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    Holy Smokes Stihl's prices.

    Nephew put a down payment/deposit on a new skid steer in February. Quote at that time was $27,500 skid steer finally arrived Monday at the dealer and he is finalizing the finance. And oh by the way they had two price increases since the deposit. The new price is $31,965
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    The NEW Kohler

    And what was the diagnosis.
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    Any Idea How to Clean this Jet on Walbro LM series Carburetors?

    Normally that would be the bowl vent, but since that is a primer carb, and the bowl venting system is part of the primer system(angled hole on other side of carb on mounting flange, that hole needs to be plugged for the primer to work. So it is clogged on purpose.
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    Checking tire pressure

    The short answer is Yes. Those 4 inch rim tires with straight valve stems are almost impossible to check let alone get the air chuck on them and off without loosing all the air.
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    Husky 5K gen with Subaru ohv engine.

    And even worse on a generator because overspeed would also effect voltage and frequency. so overspeed could potentially damage whatever is plugged in at that time.
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    Impulse Fuel Pump Rebuild

    I haven't seen one since the 90's outside of the opposed Briggs twin with carb mounted pump
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    Vanguard 7.5 ignition coil help

    Remember grinding them to fit the square peg in the round hole. Or for the unknowing, we has to grind down the webbing between the module mounting pegs to make clearance for the new CDI square body of the modules. It also looks like they use the 915023 the 715464 and the 715982 on the...
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    Vanguard 7.5 ignition coil help

    Look at the 715023 coil It appears there are three very similar ignition modules used on similar engines. the 715023 is used on the 6.5 hp engine the 715982 is used on the 7.5 hp and the 715118 is used on the 9 hp engine. I found a listing on amazon that says replaced 715023, 715118. and...
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    Vanguard 7.5 ignition coil help

    I don't know what difference you are looking at. But Briggs went from a induction ignition system to a CDI ignition on most of their replacement coils. so you can no longer compare the old coil shape to the new coil shape. The old induction systems were more of a round center winding looking...
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    Carburetor Part Number - Briggs & Stratton

    Briggs market share has tanked over the last few years.. Even before the financial issues. At one time they were like 66% of the market, and with what I am seeing now, I suspect it is now closer to 15% For me the last couple years, engine repairs have been minimal on both Briggs and Kohler...
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    Carburetor Part Number - Briggs & Stratton

    Briggs dealer site shows it as NLA. No longer available.
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    Gas Filter(?)

    The Sta-bil will form a white crystalline deposit when it deteriorates. That bit of information came from a retired engineer that worked for the company that made Sta-bil. Every time that I have found the white crystals in the fuel bowl on a carb repair, and make the comment to the customer...
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    Gas Filter(?)

    Sounds like somebody had some water contaminated ethanol gas(similar to diesel algae) that had been treated with Sta-bil.
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    5 hp Little Wonder Blower

    I would say at this point that the valve clearances have closed up and could be floating the valves preventing them from sealing. If you have the head off and can turn the valves with thumb pressure while in the closed position they are not sealing.
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    Why do professional just hiring rookies without a master tech on hand?

    I have seen the needles the same length but different thread. I have seen them with the same thread, but different shape tip. And in some cases they are identical. Some of style carb use an O ring to create friction on the needles to hold them in place.
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    Why do professional just hiring rookies without a master tech on hand?

    Some of the newer carbs which I am assuming that Bert is talking about have a 3-1/2 to 4 turn starting point. Normally seen on the friction adjust screw carbs as opposed to the spring tension screws.
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    Gas Filter(?)

    It is the white thing on the side of the carb in this picture. Supposed to go to a non existent primer hose. but could effect priming if not installed.
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    FR600V carb ?

    I think he is referring to the emissions vapor recovery line from the air filter manifold to the fuel tank rollover valve. And I know the OP said the choke was fine, but still sounds like a choke issue. Need to make sure the choke is closing all the way. Only takes a small amount out of...
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    Briggs Cyclone Rake won't start, I think I need a new spark plug?

    Need to disconnect the kill wire from the coil before you consider replacing it. If still no spark then replace the coil.. There is no way to properly test the coil other than disconnecting the ground kill wire and see if you have spark or not.
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    Briggs Cyclone Rake won't start, I think I need a new spark plug?

    may not hurt to check the oil level to make sure it isn't overfilled and possibly been gas contaminated from a leaking carb. If the engine was flooded to no spark, the extra gas can mix with the oil on the cylinder walls and piston to cause some smoke when the engine fires.