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    Husqvarna Royal 53S

    I have a Husqvarna Royal 53 S that I acquired and got it going very well, this thing has a fiberglass deck with grate / waffling on the deck to allow air flow. it sounds like an airplane and does a very nice job cutting. Made in Sweden from what I can see.
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    Homelite/parts available

    Guys I bought out an old Homelite dealer and have several boxes of Homelite parts, ;et me know if anyone needs a part for older 1996 older trimmers/Hedge trimmers/ chainsaws/generators/pumps. thanks, Twinfords
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    Jacobsen parts available

    I bought out a Homelite / Jacobson dealer and have a several boxes of old Jacobson / Homelite mower parts. Push mower, riding mower and larger GT items. Let me know if anyone is looking for something. thanks, Twinfords
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    2 cycle score 8674

    i just picked me up a 8674 (1984) and a 10323 (i think) both run and the 8674 is very clean, came with a scamp NOS rear bag and a rear chute that do not fit either mower. pics tomorrow.
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    Lawnboy 4570 muffler replacement Thank you Chance !!! pics included

    well after several months searching for a replacement muffler for my 4570 Lawnboy, Chance from this site was kind enough to send me not one but two replacement mufflers. Let's hope she will run another 34 years so i can replace the muffler once more. :laughing::thumbsup: here are i few pics of...
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    NOS mower parts (available)

    Hello, i have acquired a few parts, mostly murray stack pulleys, trimmer guards, push mower adjusters, trans pulleys, lawnboy air filter covers etc. shot me a PM if you are looking for anyhting.
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    picked up a 10323 and a 10362

    i picked up a 10362 runs good, went through it just to fix the little stuff, the 10323 needed the carb cleaned and i good cleaning, i like the bag and i got the two plates with it as well.
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    replaced broken shear pin and mower still yanked cord first 5 pulls

    i replaced a broken shear pin in a Poulan Pro push mower (6 hp Tecumseh OHV ) engine and when pulling the pull cord for the first 5 times it wanted to recoil on me, once i pulled it slowly several times the mower started on the 1st pull, why would it do this? vapor lock?, oil /fuel in the...
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    Toro Personal Pace electric start blowing fuse

    i have a Toro personal pace electric start mower that keeps blowing the fuse, sometimes it will start fine with the key and sometime it will blow the fuse, i have replaced it 3 times now and want to fix the issue>> anybody? 10 amp fuse was in it, i put a 15 and still blowing. starts 1st pull...
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    handheld gas blowers (troy-bilt, Craftsman, Poulan pro etc)

    they all will not start, low compression 60 PSI, they are junk, i got them from someone and they seem to have all been straight gassed. they have spark, fuel delivery etc but will not even pop. should i just remove muffler and look @ piston for scoring? i know they all should just be thrown in...
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    Coleman /Briggs engine not starting low compression 60psi

    i have a customers Coleman generator with Briggs 6hp engine OHV 120342-0137-E2, has only 60 psi, it is back firing through carb with flames sometime, i had it started for like 2 minutes, i have checked flywheel key, cleaned gapped plug, rebuilt carb, check coil and gapped. checked OHV they seem...
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    Lawnboy 4570 muffler repair

    the muffler is rotted right where the exhaust comes out of the bottom of the engine. should I cut a piece of tin and pop rivet it or JB weld it or body putty it in place? or i could use thin sheet metal as well. i could tack weld also but only have stick welder. it is a rectangler area about 1/2...
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    lawnboy push mower # 4570 serial # 8764658

    just got this mower in on trade in, clean runs, needs some TLC. what year??
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    valve seat came out, do I just tap it back in?

    i had a 5.5 briggs come in with zero compression, i took the head off and the intake valve seat was off, i just tapped it back in place with a flat punch, it started on the 1st pull. Will it hold or should i install it with something (adhesive) to hold it in? also why did it fall out?
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    got me another 14SB

    i picked up another 14SB from an original owner, have bag, plug and rear grass chute for it. trans need work, spring is missing and bracket is out of place. i need to compare it with my other two. Got it for a whoping $25.00 pics tomorrow.
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    Sears lawn equipment clearance

    this is the time to check the clearance racks @ Sears, i picked up a mulch kit for a 48" deck for $17.00 which includes the 3 blades and mulch plug etc. regularly $80.00. they had others as well as 42" and spindles and spindle hubs for like $6.00. i am going back for more tomorrow. other blades...
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    Tru-Cut push mower commercial duty score today

    picked this up today when i delivered a mower to a customer, actually traded self propel for John deere RER 68 and the nice gentleman gave me the Tru-cut as well. bad ***** mower.
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    mower parts warehouse anybody ever visit one?

    I always wonder how big these parts depots are, can you imagine all of the parts in some of these warehouses?? Toro, Snapper John Deere, Honda, AYP, Murray, MTD etc. must be millions of square feet and fully automated. stories??
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    Husqvarna YTH150 pricing

    How much do you think I should price the Husqvarna YTH150 tractor i have been fixing up for sale? new spindles on clean deck, new blades, full tune up etc.
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    Snapper 21500PCR

    i just picked this up yesterday, incredible mower, runs like a top. Wisconsin Robin 5HP commercial can anyone tell me more about it?