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  1. bkeller500

    Simplicity Broadmoor 50" Grass Coming Out Front

    Is there a deck baffle missing? Available? Check the Simplicity web site for your model and serial number. I recall seeing a front blow out baffle for some model decks in the past.
  2. bkeller500

    Chute blocker for Toro 42” fabricated deck model 75747

    I have done that a couple of ways. 1......just mowed over the leaves ( normal cutting) then ran a lawn sweeper to collect them... 2.....mulched the leaves and then ran the sweeper to collect them. mulching certainly reduced the number of trips to the back to dump them but mulching also...
  3. bkeller500

    Chute blocker for Toro 42” fabricated deck model 75747

    I made a chute blocker ( similar to the template in photo #!) out of a piece of aluminum I bought at Home Depot. I only use it in the fall for mulching leaves. It attaches by 2 small bolts I installed in existing holes in the deck ( so no drilling ) on my Simplicity ZT. It worked quite well...
  4. bkeller500

    Jungle Jim mower jack

    I would fear that lifting a Zero Turn or a Tractor via the deck would risk twisting or bending the deck each time so leveling the deck would be a ongoing concern. There are plenty of $200-$300 options available that would lift the front of the units such as harbor Freight or Mo Jack. Even a...
  5. bkeller500

    JD X380 or X500 series

    Just some thoughts take the selling price of the 380 and subtract it from the X500 series. now divide that by 120.......that's how much a month more the X500 will cost you assuming you keep it 10 years. Pulling 1000 lbs is not a overwhelming task for the 380 unless it's uphill all the way...
  6. bkeller500

    First zero turn purchase

    A ZT may get stuck going up on that trailer also......depending on the height it could bottom out like your current tractor does. I would assume that is caused by the deck bottoming out. Lifting a ZT ( all the weight is on the rear) could be a bigger problem. There are so may good option...
  7. bkeller500

    First zero turn purchase

    I guess it would depend on several factors. Besides 2-acres of mowing, are there any hills to climb? Any attachments that need to be pulled? Any snow duties? Is traction a factor? Do you pull a fertilizer spreader? Would a tractor with more hp and a 54" or 60" deck be worthy of consideration? I...
  8. bkeller500

    Lowest priced ZTR with a Kaw FX engine?

    with so many new private labeled's hard to know for sure.
  9. bkeller500

    Deere LA125

    You could try a hi-lift blade or multi-cut blades like the Gators in the Fall for leaf mulching. It may be a bit better but never perfect. If there are not a overwhelming amount of leaves go ahead and mulch them. It returns some nutrients to the soil. I have a similar problem with my current...
  10. bkeller500

    Patriot Uneven Cut

    measure the blades at their extreme right and left positions and note height. Then rotate the bladed 180 degrees and measure again.
  11. bkeller500

    Mower deck gets packed with grass - Cub Cadet XT1 (LT50) - Please help!

    I have lived on this 1.5 acre residential area for 30 years. Over that time I have had 6 different lawn tractors and 2 ZT's. I have had Toro's, John Deeres and Simplicities. They ALL clogged the decks when I mowed damp grass or grass that had over grown. I have used stock blades, gator blades...
  12. bkeller500

    Best Mower For Hills

    If your hills are steep and you also need to navigate around trees, rocks or probably need to look for a tractor that has the ability to engage both rear wheels for traction. Normally 1 wheel drives but some models have a foot lever that also engages the opposite rear wheel when...
  13. bkeller500

    Conquest Deck Install

    You may be correct on your explanation but FWIW, I was thinking the deck is lifted by one of those black brackets that are just forward of the striping rollers. There appears to be a small electric motor there...I assume it's for the HOC ( Height of Cut adjustments ) ......That's all I...
  14. bkeller500

    Conquest Deck Install

    I have owned 4 Simplicity's and your deck is different from all 4 that I had. I think those items pointed out in blue may be for a rear bagger. None of my deck units had anything close to those items. I think if the tractor at one time had a bagger the brackets helped secure a blower that...
  15. bkeller500

    Simplicity Conquest throttle "creep".

    I wonder if your model is missing a throttle retaining spring at one end or the other. If not and you cannot tighten the throttle lever, you may need to replace it. Can you go look at a similar used unit and at a dealer or private sale and take a peak?
  16. bkeller500

    Conquest Deck Install

    get your model number and serial number and go to the Simplicity mfg website. load your info and download a owners manual and a parts manual for your particular unit. Or perhaps you could go back to where you bought it and ask for their assistance. Only other option I can come up with is look...
  17. bkeller500

    Zero turn mulching woes

    Focus on the problem.........lifting the grass.......clipping the grass........keeping the grass elevated......recutting the clipped grass........and dropping the recut grass uniformly across the cut area. The more grass that is introduced to the cutting blade area...the more that can fail due...
  18. bkeller500

    Should I trade?

    Mulching is not for everyone nor for every lawn. There are issues with under deck clipping accumulations, and issues with discharge of clippings creating windrows that need to be considered. Many of us have tried mulching and mulching options to try to maximize the benefits of mulching and it...
  19. bkeller500

    Should I trade?

    You will probably like the cut from the Toro much better than the JD......IMO. The Toro will easily handle the 3/4 acre. As far as trade in might be a little better off selling it on craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Those would be good places to search for comparable...
  20. bkeller500

    New Lawn Tractor Recommendation

    To stay in the $3000 range, you might best take a look at a John Deere unit at a dealer or Big Box store and plan on replacing worn parts or the entire unit when necessary down the road. A Zero Turn may also fit your needs. Simplicity offers a REGENT unit that may work as well as some ZT's that...