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  1. metz12

    17hp Briggs and Stratton Opposed twin Throttle, and Governor linkage issues

    Hey all. Been a Looong time since I posted anything on here. Not even sure if any of the guys I used to talk with are still even on here! Anyways, here are my issues. I just did a motor transplant to my 1980s MTD Garden Tractor that I am fixing up, to a 17hp Briggs opposed twin. I bought it...
  2. metz12

    For all of you scrappers out there...

    So my dad is getting rid of his old 92 4.3l 2wd s10 that has been falling to pieces for a while now. Had the thing for 7 years now and has almost 280k on it. He is going to call a company that takes junk autos for a reasonable price. So my question is, what parts should I take off so he can...
  3. metz12

    What is up with this craftsman weedwacker? I cant get it going to save my life.

    Hey guys, so i picked up these 2 weedwackers over the summer (you might remember the thread I posted about them) and I still cannot get them running to save my life. I knew it needed a new carb so I bought one and replaced the lines on it too. Now it wont start. I know it runs because I can get...
  4. metz12

    How much is this mtd worth?

    So I have an ad out on craigslist for wanted lawn mowers. I want one to make go fast and have a toy but a guy emailed me back about this Mtd white model. Since its a hydro I figured I didnt want it for a toy but he said to make an offer. I have pictures attached below but anyways, I want to...
  5. metz12

    wood snow plow?

    So in the latest storm my aftermarket tiawan made starter failed. In the first big storm where it was really cold the starter gear didnt want to move up on the shaft to turn the engine, so I took the thing off, and put it inside to warm up. after I did that it worked fine. This time I tried the...
  6. metz12

    DIY tire chans

    So, has anybody ever made their own tire chains before? i need some bad for my craftsman but they are to dang expensive! my dad can get chain form work which would be cool, but just curious how i would make them. thanks in advance.
  7. metz12

    Just wanted you let you all know,

    I hope you and your families have a murray craftsmas!
  8. metz12

    new chainsaw advice stihl ms250 or husqvarna 445

    So, here i am asking about chainsaw advice again. But I just picked up a huge job for clearing dead trees (there is like 20-30 of them on the property) and I have been using my dads ms170 (for those of you that read my last chainsaw post, yes i got my dad a stihl ms170 and he and i both like...
  9. metz12

    Gas AND Propane generator!?!

    So my dad has decided to be extra cautious this year and he wants to get another generator. he has a 4000watt but it doesnt power the whole house like he wants. he is talking about getting a generac propane and gas one. i was just curious if any of you guys have worked on/owned/used one of these...
  10. metz12

    craftsman not running right after new carb

    so i got my new carb for my 32cc trimmer today. so i hooked the thing all up and i got it running, but only on half choke. also it was pretty hard to start. i tried setting the idle adjustment but it didnt really do alot. i can also hit the throttle when idling and the rpms get high without the...
  11. metz12

    tire chains or atv tires?

    So, i'm looking to plow with my craftsman this year and i would like to get tire chains or an aggressive set of tires. i'm not sure what to get. my tires in the back are bigger then a normal lawn tractors so i'm pretty sure they will be more expensive correct? but would they grip better then say...
  12. metz12

    Brush Cutter blade?

    So, i'm going to get a brush cutter blade for my craftsman 32cc weed wacker. i was just curious if any of you guys knew what size it should be? should it be big like 10" big? or small like 7 1/2"? im looking at this one: Tri Arc Steel Blade Homelite McCulloch Trimmer Brushcutter Sabre Textron...
  13. metz12

    carb adjustments on new carb

    so i bought a new carb for the craftsman weed wacker i got. but my question do i have to set the carb when i get it new? i know i will have to set the idle but not sure about the carb itself.
  14. metz12

    different tires

    so i want to get a set of knobby tires for the rear of my craftsman. i plow with the thing in the winter and also i wouldnt mind having some fun in the snow with the thing! but since my tires in the back of my craftsman are huge i would like to get a set of smaller ones for the same rim because...
  15. metz12

    walbro carb on craftsman 32cc trimmer

    So, I have never dealt with a string trimmer carb before so I figured i would ask the pros. i replaced all the lines and when i hit the primer bulb gas shot out of the hole on the plate so i took it off to see the problem (pic 1). the gasket under that plate has a whole in it and around the edge...
  16. metz12

    just got this thing

    so i just got this pivotrim thing that was on tv. it was an impulse buy when i was in home depot looking for new fuel lines. it said it fits stihl so i figured what the heck. let me tell you this thing is sweet. cuts through grass like nothing and it goes through bryers pretty well too. i...
  17. metz12

    fix or scrap?

    so i got this mower for free. i tried to start it but the return spring for the starter rope broke. also the deck isnt in great shape but its not bad. also the self propell doesnt seem to work. just thought i would ask and get some other opinions if i should just scrap the thing or fix it to...
  18. metz12

    Need a new trimmer!

    So i did a job today and my trimmer is very sad. its an old craftsman with 1 sting hole head and its a curved shaft. he gave it to me to get me through last summer and since i havent been too busy this summer i figured i wouldnt go and buy a new one. well i swear i tinkered with the thing more...
  19. metz12

    Chainsaw opinions?

    My dad wants a chainsaw. He said he wants a good deal. I'm not sure what size he wants but i'm looking for your guys opinions. I personally like husqvarna stuff but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  20. metz12

    My homelite 180 classic is still not running right.

    So, I am now in the process of trying to fix up my homelite 180 classic chainsaw but i havent got any luck. ive cleaned the spark arrestor screen in the muffler, cleaned the air filter, and cleaned the fuel filter. also i adjusted the carb and the idle speed but the thing still wont run on the...