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  1. J

    Murray 1401066MA Pulley Bore Size

    Does anybody know if the 1401066MA pulley fits a 7/8" or 1" crankshaft? I'm eyeing one on eBay and the guy said it came off of a Briggs 28V707 engine. Just need to know for my off road mower project. Thanks.
  2. J

    Briggs E Series Engine Horrible Performance

    In May of 2014, my father purchased a 22" Murray push mower with a Briggs 500E OHV engine. It ran fine for the first year, but now it's having issues. It takes 5-10 pulls to get it started when cold. It doesn't matter if you prime it 3 times, or 10, it always takes forever to start. I've heard...
  3. J

    Why are Craftsman tractors setup to cut so low?

    I've noticed this with my LTX 1000 with a 42" deck and also with our GT 5000 with a 48" deck. Even the highest setting is pretty low. If I were to drop the deck to the lowest setting, it would scalp the entire yard. Is this because of the limited space underneath the body of the tractor? Anyone...
  4. J

    Kohler Command 22 HP surges and dies

    This engine will start right up cold, run for about two minutes, then surge a couple times and die. I completely cleaned the carb, replaced all the fuel lines, and put new gas in it. I'm thinking the needle valve may be sticking, causing the fuel pump not to pump. Could this be the case? Once it...
  5. J

    Kohler 25 HP V-twin Brief Loss of Power

    This engine is on a 48" Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor. While mowing, it will lower the RPMs and lose a little power for about 5 seconds, then ramp right back up to full throttle. The mower still cuts and drives when it does this, but it is a nuisance. It does it about every 5 minutes or so...
  6. J

    Picked up a Hustler Sport 42" 18 HP Today

    So my uncle picked this up today. It is three years old and very well taken care of. The original owner serviced it every year and kept it very clean. I think it was a good buy. Is there anything I should be aware of on these Hustlers- maintenance or usage wise? Thanks... :cool:
  7. J

    Any Market for an 8 HP Tecumseh

    So this Craftsman tractor that I picked up for a buck has an old 8 HP Tecumseh on it. Are these things worth anything? I have no idea if it runs, I know that the tractor is a '61, and this appears to be the original motor, especially since the hood says 8 HP on it. Would I be ahead to get it...
  8. J

    Briggs Quantum Shooting White Smoke everywhere upon startup

    I recently acquired this Briggs Quantum engine mounted on a new Poulan deck. I removed the air filter (which wasn't that dirty) and air filter cover to get to the carb. It appears very clean. I filled the tank (it was empty and dry) with fresh gas and attempted to start it. It didn't do...
  9. J

    Yard Machines Rear Engine Rider transmission question

    So I recently acquired this mower. I've got a quick question about how the transmission works. It has a F-N-R shifter below the seat, then 6 speeds up on the front. It says shift on the go, does that mean it's basically a hydrostat with set positions (6 in this case)? I drove it around the yard...
  10. J

    Snapper LX170H Clean Up

    I recently picked this machine up for a good price. It is a LX170H, don't know the year. The previous owner bought all new steering parts for it, as someone stripped everything out (steering gear, steering shaft, and support box). The deck is still at the gentleman's house, as it has a sapling...
  11. J

    The $1 Craftsman

    So I went to a local FFA auction Saturday and picked up this bad boy for a whopping dollar. It has a little 8 hp Tecumseh in it, which I believe is original to the tractor. I also picked up a Yard Machines rear engine rider with no deck. It has a Briggs 10.5 hp I plan on swapping into the...
  12. J

    Dreaded Briggs Flat Head Gas/Oil Spitting into carb

    So this is the second Briggs flat head that I've had do this. This one is a 10.5 HP Model 28D707 Type 0123-01 Code 960716ZB. Upon a cold startup, it will run for about two minutes, then it starts spitting a gas and oil mixture into the intake from the breather tube coming out of the engine...
  13. J

    2010 JD Z930A Transmission Leaking Badly

    I have this Z-trak mower and the left side transmission is leaking very badly. Right when you pour fluid in the reservoir, it drips out of the top under the belt pulley and drips down the rear housing of the transmission. It is a steady drip until it reaches the point at the top of the...
  14. J

    Briggs Quantum shaft diameter

    I recently acquired a free Troy-Bilt 21" mulching mower. It is missing the blade, adapter, and bolt. My question is, are all the shafts on these Briggs Quantum engines the same diameter? This one is 1". Lowe's sell a MTD adapter kit for 6 bucks, but I'm not sure it would fit...
  15. J

    Craftsman 22" Briggs 6.0 HP push mower safety question

    Hey guys, I recently picked up this mower for $5 at an estate sale. It was in pieces, but I was able to get it running. My question is regarding the kill switch. It is missing the safety bar and cable at the top of the handle. It is also missing all the springs and linkages down on the engine...
  16. J

    Email Notifications going to spam folder

    Why do my notification emails go to my Spam folder in Gmail? I've hit 'Not spam' and it still does it.
  17. J

    Kohler Pro 25 HP Valve Cover leaking

    The right side valve cover on my 25 HP Kohler is leaking badly. We replaced the gasket (o-ring Kohler calls it) with an OEM one, but it still leaks oil like crazy. The new gasket was very difficult to get down into the groove into the valve cover, has anyone else had this problem? Also, the...
  18. J

    Kohler Pro 25 HP Twin white smoke

    I have a couple of questions regarding my Kohler engine. Upon startup, it emits white smoke out of the muffler. It is brief, but it does it every time regardless of the engine being warm or cold. Does this mean it's running too rich? I looked at the carb, and there do not appear to be any...
  19. J

    Craftsman GT 50" Kohler 24 HP V-Twin

    Is this a good mower? It is on my local craigslist for $600. It has a hydrostatic transmission, electric PTO clutch, 50" deck, and a Kohler 24 HP V-Twin. I really just want to know if these were notorious for any issues. I have attached a couple of pics.
  20. J

    Briggs 17 HP OHV running wide open

    I've got a Murray rider with a Briggs 17 HP OHV engine. The problem is that when I go to start it, it fires up and runs way to high, and the throttle has no effect at all to the engine. It doesn't matter if it's in the run or idle position, it runs above WOT all the time. I inspected all the...