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    Troy-bilt lawnmower won't start - troubleshooting help needed Click on Manuals, then 2nd Download, see Troubleshooting Section.
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    Cub cadet XT2

    Have you cleaned underside of deck, removed blades & dressed up with a file, balanced blades reinstalled & torqued to specs. in Operators Manual? Do you cut grass when dry in the afternoon? Full throttle before engaging PTO for mowing? Are you pulling rod at back of tractor all the way out to...
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    LX277, black smoke.

    Inspect air filter for replacement, with engine cold check valves for adjustment.
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    What is the size of my shaft?
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    Craftsman Riding Mower wont start

    Please post Model # from under seat, thanks, Mark Post Engine Make & all numbers from engine. Check all wiring making sure it is tight & secure & free from rust & corrosion. You may need to adjust valves if B&S Engine. Remove & inspect spark plug for replacement. With spark plug removed rotate...
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    troy bilt lawn mower 210 auto choke came off now it woun't stay running

    Check engine oil level & inspect air filter. Add fresh gas & give it a try, let us know how it goes, thanks, Mark
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    Anyone build a radio-controlled lawn mower?
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    I won’t stay running when engaging PTO

    Remove battery & take to auto parts store for load test, remember to wear Safety Glasses & gloves. Engine must be at Full Throttle every time you engage PTO. Your battery is an accident waiting to happen if showing 17 volts on multimeter. Remove negative cable first to break ground then positive...
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    Honda 2417 ride on See Troubleshooting Section in Manual above.
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    Broadmoor jerky reverse

    Post 7 digit Simplicity Model Number please. I own a 2010 Simplicity Broadmoor with Model # 2690814. Model # should be located on right frame rail below dipstick tube. No I have not run in to this before in reverse or forward. Make sure Dealer greased your Broadmoor, checked tire pressures...
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    Briggs 500cc power built flywheel fan

    794273 Will not work, see my post above & numbers following supersedes.
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    JD 135 Wheel Bushing to Wheel Bearing

    You're quite welcome sir. Please let us know how it goes, thanks, Mark
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    B&S Vanguard 18hp V-twin not firing

    Adjust valves with engine cold to .004- .006. Big Block Vanguard Engine same procedure & specs. above, take your time &...
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    967262401-01 Z248f year 2017 Click above for Operators Manual see Troubleshooting page 30.
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    JD 135 Wheel Bushing to Wheel Bearing See pages 2 &3 above. Answer question 1, no. Answer question 2, yes by above kit.
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    Briggs 500cc power built flywheel fan Most parts like your fan on ebay are used & overpriced.
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    Kohler engine not getting gas to engine
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    Scag 36 walk behind PTO problem

    Did you check the Air Gap on new PTO Clutch before installing. I believe it should be .012 - .015 at three windows in clutch.
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    Problem with the speed control

    Post Model & Serial Numbers from under seat, thanks, Mark
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    Kohler engine not getting gas to engine

    Are you sure you installed fuel filter correctly? You may have it reversed, let us know we all make mistakes, thanks, Mark