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    battery string trimmer

    Tell me what you like about your string trimmer. I'm looking for 40v, dual line, bump feed, undecided on var speed or two speed. typically like a curved shaft but will consider a straight shaft. Would prefer it to be easy to load and have decent run time. Thanks, Ray
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    Grass Flap

    Anyone else using a "Grass Flap"? I've had some form of shoot blocker on my riding mower for years (one should see the rube goldberg set up on my Cub Cadet) and I knew when I got a ZTR it would be difficult to use a hand operated one. I have many plants and other things in my yard that I didn't...
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    Blades - Offset or Straight ? Is one better?

    I've a 2019 Bobcat CRV 48" - the original blades were offset, since then I have run both offset and straight. I don't believe I see a differene in cut quality. I was curious of others opinion of this matter. Cheers, Ray
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    Kawasaki Canister Air Filter Kit

    Gentlemen, I know there are plenty FR series units in service that could benefit from this item>...
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    Tires ??

    After the great lesson on belts, where do you buy your tires? Cheers, Ray
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    Joy Stick control ??

    Anyone every changed a twin arm control over to Joy Stick? I'm just curious how much hardware it would require?..Something tell me it would be costly. Cheers,. Ray
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    Anyone got a Brand they would recommendation for ZTR mower belts? Anyone know what manufacture provides BOBCAT OEM belts?
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    FR651V Airfilter Modification #2

    Gentlemen, I ditched the wood box for a 12x12x4 electrical box, a screen intake cover, some bracing and paint. Small hole on the back allows for access to the filter clamp. No grass to cut now but it worked well sweeping/mulching the leaves. I find it very interesting the new FT model...
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    Kiawasaki FR651V oil cooler ?

    Anyone familiar with an add on oil cooler for a FR651V?
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    Oil Choice for ZT-2800s ???

    Gentlemen, my machine has just over 50 hours and I want to get this behind me. I've read many threads about this subject. As of now I'm leaning toward Mobil 1 15W-50. What say ye?
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    Question, how would one post a short video file to the forum?

    I attempted to add a MOV file, not compatible with the site, thanks, Ray
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    FR651 AirFilter Modification

    Gentlemen, I just got around to completing this project. My original intent was to simply raise the air filter up a foot, it ended up moving up 21". I'll attach 4 photo's to show the progress. Photo 1 shows the basic structure/frame with the air tube (2" radiator hose) and mounting plate made...
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    FR651V Improvised Air Filter, one can easily see why it picks up so much stuff, look where it is mounted.

    I would ask, it one was to simply extended the air intake hose 1' straight up and then re attached the stock filter. This would get it above much of the stuff that it is currently being picked up. Anything it might come in contact with would certainly hit the driver first. Would one think this...
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    FR651V oil filter choices

    OEM Kawasaki 49065-7007 recent changed to 49065-0721 Wix replacements 57035 2.3" tall 32 micron (same as OEM) 51056 2.7" tall 21 micron Is anyone using 57148? 3.4"tall 5 micron. I see no problem fiting this one on my machine Cheers, Ray
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    FR651V oil drain valve on 2019 CRZ

    Can someone tell me the size/thread of the yellow plug that is in the oil drain line on my FR651V please. Valve is of poor quality and I will to replace,. thanks Ray
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    What Oil do you run in your FR651V in GA ?

    Mine is on a 2019 48" CRZ.
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    Weed Eatter Line in Blades

    Anyone tried this?
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    Keeping your deck clean

    What products do you use and how do you keep your deck clean from build-up? thanks Ray
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    TIPS & Products you use to prevent grass from sticking to your deck?

    Gentlemen, share the tips & products you use to preventing grass from sticking to your deck, Cheers, Ray
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    48" CRZ mulch kit or not

    Gentlemen, I'm considering removing the mulch kit from my machine. I would appreciate input from anyone with a similar machine that has done the same. I'm curious what effect it will have on cut quality and also buildup under the deck. thanks Ray