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    Gx 120 governor arms

    Hi guys, so recently bought another aerator (used) was just poking around comparing it to our first one cleaning it up a bit etc. Both are Honda Gx120. I noticed even tho it has the same springs etc they function differently. On the older one the governor arm sorta “clicks” the throttle valve...
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    Troy built TB110 with Briggs engine surging and running rough

    Hi guys, so have a Troy built tb110 with Briggs engine. Has one of those plastic carbs, would start then immediately die. Checked out YouTube and found a video from Steve’s saloon where he used some micro bits and made the hole tiny bit bigger in the white piece. Put everything back together and...
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    Smoking Mower

    Hi Guys! Found this mower on the curb and of course scooped it up. Starts right up second pull but started smoking out the exhaust and it seemed to be smoking all around the exhaust. I did take off the exhaust and carb assembly and there was oil around the gasket area. Not crazy amount just in...
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    Switching out engine Fs600V

    Hey guys, so I have a wright walk behind. Bought it used been nothing but trouble with the engine. Got a good deal on a new engine so just gonna go that route. With these Covid prices on new equipment I can switch out a brand new engine 3-4 times the price of the equipment lol. Anyhow, few...
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    Control lever for brake is hard to pull.

    Hey guys! So I have a husqvarna mower and the control lever is extremely hard to pull back. I took off the shroud and inspected but I can’t see anything getting in the way. I took the cable off and it moves freely back and forth in the sleeve. What else could cause it to be so hard to pull back...
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    Fs600v burning oil fast

    Hello folks! Read through a few posts here similar to issues im having but needed more specific advice. I bought a used wright 52in walk behind for my daughters birthday, it has about 500 hours on it and was owned and maintained by a landscaping company. They told me it burns oil pretty fast and...