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  1. Ean

    Dose anybody have a john deer 110 for sale

    I going to buy a john deer 110 it is going to be a restoration project so it doesn't have to be in great shape or run or cut grass it needs to be around Alabama or be able to be shipped
  2. Ean

    John deer 110 tallassee Alabama

    I want a john deer 110 it don't have to be in working condition
  3. Ean

    Where is the stator on a john deer 170

    My 170 in not charging the battery so I need to check this where is it at under the flywheel
  4. Ean

    Can't post videos

    why can't I post videos it says invalid file:frown:
  5. Ean

    170 Not charging battery

    My 170 has a brand new battery I have cut 3 different yards it has Ben clicking like it has a bad connection somewhere today I turned the blades off then when I went to turn them back on they wouldn't turn on I turned the mower off trying to find out why they would not work when I got on it it...
  6. Ean

    Straightening crank shaft on push mower

    Have any of you ever straightitend crank shaft before because I was at the junk yard yesterday and saw a nice Honda mower with a bent crank shaft if you can do this I will get it
  7. Ean

    Stupid people on you tube

    I was on YouTube and saw this video these pepole drained all the oil out of a mower started it ran until lit seized so I looked it up there's a bunch of these how wasteful that is dumb wasting perfectly good engines :mad::mad::mad:
  8. Ean

    Craftsman LT1000 for sale tallassee Alabama

    My LT1000 is for sale the deck is not attached to it but it has new spindle new blades newish belt new air / fuel filter 17 hp ohv brigs platinum intec runs / drives If interested post comment or privet message me please I will post pictures soon
  9. Ean

    lt1000 asking price

    I want to sell my lt1000 its green I have the deck it has new spindle new blades new belt new head gasket new air filter new plugs new fuel filter I will post some pictures later what do you think its worth
  10. Ean

    yamaha lawn mower

    has any one ever seen a Yamaha mower we have one and its hard to find parts for it I was wondering how rare it was
  11. Ean

    A little about me

    Ok so I'm not that new but something you might not know about me I'm only 12 years old not very kid in America likes to play video games and sit on the couch I live on a 1000 acre farm with my grand father and grandmother we grow cotton and corn all of our tractors are john deer only the best I...
  12. Ean

    What a day

    Well today haven't Ben the best my 180 started knocking I will have to rebuild it still can't fix the brakes on the 170 we were going to plant corn today but got rained out and my great grandfather who fell while working on his boat then has Ben in the hospital for 2 weeks was doing better but...
  13. Ean

    Fc540v rebuild help would be appreciated

    Today I started the 180 it ran fine for a minute then started knocking so I cut it off so it needs rebuilding already it had 75 psi compression I have never rebuilt an engine before what would this evolve please reply so I can get what I need do do this
  14. Ean

    170 brakes

    The other day I put new brakes on the 170 and didn't drive it after I drove it today and when I mashed the clutch and it stopped after a few feet when I mashed the brake nothing happened so I looked through the shifter to the brakes they were smoking then I looked up and there was a little white...
  15. Ean

    John deer 180 stering

    My john deer 180 only turns about 2 inches. To the left side the right side turns normal how can I fix this
  16. Ean

    John deer 180 valve adjustment

    I got my 180 running the igniter is bad I borrowed the one off my 170 but I did a compression test and it was only 75 psi so if adjusted the valves I think it would go up but i don't know how and I don't know if I have the equipment it's a OHV Kawasaki FC540v
  17. Ean

    New tractor john deer 180 ignition problem

    I got a john deer 180 today the man said it wouldn't fire so I tried it he was right is there any way I could check the igniter I was thinking about taking the one off my 170 and trying it would this work or is there any way to check it
  18. Ean

    170 deck belt algustment

    So today I mowed for the first time with the 170 I cut for about 2 hours cut the blades off and when I cut them back on I made a squealing sound so I got off and look at the belts and the belt going from the engine to the back pulley was loose so how do you adjust this there is a little handle...
  19. Ean

    170 transmission

    I now that the JD transmissions are prone to issues my grandfather had A lt172 that has had 2 transmissions and needs a third so is there any preventive mantanance that can be done to prevent this
  20. Ean

    Restoring a john deer 170

    I want to restore my 170 after grass cutting is over I still want to mow with it I'm going to get new decals and repaint it with jd paint and primer do I need to clear coat it and how do you put new decals on The mower on my avatar is it