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  1. logert gogert

    golfcart blows fuses

    Hey guys. I have a 2002 Yamaha G22A golf cart. A neigbor gave it to me claiming it didn't run. Well it wouldnt crank if you tried to, so what I did was I jumped the solinoid and it cranked up, and fired up. I have been starting it that way for about a week now, and it never blew the 20 amp fuse...
  2. logert gogert

    rebuild kit, cant find it.

    Hey guys. Its been awhile, hows every body doing? i made this thread because I want to rebuild this engine, and it will give me a good chance to learn more about the inside of it. me and my dad are going to do it. But i cant seem to find the kit online? hopefully you guys can help me find this...
  3. logert gogert

    the "itll be fine" thread

    this is also a thread where you post anythinbg you have done to your mower that was very cheap and unsafe, just so it would work. but it has to be something like vice gripping your manifold to the block cause you lost your bolt ( just an example ) or doing anything to your mower when your in a...
  4. logert gogert

    toro 32" rear engine mower not running....again

    alright guys, so you have probably seen my other threads about this same mower, first i found it on side of road, the i brought it home, cleaned the carb, then it ran like a jewel for about 2 months, i don't even know why he threw it away, 5 speed tranny was smooth, engine ran like new, added...
  5. logert gogert

    restoring a 1998 model craftsman pushmower, have a couple questions

    Alright, so i have recently found a older craftsman push mower, 5.5hp HONDA motor. I found it on the side of the street. It looks like it was one of the really high dollar one back in its day. It has the RPM throttle handle, so you can set the fixed RPM you want to mow at. Has a squeeze style...
  6. logert gogert

    engine rpms waaaaay too high...governer issue?

    my rear engined mower, is revving at 1/4 throttle what it SHOULD rev at full throttle,i think something may be wrong with my governor, i figured this out when i went to cut grass and i turned the engine on, then i went to cut the grass, i slowly moved it up and i went to half throttle and it was...
  7. logert gogert

    found a batch of weedeaters, fixed a couple already, one of them running funky, I've done everything i know and its still running wonky

    alright guys, the other day i found a batch of weedeaters on the side of the road. there was one homelite straight shaft trimmer, one murray curved shaft ( i had no clue murray made weedeaters! ), a curved shaft orange weedeater ( its either a no name brand, or the name sticker is torn off ), a...
  8. logert gogert


    does anybody have playstation or xbox? if so, you want to exchange usernames and play together? i would love to have a voice conversation with some of you guys if you have playstation/xbox
  9. logert gogert


    Do you guys get paid (pros) to do this? Or is this just a side job that you found out about, and used your knowledge for the better good and help this forum?
  10. logert gogert

    what website do you guys go to get info on mowers

    okay so on alot of these threads, somebody asks a question about there mower, and you guys usually say: "to make this easier on you and us we will need your serial number on the mower" then the person usually gives you the model number, and then you come back soon and tell them the EXACT type...
  11. logert gogert

    Mower turns off when letting off the throttle

    Hey, I recently straight piped my mower ( don't ask why ) and for the first couple days it was fine, but then I noticed that one day I went to go move it in the shed, I started it up let it warm up for about a couple minutes ( like I always do ) without revving up at all, the I drove it over to...
  12. logert gogert

    I DID IT !!!!!!! READ THIS

    anybody remember that hydro MTD i was talking about, i wanted to pulley swap it but couldn't, ( cause it was a hydro ), and couldn't cut with it cause there were BIG holes in the deck, so uuummm, earlier this week, if found a single speed lawn mower transaxle on the side of the rode ...
  13. logert gogert

    rear riding mower tires rusted on and stuck, won't budge

    i have just recently got 2 used good condition tires to replace the other pair, because it was dry rotted and tread was pretty much gone. and i went to go take off the original pair, and it wouldn't come off, tried banging, pulling, lubing the hub and axle, but still would not come off wheel is...
  14. logert gogert

    should i replace fluid in transaxle?

    hey, its me.......again (*sigh*). since i cant sell that hydro mower, i was just going to keep it and use it to haul stuff around, pull my mowing equipment ect. but its whining alot, and i decided to come here and ask yall if i should replace the fluid in the transaxle. thank for any help.
  15. logert gogert

    any body going to lobby day in richmond va tommorow???

    #save our gun rights
  16. logert gogert

    please read and reply, i need advice on how to modify my mower

    my name is logan and im 13, have just got a 2006 mtd 2 cylinder mower, i have already took the deck off, swapped the pulley to give it about +5 ish mph, and i have put dualie tires on it and a led lightbar. but i would like to do more to it, i dont really know that much about mower engines, and...