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  1. sgkent

    Bent Pushrod

    Lately when I read posts here, I see thread after thread with bent pushrods. Having been around pushrod engines all my life, it is startling to see so many threads with the same problems. Can anyone explain to me why so many of these engines suffer bent pushrods? Are the valve springs too weak...
  2. sgkent

    WTB new or used 338070MA or 740039MA Edger Quill

    looking for new or used Murray / MTD / Craftsman edger quill in working condition. These typically break the weld and get replaced, but the part is NLA and not available. If in reasonable condition the part can be welded. Or maybe someone has an edger that is dead and not worth repairing but the...
  3. sgkent

    Quill Rod

    Have a Craftsman 536.797430 lawn edger. Quill has broken again. This will be the 2nd time it has been welded. Hate to get rid of it because it works perfect otherwise. The quill is the part that holds the blade, It has a shaft thru two bearings and some nuts and bolts. The original part number...
  4. sgkent

    Toro Weedwacker 60V

    Bought a Toro 60V weedwacker a year ago. The head came apart due to string grabbing things. HD replaced it. Got another. Neither feeds with a bump. I end up every minute to two having to stop and manual feed the line. About once every 3 or 4 times on that I end up taking the spool off and...
  5. sgkent


    Got soil test back today. Iron in a part of the lawn that is thin the last few years is about 430 ppm or 863 lbs per acre. The pH is right at 6.8 so there is no desire to raise pH to lower iron availability, and the phosphate level is medium / optimal. I am going to add some Yara 21-7-14 turf...
  6. sgkent

    popped his head up

    had a mole that came in to the garden the last rain. Made mess of things. Been after him 2 days. Knocked all his runs down, pounded all over the garden with a tamper to make huge noise, and then flooded the area I thought he might be in. He was, popped his head up to take a breath, no more mole.
  7. sgkent

    Toro warranty

    Have an electric Toro string trimmer 51831 purchased last summer from Home Depot, 3 year warranty. While trimming the winter cover in the garden a large mature mustard green grabbed the string and sent parts flying. To me the head looks damaged due to how the parts exited. Really pisses me off...
  8. sgkent

    Ideas on carb replacement failure

    Have a pressure washer, 20 years old. Briggs 4 hp quattro engine. At the base of the carb are two gaskets/diaphrams where it sits on the fuel tank. The engine is very hard starting. Once it gets going it is fine. The primer bulb will fill will fuel in two or three pumps. In late October 2021 I...
  9. sgkent

    where else to look carb leak

    I have a craftsman edger 536.797430 probably made by MTD for them with a Tecumseh engine 143.963515 about 1996 - 1998 or so, . Starting about a year ago the tank was empty each time I go to use it. Usually it showed signs it came out the carb. I've rebuilt the carb 4 times using new factory...
  10. sgkent

    Ideal RPM (s)

    Did a search but did not see a thread so thought I would ask. On the smaller 5 hp +/- 160cc "/- engines what are optimal RPM's at idle and full RPM? 20 - 22" blade Mower pressure washer edger dethatcher snow blower wood chipper roto-tiller etc What are proper RPM (s) at idle and full speed...
  11. sgkent

    rough cost for small rebuild kit and machine work

    Have a 4 HP Craftsman pressure washer about 20 years old - made by Generac I think. I've replaced the pump a few times. I noticed the last few times it has been running it is starting to smoke. Haven't changed the oil yet and that may help but I suspect that 20 years of washing cars and other...
  12. sgkent

    primer bulb

    have a mid 90's Craftsman edger that has a 3.8 hp Tecumseh engine. The primer bulb is a 36045 primer bulb. I think in maybe 15 years I have replaced it twice - the last one came from maybe Jacks or Tulsa Engine - just a red bulb held in by a ring. This engine has been really hard to prime and...
  13. sgkent

    Smoky Toro

    Hi - have a 22' Toro mower (vertical with blade under deck) made about 2006. It has always smoked a little on starting for the first 3 or 4 seconds even when new. There is a slight puff then it is normally gone. The other day I worked on its blade to sharpen it, and laid it on its side. When...
  14. sgkent

    is it worth it

    Small engine rebuilders - Have a 15 year old pressure washer, small generac that is relabeled Craftsman. 3.5 - 4 hp or so. Does the job of washing cars, occasional drive way etc. Lots of hours on it. Runs well, pump has been replaced a couple times. Carb rebuilt etc. Noticed today it is...
  15. sgkent

    fuel pump blues

    Without a making a short story long - does anyone know of or have a new old stock, or non-cracked rebuildable core 692026 fuel pump they are interested in selling - or know someone who does have one? I don't fabricate things well, and the 8hp Briggs and Stratton engine on a Bluebird lawn comber...