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    First time homeowner

    Being nov 4 , if there hasn't been frost to kill annual weeds there will be soon . Don't be concerned with killing weeds now . Till until the soil is clean like in this vid in , how to plant alfalfa . Grass planting is the same for cool season grass . Notice this farmer doesn't plant seed then...
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    Serriated Hex Nut

    Is this nut a serrated lock nut ? All serriated lock nuts i've found have angled serrations with a flange washer .
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    Murray Cut Quality

    Quit screwing around with all the deck leveling tools and make one that's easy to read . You won't need a ruler , tape measure , caliper , micrometer or any of those tools that have numbers and need to be read . All you need is this tool and a flat surface to park on and doesn't even need to be...
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    do 4 cycle mower engines and 2 cycle string trimmer engines ping . if they are pinging how do i tell they are pinging .
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    Ryobi RM480E 38" riding mower won't move!

    Please donate all Ryobi electrics to the government to keep the white house lawn manicured .
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    Every filter for our engines has some dust going through because we're not using NASA filters . If you would like to see the dust the eye can't normally see , wear a led head lamp outdoors in complete darkness and look up at an acute angle about where a ball cap bill would end . That's what's...
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    Briggs Opposed Twin 20hp Surging

    there's your problem , the choke wasn't hooked to the air box
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    The only area that filter could leak is at the 2 hose connections and not likely there .
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    i've concluded we're getting the run-around with this style of filter . HOW ? these type filters will work on any riding lawn tractor or engine . The requirements are it will go into the compartment of that design , the hose ends will fit as designed and the shroud cover will re-install . The...
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    I'm not finding a filter No. engine No. match and no X350 is on the list .
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    Need Air filter from amazon for a X 350 J D Kaw number 13*97/ 68SN4G2*2012 / 46*0629 * 08 Engine Family : KAXS. 603N4CB Thanks
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    Put a real plug in it like a champion . We had a new 7042 cu inch waukesha delivered with NGK plugs and i was out there within the first 24 hours at 2 am replacing the plugs with champion and all was well .
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    Echo string trimmer Cutting Head

    Check out the Ego for ease of string management . Watch other vids too .
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    Better Outdoor Products

    Looks to possibly be a variable speed assembly . Research those on line . IIR , older MTD products had something similar .
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    Mower blade stuck

    WOAH , you have a perfect chance to check for a bent engine shaft and a bent blade . As soon as you can get the shroud to move just enough to rotate the engine then check for a bent shaft by determining if the end of the blade clearance to the shroud is the same on both ends of the blade . If...
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    Tubeless flat tyre

    That's how we patched tubes in the good ole days . A Camel patch kit had everything needed other than a kitchen match to light the glue to make it cure - dry faster .The tubes were red rubber .
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    Tubeless flat tyre

    My tire go to tire people tell me some newer tires inner layer is not to be patched and won't hold a patch because of the new cheeeper material someone discovered . With this in mind if i can find a nail or thorn from my thorny Chittum or Black Locust tree it gets a plug without ever removing...
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    Burning oil.

    Using that mower to do that job , especially with a mulching blade , would be similar to a Yugo pulling a 20' car hauler trailer loaded with a 1 ton dually .