149-01 93082303 Bought off facebook marketplace for 25 bucks. He couldn't get it running. Guy put a Chi'sneeze ebay or amazon carb on it. Engine will start and run for the most part okay. Most part meaning there is a weird rumble sound out of the muffler. Sounds...
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    Mower, just doesn't cut right

    Bought a near new Snapper Commercial Hi-Vac 21" pusher for $80 bucks. Lady said it didn't cut very well. She was moving to a place where they cut the grass, wanted mower gone. Took it home. Went through the jacked up carb linkages. Lifted the deck up. I looked, looked again, looked again...
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    Used mower - high oil levels

    What is the most oil that you've drain out of the oil sump? Not talking carb needle issues. Oil smells like oil. Question, is 3 quarts too much out of a Briggs 3.5hp horizontal engine? Guy said it smoked LOL. Little guy had 20 bucks worth of oil in it LOL. slomo
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    Toro 20332 Recycler - rear drive issue

    Took the rear wheels off. Rear pinion gears look ok. This model the pinion gears just slide onto the rear drive shaft. Little C clip secures the gear on. This is not the ratcheting pinion gears as on other models. Issue is it's hard to pull backwards and makes a lot of grinding/complaining...