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  1. cpurvis

    Mowing rough pasture.

    My L3000DT has ag tires. I may get stuck with mowing some ground that has quite a few thorny locust trees. Would R4 tires be more thorn resistant? Would like to hear from those who actually run R4's.
  2. cpurvis

    Briggs and Stratton Engine ID Info

    300e Briggs and Stratton. I looked all over that thing for the info so I could download an owner's manual. No luck. The Briggs website gives three possible locations: On a plate between the valve cover and air cleaner; above the spark plug; and above the muffler. No luck; no manual.
  3. cpurvis

    Cub Cadet Mower Spindle End Play

    How much end play should the two mower spindles have? Cub Cadet AGS 2140, 42" mower.
  4. cpurvis

    Asking Members Questions Via Profile Posts

    Seeing more and more of this lately. If you have a question pertaining to a thread, please ask that question in the thread, not by contacting members directly. That way more people can see the question and see the answer. Also, a differnt member might be able answer it. Thanks.
  5. cpurvis

    MZ52 Hydros Maintenance

    Trying to change the oil and filters. I got a lot more oil out than I've put back in. The sketchy info in the owner's manual says to remove (or was it loosen?) the vent plug (see illustration) but there is no callout in the illustration. All kinds of info about how to dispose of the filters...
  6. cpurvis

    2000 Series Chassis Lube

    Attached is the lube chart for my 2140 AGS. The red arrow points to the steering mechanism. It indicates there are TWO grease zerks. I can only find one; the one that lubes the thru shaft. Anyone (bert?) know if there IS a second zerk, and if there is, how do you get to it? Thanks.
  7. cpurvis

    Tecumseh HM10 Generator Engine

    With all the rain we've been having, I decided it would be a good idea to drag out our generator and run it for little while. It ran fine the last time I used it. This time, it would start (easily), run for a few seconds, maybe 10, then die. I took the carburetor, which is single-speed...
  8. cpurvis

    Moved thread about spark plug fouling

    In my first attempt at moderating, I moved a thread regarding plug fouling on a Kawasaki engine to the Kawasaki Engine Forum. The reason was that I thought it would get more traffic there. I thought a message was supposed to be left in the original forum for one week notifying readers that...
  9. cpurvis

    New Spammer

    Last night, I reported a spam post. At that time, there were maybe a dozen spam posts from this user. As of now, 0825 CDT, there are almost 400 and no sign of letting up. I could have handled this last night if I had permission, i.e., moderator status. I would suggest that more moderators...
  10. cpurvis

    Cubt Cadet 2140 42" Mower Spindle

    These spindles use a pair of tapered roller bearings, lubed through a drilled passage in the shaft, sealed by a pair of lip seals. What's puzzling me is that the upper lip seal, closest to the pulley, is installed with the open end of theh seal facing upwards, i.e., away from the bearing. Both...
  11. cpurvis

    Kubota G1900S mower does not engage

    Anybody familiar with this Kubota tractor and mower? Only info I've found on it lists it as all-wheel steer, water cooled 3 cyl diesel, hydraulic lift deck (width unknown). Known problem is that the mower does not spin. It is also listed as 'shaft driven' mower. Does this sound like a minor...
  12. cpurvis

    Cemetery Mowing

    Looking for recommendations for mowing a cemetery, such as: Best type of equipment to use. Zero turn, stander, or walk behind? Rear or side discharge? Width of cut? How many acres/hr of cemetery such equipment will mow per hour. The cemetery consists of 10.5 acres of occupied area with...
  13. cpurvis

    Grass Ckippings Poll

    Question about organic waste. Also supposed to be clippings, not ckippings; 'yare' is supposed to be 'yard.' My eyes are killing me tonight.
  14. cpurvis

    Runaway Diesel

    Got to witness a 6.7 Cummins runaway in a Walmart parking lot today. It's a memorable event. LOTS of noise and LOTS of smoke. The owner was more irritated than scared. Said he'd just gotten the truck out of the shop. It was in the shop for excessive oil consumption. My guess is an oil seal...
  15. cpurvis

    Question about 4-cycle trimmer

    How is the lower end of the engine lubricated? I don't understand this thing at all--a 4 cycle engine that takes mixed gas?
  16. cpurvis

    Ethanol damage

    This carburetor is off a Briggs Quantum 6.5 hp vertical shaft engine on a power washer. Power washer has seen very little use but was put into storage in an unheated outbuilding for several years. Float was stuck in the open position and the fuel line was split, so gas went everywhere when...
  17. cpurvis

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  18. cpurvis

    Engine Toro Suzuki knock

    I've got a 1984 Toro 21" push mower which has the 2-cycle Suzuki engine. Lots of people have reported a knocking noise with this engine and mine is no exception. No one seems to know what causes it or how to fix it. Some people report that their engines have been knocking for years. I...