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    the Murphy's Law week in review

    So far this past week has been quite a downer Thursday Fedex lost my 6 week backorder shipment of a part for a warranty pressure washer repair. and yesterday ruptured the braxial tendon in my right arm, and appears that it will require surgical repair. I will be mostly out of commission for...
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    Here is one for you guys to ponder. Fresh RN14YC spark plugs, new OEM ignition modules, valves set to .006, and freshly rebuilt carb. Engine will start within about 4-6 revolutions cold, but after running 10-15 minutes won't start with or without choke hot, And will not fire with addition...
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    Vanguard carb backorder saga continues.

    My backordered Vanguard carb from May of last year that had the original ETA of September 2, which then changed to November 25 which promptly changed to November 19 which was then missed and later changed to January 2 of this year, That date has now been missed and new ETA is July 2. Starting...
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    latest business acquisitions

    Briggs and Stratton has purchased SimpliPhi power of California which specialized in power storage and management from grid, wind and solar And they still can't supply their dealers with parts in a timely fashion. Arrowhead Engineered Products which owns Stens had acquired Red Hawk which is a...
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    Briggs 217972-0158-F1 Walbro carb

    It looks like Briggs may of used the Walbro carb on this engine at one time, but have decided to do away with the complete carb, and just sell the complete Nikki carb or individual parts for the Walbro carb. Does anybody have the part number of the Walbro carb they used on this engine before...
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    PHP 7.0.0 required error

    Anybody else getting this PHP 7.0.0 or newer is required. 5.6.40-0+deb8u4 does not meet this requirement. Please ask your host to upgrade PHP. I get this every time I try to go to this forum. Can get around it with Control F5
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    Strange posting issue.

    When I try to post to a thread my info to the left of the reply box is blank other than my icon picture, the ilengine doesn't show up nor my post count. I can't click in the reply box and type. I can reply to a quote post but when I hit a reply it goes straight to preview screen. I can't...
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    Business being closed due to shelter at home order until at least April 7

    Looks like I am being made to close my shop until the Covid-19 settles down in Illinois Governor just ordered a statewide shelter in place order starting at 5 PM tomorrow for the entire state. May be able to do some emergency generator type work if the power goes out.
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    MTD model number changes effective 2020

    Just for FYI the old numbers starting with 13 as of this year will now be 33
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    757 z trak hydraulic system purge procedure

    Does anybody have the hydraulic purge procedure for the Z trac 757. I have had to drain and flush the entire system due to a damaged pump replacement. this is the model with the single dual kanzaki pump. So I am starting with a new hydraulic filter, empty hydraulic tank. New pump, drained...
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    Gravely intermittent wiring short

    I need some insight in to what you guys think is causing the issue. this mower problem started with blowing the 25 amp fuse feed by the red wire on the diagram. After replacing the fuse it held and the customer used the mower for about a week. Then it came back in with both the brake...
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    Compression test Vs Leakdown testing

    Was working on a small 1500 watt buffalo generator earlier today, and this highlights the inaccuracy of compression testing on compression release engines. Engine has been setting with stale fuel, so had to clean fuel system and carb to get it running. It now starts on the first pull. Now for...
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    Weird mower repair thread

    What is the strangest repair you have done on a mower. Like a blue bottle fly in the fuel tank preventing the last 2 inches of fuel from flowing out of the tank, or having 2 feet of fuel line between the tank and fuel filter packed full of grass, but no grass clipping or other debris in the...
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    New 5400 series Kohler bucket engine

    Learned about the new engine series coming out next year. It uses the same upside down block style as the single courage, but is now a single camshaft(metal gear) engine and the counterbalance system is now a dual shaft system similar to what was used on the old k series engines. The intake...
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    Bad checks

    Have any of you guys had issues with people writing bad checks. I had a customer write me one for $100 back on February 28 of this year,on a closed account, and had to turn it over to the States attorney so they could file charges and collect my money. Guy plead guilty last Wednesday and go a...
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    Noma B3601-040 parts diagram

    Does anybody have a parts diagram for the Murray/Noma model B3601-040 lawnmower. I am needing the part number for the deck drive belt if you have it.
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    Efco trimmer recall

    I just received an email today saying that the selected trimmers that were originally recalled during the 2013 recall because of the broken muffler problem and either were not repaired or were repaired are now going to be replaced.
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    Vanquard big block 35hp oil capacity

    Changed the oil and filter on a Vanguard 35hp big block yesterday. the manual shows 78-80 ounces of oil. After draining the oil, I poured in two quarts of oil, and the dipstick showed full. Started engine and let it finish filling the oil filter, and then rechecked the oil. Still showed...
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    Echo is anti gun

    ECHO INC has posted there Lake Zurich headquarters with a no guns sign under the Illinois concealed carry act. I cannot support a company that wishes to violate my constitutional rights, and will be informing my customers about there anti gun stance.
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    Would like insight to what else to check

    I had a customer call me last Wednesday morning to tell me his ATV had been stolen and keep an eye out for it just in case it came in for repairs. Customer called me this morning to tell me it had been recovered in a rock quarry this morning from a pond, and if I could come get it to see if I...