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    Self propellled unit not working

    I'm working on neighbors Lawn Boy model 10605 because self propelled system quit working. Belt tension is good and and gear box will grab and turn wheels a couple of times and quit. I'm fairly confident gear box/axle need replaced, however, I found something about a recall (attached) on the...
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    Chipper/Shredder rpm's

    I have a Craftsman chipper/shredder with a Briggs 8hp that seems to be running way too fast. Is there a way to adjust the rpm's?
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    Gas tank replacement

    Help me "Oh Wise Ones". I'm trying to replace gas tank on a Craftsman tiller model 917.295553. Engine is 5hp B&S model 13502-0237-01. Showing tank part number 495391 or 694315 is discontinued. Is there another alternative?
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    Coil mounting issue

    I recently ordered and received a replacement coil but the mounting holes won't match up to engine. Is it advisable to drill mounting holes on coil to accommodate? B/S model: 12H802-2682-B1 Part received: Ignition Coil fits Briggs Stratton 491760 492416 493237 590454 692605 695711
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    Slow to get to speed

    I have a self propelled mower (model 12AE46JA009) with a 173CC OHV engine that will start ok but it takes about 30 seconds to rev to full operating rpms. After it's warm, it will start and operate normally. Any ideas what might be causing this?
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    Part number request

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the part number I need to replace the cable that operates the transmission for this mower. I'm having trouble making determination from the J.D. website. Thanks
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    string size

    Dumb question..... What size replacement string is used on a FS120 trimmer?
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    chainsaw part substitute

    I'm working on a chainsaw UT 10883, and am in need of the following part. Homelite 04933A Washer, Cupped It shows as obsolete and wondering if anyone might know a substitute?
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    Dixie Chopper propane hose

    I sprung a leak today and am wondering if the hose is high or low pressure. It's about 16 inches long with female fittings on both ends. Is this a dealer part or will something else work?
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    1982 Yamaha G1 head scratcher

    Can anyone give me some guidance as to why recently purchased golf cart will only run without any of the air cleaner parts hooked to carb? It runs great with nothing attached to that side of carb, but any type of obstruction, even just the hose, will cause it to load up and flood to a stop...
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    backfirin Briggs

    I have a BS Intek 344cc 12.5hp (219907 0131 B1) that was allowing gas past the carb to the sump. I attempted to get the needle to seat with no luck so I purchased an aftermarket carb. After installation, engine surged and backfired, which it didn't do with original carb. I removed float...
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    mowing quality

    I just got done working on a neighbors Wheelhorse 857 and ran a test cut on yard. It acts like the blades are tearing not cutting the grass. I double checked installation of both blades and they are sharp enough to shave with. When deck is engaged, turning the blades by hand will cause the...
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    FC420V won't start

    A little help please.... It has spark, fuel, and valves have been lapped and lash set. It won't even pop. I do notice compression is 25psi. Could that be from piston rings? Update: When assembling carb, the insulator (16073-6001) that goes between head and carb had a rubber plug. It looks...
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    Walk behind mower handle replacement

    I am replacing handle on walk behind mower model JA62 GXJA62V220658. Part numbers are M120194 and M110957. The replacement parts are making total length of handle shorter than original was, and now the push/pull cable (AM115556) is too long. Is it possible that the length of that cable has...
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    Courage starving for fuel

    A little help please. I have a Courage 20hp model SV601 that will run fine for about 30 seconds and then starts to get rough, backfires and dies. If it sets long enough for fuel to fill bowl (5-10 seconds), it will fire and again and repeat. I have gone through carb twice, new fuel filter...
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    Mantis coil replacement

    I own a Mantis cultivator model SV-2AE and trying to find a replacement coil part number 15660109820 which is showing no longer available. Is there anything that will replace it? It sets on bottom of cultivator separate from the flywheel and coil exciter.
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    Pull start kick back

    I have a 5hp Tecumseh LEV115 that rips pull cord from hand when it is pulled to start. With spark plug removed, it pulls smoothly. I have checked to make sure key at flywheel isn't sheered. The intake valve guide is extremely worn and wondering if that might be causing it to kick back...
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    Swisher walk behind trimmer parts

    I just purchased a Swisher walk behind trimmer and unable to locate any parts using the model number. In fact, I'm unable to find model number anywhere on net? I'm looking for transmission cable. Help please. Model WB 522 Serial L2 99 033081
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    Carb replacement

    I'm trying to replace carb for JD edger model M00E35X610568. Carb number is AM106338. It is showing discontinued and am wondering if anyone knows of something that may take it's place?
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    Fuel/air adjusting screw

    I'm working on a small Briggs that's attached to an edger. The air/fuel mixture screw (located on top in picture), doesn't seem to make any difference on how the engine runs whether it's turned completely in or taken all the way out. Can anyone let me know what might not be working right with...