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  1. primerbulb120

    Intek v-twin valve adjustment procedures

    Hello everyone. I have un-disappeared myself, and it looks like several new techs have joined in my absence. Welcome to all! Question... What valve adjustment procedures do you use on Briggs Intek V-twins? I'm aware of the factory procedure (setting each cylinder at 1/4" off TDC), but I'm...
  2. primerbulb120

    California considers a statewide ban on gas powered lawn equipment. Title says it all. This is completely idiotic.
  3. primerbulb120

    Snapper Pro 48" Deck Spring

    I have a Snapper Pro CZT19480KWV in the shop, and it's missing the tensioner spring for the deck belt. Apparently it fell off and got lost on the owner's lawn. The spring is discontinued, and I haven't found one available anywhere online. Does anyone have one or know somebody who might?
  4. primerbulb120

    WANTED: Boxes of old 2 cycle carburetors

    If you own a shop and replace all your 2-cycle carburetors rather than rebuilding, let me know. I rebuild 90% of the ones I work on, and like to keep a bunch of extras around for parts. I'm in central FL but will pay shipping. Just bought two boxes off Ebay. Thanks!
  5. primerbulb120

    Question - Kawasaki FH541V

    Just finished working on an FH541V, and I have a question about the voltage regulator. The mower was not charging its battery (turned out to be a blown fuse), and I suspected the regulator and did a couple tests. Here's what I found: - With the regulator not attached to the blower housing (held...
  6. primerbulb120

    Kohler CV13T - Charging System Output?

    This engine is on a Toro Proline 30159. It's the model with the electric clutch that runs directly off the charging system, no battery. Does anyone know what the input voltage and output voltage for the regulator/rectifier should be? At full throttle, I'm getting about 48V AC in and 24-28V DC...
  7. primerbulb120

    Congratulations to bertsmobile1!

    As of today, Bert is the forum's first "Lawn Pharaoh" (see this thread for more info. ) Thank you Bert for your participation and time spent helping users on this forum. :thumbsup:
  8. primerbulb120

    Leasing Commercial Shop Space

    I have decided to get out of landscaping and begin doing equipment repair and service full time. Been doing it from home, but I know I'm going to need a commercial shop space soon. What is the best way to go about finding a building to lease? I am clueless when it comes to real estate.
  9. primerbulb120

    Surging Honda GC160

    The engine in question is a Honda GC160, serial GCAHA-2189925. It's on a customer's Troy-Bilt pressure washer. It starts right up and runs pretty well with a slight bit of governor hunting (not as smooth as some, but nothing out of the ordinary.) When you start pressure washing, it loads up...
  10. primerbulb120

    Image Hosting

    Following Photobucket's (stupid) decision to charge $400 per year for their services, most of the pictures on this forum have disappeared. :mad: :thumbdown: Here's an example: To prevent the untimely demise of this and other threads like it, would it...
  11. primerbulb120

    FX600V Smokes on Startup

    I bought a used Gravely Compact Pro 44 last week. Has a Kawasaki FX600V engine. Around 400 hours, which is not much for a commercial mower. It starts instantly upon turning the key and runs nice and smooth. This morning was the coldest morning we've had in a while. I went out to move the...
  12. primerbulb120

    primerbulb120's Lawn Mower Repair Thread

    After trying 3 times (unsuccessfully) to create one of these threads, I asked Catherine (admin) to delete my failed attempts and now I'm going to try for the 4th time. :laughing: My latest project is a Murray M22450. Got it from one of my customers, who ran over tree roots with it and bent the...
  13. primerbulb120

    Oil for Toro Transmission?

    I'm going to take apart and clean a Toro 20054 transmission. What oil should I use when re-assembling it? I think it uses 10W-30, but not sure. Thanks!
  14. primerbulb120

    Question for Robert

    I have a Honda HRR216VKA that I bought a few months ago. I've been using it commercially. It's a great mower overall, but I've had endless problems with the rear wheels locking up when I pull the mower backwards. After a month of use, the wheels would no longer roll back and I replaced the...
  15. primerbulb120

    Craigslist Alert! Toro 2-Stroke Mowers
  16. primerbulb120

    Commercial Mower - Toro Grandstand or Gravely Compact Pro?

    I am preparing to purchase a used zero turn mower for my business. It will be used for a maximum of 10 hours per week on residential yards from 0.15 to 0.33 acres. Previous mower is a custom Honda 21 inch walk behind. It did a great job, but I want to pick up some more yards and I'm tired of...
  17. primerbulb120

    HRR2169VKA Touch-Up Paint?

    Does anyone know where I can get a can of touch-up paint for my HRR2169VKA? I work it hard but I want to keep it looking (and running) like new, so I'll need touch-up paint when it gets scraped or scratched. :wink:
  18. primerbulb120

    Craigslist Alert - HUGE lot of Vintage Snapper mowers

    Found this on Craigslist: Bunch of mowers (push and riders), a couple tillers. I see at least two mowers with the Wisconsin Robin engines.
  19. primerbulb120

    Exmark Phazer vs. Gravely 34Z: Opinions?

    I'm looking at a small ZTR for the 2017 mowing season, and I'd like your opinions on which one to get. I will be buying it used (close to new if possible) and using it commercially to mow lots up to 1/3 acre. The yards are mostly flat, I have a few with slight inclines but nothing big. The yards...
  20. primerbulb120

    New Honda HRR216K9VKAA - 3 problems

    I bought a brand new Honda HRR216K9VKAA off Craigslist, it was still in the box. The previous owner received it as a gift but already had a John Deere, so he never used it. I've had three issues with it so far. Otherwise it's the best mower I've ever owned or used. I am using the mower...